MERIDIANS - The Life Force Energy Highway

Meridians are the final component of the human energy body and is fully explained and discussed in depth in "The Human Energy Body Course".

The easiest way to describe them is is to look at them as the energy equivalent of the arteries and veins which carry your blood around your body, in other words they are energy channels. You can see all 12 Major Meridians and their descriptions here.

These energy channels carry your life-force, or Ki, around your body.

Your major energy channels route the energy lengthways through the body, connecting with all of the body's major organs. There are also other smaller energy channels, minor meridians which crisscross throughout the body, connecting all the parts together so that Ki can flow everywhere.

Yin & Yang

Meridian Accupressure pointsThere are twelve Major, eight Extraordinary, and a host of Minor Meridians.

Each Major energy channel corresponds with an organ of the body, and is classified either as

  • YIN (female, dark receptive, solid) or

The Yin organs (also called ZANG organs) are deep within the body and have to do mainly with manufacturing and storing Ki and the Yin energy channels flow upwards.

  • YANG (male, bright, active, and hollow).

The Yang (or FU) organs are closer to the surface and deal mainly with receiving, digesting and excreting Ki and the Yang energy channels flow downwards.

Your body itself has Yin and Yang facets, the outer sides of limbs are more Yang, the inner sides more Yin.

Because Yin and Yang are complementary, and vital for balance, a dis-ease or problem of a Yang organ or energy channel can be treated via its' Yin counterpart (and vice-versa) so, for example, heart problems can be treated using the Large Intestine channel and so on, for more information on this please see "The Human Energy Body Course".

The Vital Importance of your Meridians...

All dis-eases (physical, mental, emotional or Spiritual) are due to an imbalance of Ki.

It can be either an excess or a deficiency of Ki, the flow of Ki is sluggish or too fast or there might be a blocked or broken energy channel.

The above has a knock-on effect on the body's other systems, so giving energy healing to a particular energy channel is an effective method of treating any problem at the source.

It is also on these energy channels that the various points exist which are used in complementary therapies such as acupuncture or acupressure. It is also these energy channels that connect all parts of the body with the areas on the feet and hands which are used as pressure points in reflexology.

How can we work with them?

One of the easiest ways to use them for healing is by running a hand over the path of the channel. To strengthen a weak one, this energy channel is "run" forwards, from its beginning to its end. To weaken or sedate one that is over-energized and that is drawing energy from other systems, the energy channel is run backwards from end to beginning.

For all you "office Jills and Johns" just press your knees together firmly, you'll be practicing a different kind of healing with your knees.

These techniques as well as easy self-healing techniques are fully explained in "The Human Energy Body Course" below.

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