"Space Clearing - Cleanse Your Space!"

Space Clearing Set

Space Clearing is designed:

  • to cleanse out the negative,
  • to raise the energy of the space,
  • to raise the positive vibration and light of the atmospheres in spaces such as your own personal and sacred spaces (homes) or offices.

"Why Space Clearing Is Important"

Every space has energy and doing a space clearing, especially in the spaces where you spend a lot of your time is real easy and very important.

Take your home for instance:

  • your home is not just a collection of complex assembled materials for shelter
  • it is not an inanimate physical structure

Unseen vibrating energy fields, which go out in ripples, pretty much like the effect you get when you drop a stone in a pool, is received and stored in your home.

Reminder - Space ClearingReminder

Repetitive patterns, moods and events accompanied by strong emotions or trauma get deeply imprinted and are recorded more intensely.

This energy is recorded in the walls, the floor, the ceiling, the furniture, objects and plants, it gets imprinted in the very fabric of the structure of your home.

Every cubic centimeter of the space you find yourself in, whether it's solid or seemingly empty space, is composed of infinite energy.

This energy responds to human thought and intention...

For example:

  • When you enter a room that is heavy and makes you feel uncomfortable, depleted, drained and depressed...
You are more than likely experiencing the remaining energy of an argument that has taken place in that room because the vibration of the argument (which has it's own energy vibration) has affected or imprinted itself in the rooms energy and can linger long after it has ended.


  • When entering a room that makes you feel immediately uplifted and light...
You are responding to the free flow of pure, light, positive energy.

Do not however limit your thoughts on space clearing purely to your physical space ...

  • your aura,
  • your chakras,
  • and general energy body

... can benefit greatly from a good clearing and cleansing... you will be amazed at the improvement to your health and well-being.

"Sacred Ceremonies"

Shamanic Ceremony for Space Clearing

Throughout the world ancient civilizations as well as native cultures have performed sacred ceremonies to instil beneficial energy into living spaces.

However in the modern world these traditions have dissipated and withered away.

In gratitude to the deep wisdom of Gaia, our Mother Earth, we yet again see the rebirth of space clearing.

The long forgotten ceremonies, skills and methods are once again being used to clear away negativity and infuse our homes with vibrant and uplifting energies creating a sacred space for us to function to our higest and greatest good.

"From Darkness to Light"

Your home especially, should be cleared regularly of any unwanted energies.

When you do space clearing and you cleanse and purify the energy in your home... it is transformed into a sanctuary...

You turn every part of it into sacred space that is nurturing to your soul and make it somewhere you can feel safe... to be yourself whether it is to explore your pain or to embrace your joy.

Your home becomes a retreat from the discord of the world, a place of refuge and protection for you and your loved ones, an anchor point from where you can venture out into the world and have a welcoming abode for your return.

Once you have cleansed and cleared your space it feels much better and sometimes, in what seems to be mystical and miraculous ways, your health, relationships, prosperity and abundance improves and expands.

Even people that are not particularly sensitive to energy remark how good they feel.

The success of any journey...

...depends on the care and attention given to the task at hand.

You can use any of the various methods and techniques for clearing space.

  • You can clear your space daily
  • You can perform a space clearing ritual with crystals when you feel that someone or something has changed the energy in any specific space for the worse
  • You can clear your space any time your intuition tells you is the right time
You are responsible for your own ENERGY and you take responsibility for the ENERGY you bring into any space. ~Oprah~

"Space Is A Culmination Of You, Your Aura And Your Energy"

Space clearing is beyond just who you are in a tangible sense; it's everything you are:

  • your intentions,
  • your mental processes,
  • your actions,
  • your personal space,
  • and your presence.

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