Your Words Have Power
Are You Using Them Wisely?

Do You Use Words to Heal or Destroy?

YOU... YES YOU... Your words have power, tremendous power... more power than any man made weapon that I am aware of and in many instances the words we speak comes from the thoughts we think. The driving force of words whether spoken, thought or written are continuously propelling us through life. These are not just my impressions, they are acknowledged in expressions such as the words of Pearl Strachan, who said:

"Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs."

And Ira Gassen that said:

"Be careful of your thoughts; they may become words at any moment."

And English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton that said:

"The pen is mightier than the sword."

Are you using your words as a weapon either against yourself or others?

Most of us do, without realizing it and without taking cognisance of the fact that words are sound energy, powerful beyond measure and poorly chosen words can cause real harm.

Wrong use of words can:

  • kill enthusiasm,
  • impact self-esteem,
  • lower expectations,
  • kill relationships,
  • affect your health,
  • they can make you miserable.

Yet we go about our daily lives using this resource, the power of our words and thoughts, to our own and others detrement by complaining about everything that happens and berating ourselves and others for every little misstep, both real and imagined.

It is about time to realize that every sound you utter, every word you think or speak sends out an energy wave that aids in creating your reality by either improving or destroying your relationships, your finances and even your health because words play an important part in the realms of healing. It is therefor imperative to be very aware of what you say or think to yourself... every cell of your being is listening.

I reiterate, the driving force of words whether written, spoken or thought are continuously propelling us through life; making us or breaking us, lifting us to incredible heights or dragging us down to the depths of despair, healing our hearts and souls or offending and wounding us deeply.

Have you ever taken a moment to consider the influence of your words, their sound energy, on your own life ... or the influence of your words on the life of others? Your words have power, they affect your whole world, they influence every aspect of who and what you are, they even influence your thoughts and actions about others.

Words are important, they make up language, we label things as that enables us to communicate more clearly and the truth of the matter is that the one thing we cannot live without, the one thing that more than anything else shapes our whole life - words, language, communication - is also our greatest enemy.

Words as Labels

Give it a name, a label and you feel you know what you're talking about.

Yes, labels have purpose.

Labels such as "good" and "bad" ... "pain" ... "happiness" ... "marriage" ... even "self-development" ... They're designed to help make life easier, by arranging experiences into pigeon-holes that we can easily identify.

Words are parallels for perceptions and actions that allow us to communicate with each other about our personal experiences, feelings, desires, and thoughts.

We learn words through the cultural conditioning of our families, the schools and universities we attend, and the broader cultural surroundings of our cities, towns and countries.

I have found that more often than not we use particular terms to force ourselves into a specific pigeon-hole ... regardless of what we're actually experiencing!

To explain let's take a look at the meanings of the word "LOVE".

  • Power of LoveLove can be a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
  • Love can be a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
  • Love can be sexual passion or desire.
  • Love can be sexual intercourse; copulation.
  • Love can be affectionate concern for the well-being of others: the love of one's neighbour.
  • Love can be strong partiality, enthusiasm, or liking for anything: her love of books.
  • Love can be the object or thing so liked: The Theatre was her great love.
  • Love can be the benevolent affection of God for His creatures, or the reverent affection due from them to God.
  • Love can be a score of zero; nothing - Chiefly in Tennis.
  • Love can be to need or require; benefit greatly from: Plants love sunlight.
  • Love can be for the love of, in consideration of; for the sake of: For the love of mercy, stop that noise.
  • Love can be animosity: no love lost, dislike; There was no love lost between the two brothers.

Now I ask you "WHAT IS LOVE?"

It depends on who's answering, doesn't it?

It is imperative that you develop an awareness of your thought process as well as the way you use language because your words have power.

While words can facilitate learning and healing, they may also hamper or even block these.

The commonly accepted use of a label for something may impede changes in perceptions about that subject, and may make it difficult to change our ways of relating to the concepts put into words by the label. This is a serious problem in society at large, health care and healing.

This is an excerpt from "Manifesting Your Beloved" - "The most powerful example I've ever heard was a story told to me directly by the woman who had the experience. This woman had developed an incurable disease of the eyes. She was quickly going blind. Her physicians said there was NOTHING they could do. Being very determined and not liking what she heard, she turned to alternative therapies for a possible cure - something she never would have done had she not been in this desperate situation. A friend recommended she see someone that did crystal healing. She thought that sounded ridiculous but decided to give it a try. During her appointment, the crystal healing therapist asked her to describe herself, her life, etc. and she let her talk for about 10 minutes. Suddenly, the therapist stopped her and said "Did you know that in the last 10 minutes you said the words 'I hate to see' 15 times?" The woman was shocked. She used the words "I hate to see" before many things. "I hate to see the way the world is going." "I hate to see how they are treating the children in schools." On and on she made reference to "I hate to see" this or that. This was literally an eye opening experience. She switched her words and now years later have perfect vision."

Are you doing the same?

... and if you are is it not about time to change your words and the way you use them because your words have power.

Sit quietly and watch your thoughts moving across the mind, see them like clouds in the sky or like monkeys jumping from branch to branch.

You will become aware of loving thoughts when you think of someone you care about and one second later you can see bitter, resentful thoughts crowd into your mind, demanding space, as the thought of a recent quarrel or disagreement comes to mind.

These are normally the moments when the tongue acts like a whip, the words leave your mouth one lash after the other and causes the same amount of hurt and pain as the real thing would, the sound energy of words have immense power.

Then there are your "secret thoughts", your self-talk, the thoughts you do not discuss with others and often do not have the courage to even admit to yourself. Even in your attempts to meditate on these you will latch onto wonderful techniques – absolutely anything - to avoid having to face these innermost "secret thoughts" which have a habit of surfacing when least expected.

For instance:

  • you don't apply for that job, because you think you're not good enough, oh no not me
  • you continue that drug or alcohol addiction, because you don't think you're strong enough to break it off
  • you keep doing the "same old, same old" because that's just you, who you are, all part of your "secret thoughts"

... this is the power of your thoughts and words - sound energy in action.

The "sound energy" of thoughts and words can create an amazing life or they can destroy a life.

It is essential that you know what your dominant thoughts are and analyze them - find out why they occupy space in your mind.

You must have the courage to deal with your "secret thoughts", your self-talk, and bring them out of hiding from the deep recesses of the mind into the light.

Your dominant thoughts become your dominant words, are you creating an amazingly healthy life or destroying your or someone else’s life?

  • Are you leading a constructive existence or is your life falling apart around you; in a state of destruction?
  • How are you using your sound energy?

Not only for your own sake but also for the sake of the people closest to you, you must do everything you can to bring your thoughts and your words firmly under control, only then will you be able to heal and manifest the life of your dreams.

Oscar Wilde once said: "Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation".

Take a moment, RIGHT NOW, and do the exercise to change OPO's (other peoples opinions) to MO's (my opinion), it will only take a few moments.

Every experience in the "now" has its roots in past thinking whether from negative thought patterns or positive thought patterns, they create an energy field around you which eventually feeds you back whatever you have put out. This energy field not only affects you but also everyone else around you.

If you wish to be a channel of light and the instrument of your own healing, you must have the strength and perseverance to scrutinize every thought which moves across the screen of your mind, every belief you have and every word that passes through your mouth.

Once you have made the powerful discovery that you have been living your life according to other people’s words, which stuck in your mind like glue, you can now with confidence re-shape and re-create your life by re-programming your mind using words of behaviours, feelings, emotions and outcomes that YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF in your life.

Your Thoughts and Your Words Have the Power to Heal, Build and Create!

Change your thoughts, your words and the way you use them because your words have power... use words to inspire!

Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so he is. ~ Publilius Syrus ~
If you propose to speak, always ask yourself - is it true is it necessary, is it kind? ~ Gautama Buddha ~

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