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Have you been looking for a professional and easy way to learn about Crystal Healing to heal yourself and others?

In "The Power of Quartz - A Course in Crystal Healing" you will get in-depth knowledge on this ancient healing method, in which you use crystals on an energetic level as healing tools to assist in preventing or remedying physical illnesses and symptoms to restore balance and harmony on all levels of your being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Stop the suffering...

At times we all suffer some degree of ill health, dis-ease, emotional and mental discomfort such as emptiness, unhappiness or a lack of enthusiasm which is often the result of blocked energy in your body.

These little messages are your "attention getters" telling you to work on, heal and support yourself.

Acreditation ILLI


Listen to these messages... give yourself the necessary healing and support to get your energy back in balance.

After doing this accredited home study course, with your new found knowledge of crystal healing you will:

  • be able to assist in relieving states of anxiety,
  • mental discomfort,
  • both acute and chronic conditions as
  • well as facilitating pre-operative care and post-operative healing for yourself and others.

Healing with crystals allows you to heal from the core of your being, at a very deep level so that health and well-being can expand outwards to all areas of the mind, emotions, body and ultimately life.

The Power of Quartz - Crystal Healing Course

In this comprehensive and profesionally presented home study course you will learn that your focus and intention coupled with crystals can be very powerful healing tools and are valuable aids in helping you and others to cope with daily life.

They can give you support in times of fear, lack of confidence, anxiety, trauma, and other distressing situations.

The Power of Quartz - A Course in Crystal Healing

Complete this course and you will...

  • Start a wonderful and exciting career helping people to improve their lives in the field that you love.
  • Earn and improve that income you want.
  • Work your own hours.
  • Work from your own home.
  • Work anywhere and anytime you want.
  • Incorporate the power of Crystal Healing into your current holistic healing practice.
  • Be certificated by HJE and accredited by ILLI that say you are a qualified professional.

What others had to say...

It was a wonderful learning experience for the course "THE POWER OF QUARTZ - A COURSE IN CRYSTALS". THANK YOU SOO MUCH I will defiantly be doing more in a couple of weeks. Love and Light - Paula, United States

I have begun the Power of Quartz Course in Crystal Healing. It is fantastic and am getting to know so much more about the Rock People and their power of healing! - Christopher, United Kingdom

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! It was a great course! - Brook, United States

Thank you for this wonderful course, I have loved expanding on what I have previously learnt. Please find attached my summations looking forward to your feedback. - Kind Regards, Karen Grahame

Qualify as a Crystal Energy Healer and help yourself and others.

As a Crystal Healer you will be able to give clients a relaxing and personal healing experience, away from their usual life.

Give your clients the experience of exceptionally deep relaxation releasing and relieving stress while boosting their immune system helping their bodies to function more efficiently.

The time is now, become who you were always meant to be!

Complete this home study Crystal Healing Course as many others have already done, and you will also have powerful healing knowledge and you will be the master of the fine art of Crystal Healing.

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As you invest in this course you will have:

  • The personal attention of Elmarie, the course creator - Priceless!!
  • All the tools you need to qualify as a crystal energy healer.
  • Certification
  • How crystals are formed, where they come from and the myths and legends surrounding them
  • Atlantis and the effect crystals played on it
  • Advanced knowledge in crystal purchasing
  • The Power of Quartz - A Course in Crystal Healing See FULL Curriculum!
  • Advanced knowledge of crystal care
  • The knowledge of Body Wisdom
  • Understanding of the Aura and Chakra
  • The charging and dedicating of healing crystals
  • How to create and use crystal layouts
  • Self Healing
  • The AO Techniques
  • The techniques as practiced by Marcel Vogel
  • What and where are the Nadis and how to incorporate them into your healing system
  • Four Major Healing Powers of the Mind
  • Finding your Power Hand
  • Finding your Energy Dominant Hand
  • No time limitation for completion... for under $35.

A personal message from Elmarie

Elmarie Swartz

I so look forward to having you join me as I personally guide you on your journey.

Do you have any idea just how many crystals fall into the quartz family...no?

You will after you complete this crystal healing home study course from the HJE School of Energy Healing.

Actually to be more accurate not only will you be aware of all the different crystals that fall into the quartz family but you will know how to care for them and be qualified to use them for yourself and others.

The course has been designed to build up your knowledge surely and confidently. Ask me your Tutor as many questions as you like, because we want you to understand, enjoy, and benefit from the course.

Crystals are "Messengers of Light and Love", the astonishingly beautiful "Rock People" of the Mineral Kingdom bring light into the darkness.


I look forward to your success so that on your graduation of this crystal healing course I will be able to hand over your certificate from HJE School of Energy Healing.

Energy Healing with Elmarie

CURRICULUM - The Power of Quartz Crystal Healing Course

Power of Quartz Course under $35

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  • Section I
    • Clear Quartz History
    • Myths and Legends
    • Quartz Today
    • Quartz in Technology
  • Section II
    • Crystals in Atlantis and Lemuria
    • Atlantis - Edgar Cayce
    • Life on Atlantis - Channeled by Ingrid Bennett
    • Lemuria - This session by Germane appeared in the September 1993 issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence.
  • Section III
    • Crystals and the Planet
    • Origin of Quartz Crystal
    • How is Quartz formed?
  • Section IV
    • Quartz Structure
    • Crystal Types, Formations and Configurations
    • Quartz Configurations
  • Section V
    • Crystal Care
    • Cleansing and Clearing Quartz Crystals
    • Marcel Vogel Cleansing Method
    • Crystal Attunement / Intunement
  • Section VI
    • Dedicating and Charging Quartz Crystals
    • Diagram - Quartz Cluster Charging Grid
    • Marcel Vogel Charging Method
    • The Four Elements
    • Diagram - Charging Grid using Elements
    • Charging with Satin Spar Selenite
    • Diagram - Selenite Charging Grid

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  • Section VII
    • Programming, Activating and Storing Quartz
    • Activating your Crystal
    • Formulating a Program
    • Instilling the Program
    • Marcel Vogel Programming Method
  • Section VIII
    • Healing
    • What is Vibrational Healing
    • The Ego and Its Place - By Matisha
    • The Healing / Curing Dichotomy
    • Four Major Healing Powers of the Mind
    • Finding your Power Hand
    • Finding your Energy Dominant Hand
  • Section IX
    • Understanding the Language of the Body
    • Body Wisdom
    • Understanding the Body's Language
    • Causative Issues Linked with Body Parts
    • The Aura - Layers of the Aura
    • The Subtle Body and Chakras
    • Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra
    • Meridians - Life Force Energy Highway
    • Functions and Dysfunctions of Meridians
    • Acupressure Points
    • Nadis
  • Section X
    • Techniques, Lay-outs and Methods
    • Self Healing
    • Marcel Vogel Self Healing
    • Other Self Healing Methods
    • Healing Techniques
    • Aura Cleansing and Chakra Balancing
    • AO Circuit Technique
    • The AO Huna Tradition
    • Clearing Stagnant Energy
    • Crystals - Quick Cleansing Method
    • Seated Treatment
    • Chakra Balancing - Thumb Technique
    • Balancing Left and Right Brain Hemispheres
    • Running Energy

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Also you will get 6 must have works for your healing library.

Yes... you read that right 6 books absolutely FREE for you to download.

These books are:

  • Crystal Skull E-Book
  • Explore the fascinating world of Crystal Skulls and maybe even become a caretaker of one yourself.
  • Crystal Grid Book
  • Another inspired work by Elmarie, how to create and use crystal grids, a must have.
  • The Story of Atlantis & The Lost Lemuria
  • Get an understanding of the "Fith or Aryan Race" as well as that of the "Manus", exciting stuff!
  • Healing Gemstones & Crystals
  • Another of Elmarie's books detailing many different crystals with their uses in healing, a must have reference for any healer.
  • The Magic Story
  • Do you know how the magic was found? You will after you read this.

    Enroll Now Enroll Today!

  • Magic – Inspirational Stories for the Soul
  • A compilation by Elmarie proving that Magic really exists, all you have to do is know where to look.
  • Receive a 10% discount on all other products!

Complete this course with me, get your certification, and I guarantee that you will be able to hold your head up high in the world of crystal healing.

Your "Like" & "Vote" would really be appreciated.

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