Learn the Diversity & Power of Color Healing

Color Healing Course under $35

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Incredible as it might seem... Color Healing plays an important role in getting and staying healthy...

In "The Color Course - The Diversity of Color Healing" you will learn that just as our bodies need food and water to survive it also needs color or light to balance and energize because color is light and light is an essential nutrient to all life.

The NEED for Color in your life...

You and I have a tendency to mostly think of color as a purely physical phenomenon that we experience with our sense of sight alone.

However as a form of energy; it is extremely powerful, diverse and active on all levels of your being - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Acreditation ILLI

Here's an Interesting Fact for you...

Those with impaired vision are equally receptive to these energies, and in many cases much more so because of their enhanced sensitivity to non-visual stimuli.

This color healing course is chock-full of fabulous ways to enhance your mood, your health, your environment and life with color.

You will also be certificated by HJE and accredited by ILLI.

The Color Course - The Diversity of Color Healing

The Color Healing Course

This captivating color healing home study course will teach you everything you have always wanted to know about color. It is well laid out, splendid and extensive covering the healing energies and attributes of color.

Nearly 200 pages of "pure gold" without the hype.

As most healing modalities work with color vibration to one degree or another, this is definite have to have for both the experienced healer as well as the beginner.

What others had to say...

My name is Dru Ann Welch and I have just completed the course on Colour Healing. I loved it! This course is chock full of fabulous information that I will be able to use to really grow my healing practice. I have been using color in my healing practice for about 8 years and had never been able to find a certification course that fit me until now. Thank you so very much! Excellent course!!!! Excited to receive my certification - Dru Ann Welch

Thank you for the "oh so welcome escape" into the world of color. What a fantastic journey! I absolutely LOVE your courses... Angel Healing is definitely next! Thank you for my beautiful certificate. - Maria, United States

I enjoyed the information you provide very much. Thank you for an eye opening experience. - Donald, United Kingdom

I love how the Color Course is exactly what I have been looking for. All the information in one place, very interesting and captivating. Namaste' - Elreen, Canada

Thank you so much for this wonderful course! I learned so much and look forward to adding this valuable information to my practice. Love and Light, Dvora Roenburg - Otawa

Learn about the importance of color and experience the joy of color in your life.

Color Healing Course See FULL Curriculum!

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In this Color Healing course you will learn about:

  • The Chemistry of Color
  • Primary Colors
  • Secondary Colors
  • Tertiary Colors
  • Complementary Colors
  • The effects of color in Physiology
  • The effects of color on our Psychology
  • Understanding yourself with color
  • Color and your Aura, Chakras and Senses
  • Various Energy Healing strategies with color
  • Color and your Clothes and much much more... for under $35.

Join the hundreds that have completed this home study Color Energy Healing Course and you will, as they have, improve your understanding of the importance of color in life to enhance your well-being!

A personal message from Elmarie

Elmarie Swartz

I so look forward to having you join me as I personally guide you on your colorful journey.

I know you to will be captivated as I introduce you to "Color"... you will be inspired to bring light frequency and energy into your life.

The course has been designed to build up your knowledge surely and confidently. Ask me your Tutor as many questions as you like, because we want you to understand, enjoy, and benefit from the course.


I look forward to your success so that on your graduation of this color healing course I will be able to hand over your certificate from HJE School of Energy Healing.

Energy Healing with Elmarie

CURRICULUM - Color Course - Healing with Color

This comprehensive course covers topics such as:

Color Healing Course under $35

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  • The History of Color
  • What is Color?
  • The Chemistry of Color
    • Primary
    • Secondary
    • Tertiary
    • Complementary
    • Warm and Cool
    • Sensitivity Exercise
  • Color and its effects in Physiology
  • Color Psychology I
  • Wearing Color - Clothes
  • Wearing Color - Make-up
  • Color Therapy and your Health
  • Understanding yourself with Color
  • Color and Chakras
  • Healing your Aura with Color
  • Color and your Senses
  • Color Personality Types
  • Color Wheel
    • Response Zones
  • Color Healing through Touch
  • Psychological Effects
  • Breath and Color
  • Meditation and Color
  • Mandalas and Color
  • Colored Silks and Healing
  • Candles and Color Healing plus Healing Techniques
  • Color Healing with Solarized Water
  • Color Psychology II
  • Color Properties and Attributes
  • Eating - A Colorful and Sensuous Experience
  • Color in the Home including a Chart on which Colors to use where
  • Color in the Garden

Complete this course with me, get your certification, and I guarantee that you will be enhance your knowledge and your standing in the world of energy healing. You will be able to successfully incorporate color into your energy healing practice.

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Join me now and lets have some fun with color!

Also you will get 6 must have works for your healing library.

Yes... you read that right 6 books absolutely FREE for you to download.

These books are:

  • Autogenic Training
  • E.F.T. Manual
  • Ancient Secret of the Fountain
  • Power of Gratitude - Wes Hopper
  • Advanced Spiritual Marketing - Joe Vitale
  • New Energy Ways - Robert Bruce
  • Receive a 10% discount on all other products!

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