Welcome to ILLI Energy Healing Institute

International Love & Lightworkers Institute

Welcome to ILLI - The International Love & Lightworkers Energy Healing Institute:

  • your source for education,
  • bringing teachers and students together,
  • bringing healers to those in need,
  • creating collaborating opportunities,
  • networking with others in the in the holistic energy healing community AND
  • promoting healing awareness, love and compassion globally.

If you are serious about promoting holistic energy healing as your profession or your way of life, this is the place to be as our goal is to bring authenticity and legitimacy to the holistic healing and teaching profession through following a standardized code of ethics and a set of guidelines.


ILLI is a professional energy healing institute designed to promote and support the awareness, study and practice of the energy healing arts and to provide professional accreditation to quality schools, academies and teachers who provide excellent and professional courses in this extensive field including but not limited to such modalities as:

  • Reiki
  • Crystal Healing
  • Chakra Healing
  • Angel Healing
  • Color Healing
  • AND
  • Energy Healing to name but a few.

Practitioners and therapists who teach may also get accreditation for their courses.

National & International Membership

We welcome national as well as international schools, academies, teachers and practitioners of traditional, energy and natural wellness therapies, modalities and methodologies who wish to incorporate these high ethical standards into their practices and teachings.

When you become a member of ILLI energy healing institute you prove to your students and/or clients that you hold a high set of standards enhancing your professional credibility thus setting you apart from the crowd. Furthermore, many find that having our official seal of approval on their websites and/or literature earns them respect and status amongst their peers.

We receive numerous requests for referrals on a daily basis and forward inquiries sent to us to the schools, academies, teachers and therapists in their area creating opportunities to further grow and spread the benefits of holistic energy healing.

Join Today

We invite you to join us as we corroborate and journey together into the phenomenal and exciting realms of holistic energy healing, discovering, promoting and experiencing the deep satisfaction and astonishing joy it brings as we build a better world by enhancing education in the holistic healing community and enhancing the human condition with love, light and compassion!

You benefit by getting:

  • Enhanced Credibility
  • Comprehensive Code of Ethics
  • Membership Certificate