Using Color to Heal - Free Techniques!

You can experiment with using color to heal on all levels, vitalizing and magnetizing body, mind and spirit.

When you use color it involves direct action on the subtle etheric body or aura that interlaces the physical body.

We are told that this knowledge is found hidden in the law of vibration and color.

Certain colors have a definite effect on us. Check each color to learn the possible effects it can have in healing. Improve your quality of life one COLOR at a time!

You are a rainbow of color and your body needs certain vibrations in order to be healthy.

Healing Exercises and Ideas

Color Healing Modalities

Following are a few ideas for using color to heal:

Using color to heal with Colored Lighting

This can be simply constructed by using a bedside or standard lamp and a colored light bulb relevant to your need. Place the lamp so as to shine on the area of your body that requires healing for a few minutes at a time. Avoid heating the body so as not to spread the color to other areas.

Using color with Coloured Silks

It is accepted that silk is the finest material for the transmission of color energies to the body which is why we as practitioners of color healing therapies choose silks specifically for healing and balancing the body's energies.

  • Find a warm, sunny location in your home.
  • Play your favourite relaxing music.
  • While completely undressed drape a large piece of multi-colored silk over your body and lay down in the sunlight, allowing its rays to penetrate your body through the silk for fifteen to thirty minutes.
  • Alternatively, for upper areas of the body, purchase a silk shirt colored to your need. Wear it while relaxing in the sunlight.

(Point of Interest: We all need 10 - 20 minutes of sunshine a day, without sunscreen, to absorb the natural vitamin D from the sun which is essential for calcium absorption by the body)

Using color to heal with Color Sheets

Using sheets is a simple and economical way of receiving the benefits of color healing vibrations as you rest. Specialty shops and large department stores have a wide variety from which to select, my selection include colors like pale blue, lilac, white and cream. I find that these colors facilitate the healing which is required by me and my husband. A mix of burgundy, pink and cream helps you sleep when you have a tendency to take your worries to bed. Mostly, we choose to sleep beneath the balancing effect of lilac to help us cope with our hectic work schedules.

Using color with Solarized Water

Water becomes solarized when it has been charged with various colors in sunlight. It assists you in self-healing by activating energies within the body. The color is thought to affect the body at a molecular level.

It also changes the taste of things. For example, blue solarized water makes things taste sweeter and has a relaxing effect. Red solarized water, on the other hand, gives things a bitter taste.

  • Wrap a bottle of purified water with a piece of transparent colored paper relevant to your needs.
  • Place it in the morning sunlight for a few hours so as to allow the water to absorb the color.
  • Cool the water.
  • Consume it regularly throughout the day and before the evening meal.

NOTE: Only blue should be consumed at bedtime as it helps to facilitate a deep and soothing sleep. If healing with water appeal to you, you will find another method of making essences and elixirs here.)

Using color to heal with Color Breathing

Color breathing utilizes the focus of the mind combined with breathing to aid the healing process. The results are determined by your ability to concentrate, always REMEMBER it is practice that makes perfect, do not stress if it does not work the first time, take your time and keep trying.

  1. Sit comfortably and visualize the color relevant to your need.
  2. Breathe gently and deeply through your nose and exhale out through the mouth.
  3. Imagine that each breath you take is slowly and softly absorbing the color into you body.
  4. Allow your senses to feel the full effects of the breathing and use your mind to visualize its penetration of the body.
  5. Sense the fulfilment of the color breathing.
  6. After a few minutes of this breathing, return to your normal breathing pattern.
  • Red breathing is for increasing willpower, vitality and sexuality.
  • Orange breathing is for happiness, laughter and fun.
  • Yellow breathing is for expanding intellectual powers and concentration.
  • Green breathing is for gentle cleansing and balancing.
  • Blue breathing is for peace and inner harmony.
  • Violet breathing is for improving self-esteem and for deepening self-knowledge.
  • Magenta breathing is to release addictive patterns.
  • Pink breathing is for opening the ability to love and be loved.
  • Turquoise breathing is for strengthening the emotions and the immune system.

Using color with Colored Scents

Scents are absorbed quickly into the physical, etheric and vital layers of the human aura, activating the senses. The nose and therefore the human psyche is conditioned to tell the difference between good and bad odours, or healthy and unhealthy scents. Whereas the wafting aroma of home-baked bread or a sizzling barbecue wets the appetite, the smell of burning rubber offends.

Freshly picked flowers project the color of their scent into the atmosphere, helping the mind to focus. Potpourri can fill a dull room with the ambience of a garden.

Using color to heal with Aura Soma

Aura Soma is a unique form of color therapy using transparent colored oils. The oils contain plant extracts and their essences are used to activate non-invasive, gentle, holistic self-healing of the mind, body and spirit. These small and powerful healing bottles can be carried on you, placed under your pillow at night or meditated upon.

Each atmosphere is impregnated with the thoughts, feelings and expressions of the people who have spent time there. Emotions can linger well after a physical presence has gone. Color can be used to clear and cleansethe space from unwanted energy and vibrations.

Discover Healing with Color

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