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Angel Healing

Angel healing with the heavenly is an alternative healing concept involving communication and/or connecting with angels and archangels.

  • Angels & Essential Oils
    We are able to contact angels using essential oils to address countless issues and problems in our lives, they attract the healing energies of the angelic realm.
  • Angels & Chakras
    Angels have a definite affinity with Chakra Healing & you can enlist their help to balance, explore and heal your chakras.
  • Angels and Crystals
    When you combine the power of angels and crystals in a healing session you double up the healing energy.
  • Connect with the Angels
    Connecting with Angels is a powerful and amazing way to accelerate the inner growth of your soul. Immediate help is available to you at any time and in any place.
  • Angel Reiki
    The aim of Angel Reiki is to weave you back into unity with your soul by facilitating the healing of body, mind, spirit as well as your past, present & future.
  • Angel Invocations
    Angel Invocation have been used by thousands of people for centuries as spiritual tools. Invoking an Angel or Archangel is simply an appeal to or a calling on a higher power for assistance.
  • Angel Rituals
    When an Angel Ritual is performed it should provide the means by which an individual can grow and transcend his or her immediate environment.
  • Spirit Guides
    Spirit Guides are spirits that guide us back to health and recovery. This guide shows you how to connect to them and begin the healing process.

The Archangels

The archangels are the eighth ranking Order or Choir of Angels in the Third Hierarchal Sphere; these angels tend the larger arenas of human endeavor and act as the administrative leaders of the heavenly beings. READ MORE...

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  • Archangel Michael
    Archangel Michael -I am the Power - is known as the Angel of Protection and the Defender of the Light and Goodness.
  • Archangel Raphael
    Archangel Raphael the Archangel of healing is charged with the healing of our beloved Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.
  • Archangel Uriel
    Archangel Uriel brings divine light into your life & transforms painful memories, restoring peace to your past.
  • Archangel Gabriel
    Archangel Gabriel is the bearer of GOOD NEWS & one of this magnificent Archangel's tasks are restoring the life and light into stale areas of your life.
  • Archangel Chamuel
    I Love - Archangel Chamuel helps you to expand your heart chakra and develop the flame of love within you to improve your loving and caring relationships.
  • Archangel Jophiel
    Light - Archangel Jophiel has a fun and uplifting energy & lightning the creative spark, his yellow ray helps develop a fresh approach to life bringing back enchantment and pleasure.
  • Archangel Zadkiel
    Archangel Zadkiel responds to the deepest call from your heart, he ensures no prayer goes unanswered encouraging you to intensify this energy through your desire.

Gentle Angels

Not only have we all heard about the gentle angels and their healing angel energy but we've been completely fascinated by them for centuries. READ MORE...

  • History of Angels
    In the history of angels we cannot be certain where the idea of angels as winged beings originated, but it seems likely that they evolved from the winged deities of Sumerian, Egyptian and Semitic belief.
  • What is an Angel
    What are Angels, they are messengers and is traditionally believed to be supernatural beings who act as mediators between man and God, Source, the "All That Is" sent here to help us.
  • Types Of Angels
    The Different Types of Angels and what they do to look after everything in Creation. Take a journey to meet them and get an Understanding of their Individual Natures.
  • Meet the Angels
    Meet the Angels, there are many different angels that you can work with, the ones that work with humans will vary as to the type of work that they're involved in and your specific needs.
  • See an Angel
    Can you see angels? People perceive angels in many different ways the most profound encounters are as physical manifestations, which can take the form of winged beings.
  • How Angels Communicate
    How angels communicate is simple, they are constantly offering us signs and omens in our lives but we are often blind to them.

Hierarchy of Angels

The Hierarchy of Angels also known as the Angel Network, this Hierarchy within the Angelic Realm is mirrored throughout the rest of the universe. The Angel community is the perfect example of this hierarchal order and structure. READ MORE...

  • Seraphim
    The name Seraphim means The Fiery or Burning Ones, they are the angels of divine fire, love and light.
  • Cherubim
    Cherubim were not described as the cute little "cupid-like" angels depicted by painters, but instead as having four appearances: that of a human, ox, lion, and eagle.
  • Thrones
    Thrones - The very essence of God's Spirit is conveyed to and through these angels, who then pass on the message to men and/or lower classes of angels.
  • Ophanim
    The Ophanim appear as a beryl-colored wheel-within-a-wheel, their rims covered with hundreds of eyes.
  • Dominions
    The Dominions quietly concern themselves with the details of existence and are attributed with the success or failure of nations. In the Hierarchy of Angels they fall in the second sphere.
  • Virtues
    The Virtues also called The Brilliant or Shining Ones and their primary duty is to supervise the movements of the heavenly bodies in order to ensure that the cosmos remains in order.
  • Powers
    The Powers are academically driven, concerned with ideology, philosophy, theology, religion.
  • Principalities
    The Principalities duty is also said to be to carry out the orders given to them by the Dominions and bequeath blessings to the material world.
  • The Archangels
    The archangels are the eighth ranking Order or Choir of Angels in the Third Hierarchal Sphere; these angels tend the larger arenas of human endeavor and act as the administrative leaders of the heavenly beings.
  • Gentle Angels
    Not only have we all heard about the gentle angels and their healing angel energy but we've been completely fascinated by them for centuries.
  • Share Your Angel Story
    The power of the Angelic Realm can not be underestimated, do you have an Angel Story or an Angel Experience to share - how have these magnificent "light beings" affected you, your family, friends or your life?

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