What is Holistic Energy Healing?

Holistic Energy Healing is a natural health practice using a range of healing modalities, techniques, therapies or remedies in an integrated way to address the needs of the patient or client.

The Focus

The focus of Holistic Energy Healing is in the treatment of the whole person, including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels are considered in the holistic energy healing treatment program, and all methods used are gentle, safe and support natural healing principles.

With Holistic Energy Healing the patient/client is encouraged to take responsibility for their health and well-being, this is then complemented with information, resources and educational material by the Holistic Energy Healer.

Please note that the term Holistic Energy Healer does not infer to a practitioner's ability to heal or cure, rather the use of the term refers to the aim of the practitioner to firstly do no harm and secondly to facilitate the best practice to aid the body's ability to self-heal in accordance to its nature.

Holistic Energy Healing recognises the contribution of the traditional healing arts as well as methods and techniques currently being developed.

Complementary Treatment

Lastly Holistic Energy Healing is a complementary treatment therefor encourage clients to seek out a Medical Practitioner who most closely meets their personal needs whenever any of the 'red light' symptoms appear and to seek the advice and help of their Doctor whenever appropriate.