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Elmarie & Leslie Swartz

There is me, Elmarie - Teacher; Facilitator; Author; Practitioner - and then there is Les, my husband, if you scroll way down you will find out more about him.

Before you go, indulge me a little as I tell you how it came about that I adopted as my own the principals of energy healing and have since become the author and facilitator of many successful courses and books.

Who is Me?


As my husband is fond of saying "here me am..." And proudly South African from where I practice my Healing.

One of my favorite occupations... staring out at the ocean which I am blessed to live by.

As life would have it before I got to this point I experienced "Another Life" completely.

This "before" part of my life I would like to share with you in the belief that if you were to know a little more about me you will understand why, after having "healed" my life I am so passionate about helping others achieve the same.

In the Beginning

A child of the 60's and even though I had no idea what this wonderful era was all about, I believe that my path was set by its vibration of peace and love.

My upbringing was very conservative and very protected. I was raised strictly and attended an all girls school.

Growing up in a very small community I was in one way very fortunate to remain both innocent and ignorant of the world, which was not true for everyone, especially the neighbor who took it upon himself to make me a statistic of sexual abuse.

The Power of Abuse!

Unfortunately in our close knit, conservative community, such things just "did not happen"!

This "dirty secret" was fed by both the conservatism of the time - women are the downfall of men - and the threats of my abuser.

In with my pain and frustration I felt there was only one way to cope, you got it... I became the super rebel.

Stumbling from year to year, I continued to seek refuge from my pain in all the wrong places including getting married at a very young age and very much pregnant.

This blessed me with two beautiful sons and unfortunately another crushing blow, an unexpected divorce after 9 years.

The Universe Intervenes

As is the way of the universe everything happens for a reason, and so I was to begin my magical healing journey.

After months of failed job interviews I landed a job at a computer sales company and believe me when I tell you that I had no idea what a PC was or even what to do with it... but nothing beats attitude.

Fortunately, intensive training was given and guess who happened to be one of my trainers, you got it Les, my husband to be!

The "LIGHT" goes ON!

That "acknowledgement of the Universe and it's powers" happened more than 20 years ago, way back when in 1988 and as that light went on in my head so did my need to know more and so I enrolled in my first course Reiki 1.

Followed by Reiki level 2 and on to becoming a Reiki Master, during this time I discovered my love for crystals, or as I am known to refer to them "The Rock People". Being something of a perfectionist I just had to know more so I qualified as a Crystal Healer and practitioner which led me to need to know more about the Angels, Chakras, Auras and the latent power of affirmations.

In all of the above I spent countless hours studying and qualifying at the highest level available while at the same time counselling and helping others, presenting courses, so that others, like myself, could heal and change their lives.

Now, thanks to the awesome medium of SBI, I am able to live my dream and offer my services to you.

We have come a long way since then and are now blessed to share the powerful healing energies with the rest of our travellers on this magical healing journey... READ MORE...

It is our belief that you will benefit from our website - Healing Journeys Energy - wherein you will find various tried tested and proven modalities, their uses and how you can apply them to your daily life to improve your health, your wealth and to bring to you all the abundance you deserve. SEE OUR PERSONAL MANIFESTO HERE!

The TWO of Us

Les and Elmarie

Together, as an insanely (by the way insane is just normal with an attitude) in love couple, we have not only been researching but actively using these amazing healing energies in our daily lives, so we have first hand experience of their power and use.

In our own quest for knowledge, understanding and belief that there is a greater energy force that can be tapped into and used our first step on our journey was qualifying as Reiki Masters, Crystal Healers and Reiki Crystal Healers. These tools we use both for ourselves as well as for others seeking healing.

We have also developed our own speciality, a dependable, powerful, fast and permanent remedial process called D.E.E.P - Deep Emotional Energy Programming. A fast effective, accurate way to re-train the mind to get past obstacles and achieve success in all things.

This system has already improved thousands of lives, including our own by using the concept that you are A MIND with A BODY and not the other way round, and the teachings of the great Carl Rogers, who knew and understood that: Healthy people are aware, or can become easily aware, of the reasons for their behavior. Healthy people are innately good and effective and therefore able to achieve their own goals. The only thing that is stopping them is faulty learning.

This website - Healing Journeys Energy - is our effort to pass on to you our knowledge and experience, the actual first hand experiences and practices that we have gained over the last 15 years of study, as Masters and active energy healing practitioners in the belief that you will benefit as much as we have.

What is important is that at this momentous time in the history of Humanity and the Earth, so much knowledge and information, that had roots deep in the past, is surfacing giving us the opportunity of understanding our unique and important role as creators of our own realities and therefore "all that is".

It is our belief and we are sure that you will agree, now is the time to find and partake in complimentary if not alternative ways to improve and uplift ourselves.

As a matter of fact the limitless abundance of energies are here right now, it is just that over time we have not only forgotten but also lost the way and unfortunately as we, Humanity, are suffering so is the planet we live on, Earth, along with the Greater Universe.

We invite you with loving gratitude to join us as we spread the knowledge, experiences and practices that will lift not only your energy levels but that of everything you come into contact with ensuring you, as it has us, greater health, wealth and abundance.

It is our heartfelt wish that you will join us on this magical journey, your healing journey and explore our website.

Take from our experiences grow and prosper in all aspects of your life. We fondly ask that you actively participate by sharing your unique journey, your experiences and your knowledge with the rest of Humanity or just DROP US A LINE, we would love to hear from you.

My name is Leslie Bernard Swartz, a mouthful I know, so you can just call me Les - even my wife calls me that.

I am a nice Jewish boy from a small town and married to a very nice conservative Afrikaans girl, Elmarie, also from a small town in South Africa (by the way that is the same country the Oscar Winning Actress Charleze Theron is from). Now if you just let yourself use a little bit of imagination I am sure you will understand why I said weird, wonderful and wacky world.

At this time we are based in South Africa on the eastern seaboard in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal (The Zulu Kingdom) enjoying not only the benefits of an exquisite sub-tropical climate but also the tremendous energies of the ocean, the mountains and the vast open spaces of nature unspoiled, marvelling at the abundance of our world.

From this beautiful space we call home, we are involved with and earn our living from our incredible passion with the energies, healing and everything it stands for. To see how we do it... GO HERE!

Les's Bio


This is me, I am in my 50th plus some year on this wonderful planet and enjoying my journey tremendously.

I was born in the late 50's to an orthodox Jewish mother and father in a very small town.

Somehow my mother was convinced that I was "swapped" at birth, so who knows?

I had the normal upbringing of a Jewish child, but somehow was always different. I was exceptionally teased as a child (born with flat feet and very bad eyesight) wore "leg irons" until the age of four and at the age of six, was when everybody realized that I could not see my own hand in front of my nose, which at that time I thought was normal.

So much for the "superior" knowledge of a 6 year old, what it got me then was a very uncomfortable pair of glasses, which I am sure you noticed, are still very much a part of my "every day" fashion accessories.

My dad is the first generation South African, born to his Lithuanian parents who were "lucky" enough to escape just before being rounded up for the concentration camps, very little of his family survived.

My mother, also a first generation South African, her parents also being escapees of the horrors of the time, was raised ultra conservative in a strict orthodox family who saw no need to change and inadvertently were quite very abusive.

Not everything for her could go wrong forever and along came "My Daddy to BE".

Well, and now we were 3, me as blind as the proverbial bat, hobbling around in leg braces shortly learned the horrible truth of the time, be the same or as a result of my "differences" be-scorned and excluded by my peers from their activities.

Being alone for a lot of time brought about this "knowingness" that there was more to what the human eye could see and could "feel, smell and see" things that were "not there" as far as everybody else was concerned.

Life doesn't stop for no one, and hard learned lessons are well learned so I did the right thing and I married a nice Jewish girl from the "right" family, had two beautiful sons and, yes continued with the lessons, became a statistic and got divorced eight years later.

As to my career, I started of as a salesman in electronic equipment in a large department store, moved on to become the purchasing and warehouse manager of what was to become one of the largest bedding and furniture retail groups in South Africa, to change again and be the 26th employee of South Africa's 1st computer wholesale giants.

It was here that my pleasure for all things computing was to grow, having met Mr. Sinclair (the brainchild behind the Sinclair ZX80) at my first place of employment.

It was at this time that my "knowingness" resurfaced, much like if you wish, a bolt of lightning, looking down the length of the administrative floor I saw what I knew in that instant in the very depth of my soul was to be my future wife.

Elmarie was waiting for an interview to join the sales team but again that's another story, which yes included our getting married and we are still just as in love and very much married.

Once again, it was time to move on, into what at this time would be the second to last chapter in my career, Elmarie encouraged me to follow another of my pleasures, cooking, and from then till now I can say not only did I become a great chef but between us we created some incredibly stunning restaurants.

Eventually the 24/7 18hour days became too much and we needed to take a hard look and make some decisions.

During all our time together Elmarie and I had continued to be involved in our passion for the alternative healings, the knowingness that there was more, and a decision was taken and that part of my story is continued here....

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