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Hi, Elmarie here... my motto is... easy...simple...affordable... so I created these Energy Healing Courses and Energy Healing Charts all available here in the HJE Energy Shop for your convenience.

These amazing energy healing courses and charts are well layed out and easy to follow for both the layman as well as practitioner to support the love and light workers like YOU to reveal and share your unique healing gifts and abilities with the Universe.

How long have you heard that whisper from the Universe...

"Become A Healer... Heal Yourself... Help Heal The World & Others... Live Your Life's Purpose"

...but due to a lack of confidence in your abilities or maybe even finances, you haven't taken the vital steps to make it happen?

With these extremely affordable and easy to follow Energy Healing Courses you obtain a clear understanding of what energy healing is, how it works and how you can make it work for you - in a personal or a professional capacity. You can also augment your healing space or use these downloadable Energy Healing Charts as reminders.

Since everything is energy, all healing ultimately involves energy. Most healing methods are focused on the physical, mental and emotional levels of life, without recognition of the deeper underlying energy. Energy healing works purely with the energetic level of our being. Since everything is made up of patterns of energy, working directly with energy influences the physical, mental and emotional, as well as the spiritual level. Energy healing is thus by nature “holistic”.

Energy Healing is really about illuminating the pathway to your true potential. One you couldn’t have achieved – let alone been truly aware of – if you hadn’t taken this important first step... to become the person you are destined to be...

I look forward to welcoming you to my family of love and light workers!

These Energy Healing Courses and Charts are right for YOU if:

  • You're ready to be empowered to heal yourself, family and friends.
  • You're new to energy medicine and wish to take the first steps to develop your skills and knowledge, with in-depth energy healing training from the comfort of home.
  • You're already a healer, therapist, coach or medical professional and you'd like to incorporate an in-depth knowledge and practical use of energy healing into your current practice.
  • You want to know how to create a successful Energy Healing Practice.
  • You're ready to accelerate your personal transformation and live your life's purpose.

Energy Healing Courses Available

Energy Healing Courses

"Easy ... Simple ... Affordable"

There you have it!

  • Easy... Download your chosen course instantly onto your computer to use immediately. What could be easier than that?
  • Simple... That is exactly what I have done for you! I have simplified the learning process so that you will easily and quickly learn to become a healer.
  • Affordable... I have kept the price down so that you can save money as you learn and with every course you purchase you will save yourself a further 10% on your next course.

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Color Healing Courses

Imagine what it would be like if... you knew everything about the AMAZING POWER of color... are you ready to live in full color?

Color Healing plays an important role in getting and staying healthy... astonishing as it might seem... we tend to think of color as a purely physical phenomenon experienced by our sense of sight alone, but as a form of energy; color is active on all levels of our being - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

In this energy healing course you will discover that each and every colour is imbued with its own individual and unique characteristics and effects.

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Energy Healing Courses

Why not learn about Energy Healing?

YOU already POSSESS the most PRECIOUS of GIFTS! . . . A magnificently splendid SELF-HEALING BODY! You also possess the ability overcome disease and to rejuvenate! A fully functioning, fully nourished energy body, with all systems on line and exchanging energy freely with the Universe at every level is something that you CAN have.

Join the hundreds that have completed these downloadable home study Energy Healing Courses and you CAN experience what the above would be like, for the possibilities inherent beyond your current state of being is within your reach.

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Reiki Healing Courses

Imagine Transforming Yourself and Your Life With Reiki!

In Reiki Healing, Level I or Reiki First Degree opens the door to transforming yourself and your life and is your first step to becoming a powerful Reiki Master. Reiki Two provides a quantum leap in vibratory level, at least four times greater than First Degree and the symbols are activated at this point. In Reiki Level III (Advanced) training you will receive the ability to use the master symbol for healing which enhances your effectiveness as a Reiki practitioner and this final empowerment is the beginning of an amazing journey of inner peace, self realization and endless possibilities.

TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP TODAY to becoming a Reiki Master! Join the hundreds that have completed these downloadable home study Reiki Healing Courses and become the master of your destiny!

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Angel Healing Courses

The Archangels are here to Transform your Life!

If you are reading this the chances are your own angel guided you here! We the Archangels want to assist & support you with energy healing on your life's journey - all you need do is ask for our help and welcome us in. Open your heart and mind to us and be healed dear one!

Your angel is asking you to join the hundreds of others who have completed this energy healing home study course and gone on to feel close to the Archangels and their incredible power! This course "Way of the Archangels" is for eveyone no matter what your religious beliefs.

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Crystal Healing Courses

Crystal Healing is for You!

Crystal Healing is an alternative or complementary energy healing medicine technique or modality that employs crystals as healing tools. These healing stones supply and enhance energy, they have no ill or side effects and they give the cells the necessary energy, which is vital for repairing and maintaining health of an individual.

Join the hundreds that have completed these downloadable home study Crystal Energy Healing Courses and you will, as they have, improved your knowledge and your reputation!

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Master Practitioners Diploma

Save More Than 50%

HJE's School of Energy Healing offers you the "Master Practitioners Diploma", a comprehensive learning opportunity which includes all 12 energy healing courses, to expand your skills in natural and vibrational healing enabling you to start or expand your current healing practice or to enhance your personal development and inner transformation.

Our integrated approach to natural and vibrational healing employs a unique multidisciplinary approach to wellness that blends the wisdom of the ancients and gifts from the earth with modern approaches to energy vibrational healing.

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Master Practitioners Diploma

Angel Altar Cards

Just in case you have not bought your "Way of the Archangels" course yet here is another appetiser... I have created a set of beautiful Angel Altar Cards (downloadable in PDF format “High Quality Print” and full color completely FREE when purchasing "Way of the Archangels" Course) . Angels by nature are drawn to places of love, peace, harmony and beauty.

An Angel Altar is one of the most enjoyable ways of establishing and maintaining a powerful, strong connection or link with your angels.

Get your Angel Altar Cards Today!

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Energy Healing Charts

A Stunning Collection of Absolute must have Energy Healing Charts.

As you will see from the short descriptions below I have covered all the aspects that will make your healing efforts just that much easier.

I have them in my healing room and use them to jog my memory if and when needed and find them quite indispensable, you will too.

Have them ready, on hand, whenever you are doing a healing for yourself or someone else or use them when you teach your students.

I know you will benefit from them as much as I have.

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