"Make Your Chakra Power Work For You!"

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Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel"; resembling a spinning vortex of energy, a vibrating cosmic light, that brings physical form into being.

Did you know that you can transform your life by knowing and understanding the role that your chakras play in your general health and well-being?

  • These powerful and unique energy centers are the very core of your existence.
  • They are central to all you say and do.
  • And they integrate your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects into a coherent whole creating your overall body and mind structure.

When you heal dis-ease holistically, you always work to affect the flow of energy because when energy flows freely through the whole body it creates harmony and releases the dis-ease.

Your chakras and energy support your physical form. Thereby through balancing your chakras and improving the flow of energy you create change from the core, which is your energy system, to the periphery, which is your physical body.

"Use Your Chakra System To Transform Your Life"

Major Chakras
Major Chakras

It is generally and commonly accepted that you have:

  • 7 major,
    • Muladhara / Base or Root - Physical Well-being (Red)
    • Svadhisthana / Sacral or Sexual - Transitional Well-being (Orange)
    • Manipura / Solar Plexus - Personal Well-being (Yellow)
    • Anahata / Heart - Emotional Well-being (Green)
    • Vishuddha / Throat - Creative Well-being (Blue)
    • Ajna / Third Eye or Brow - Mental Well-being (Indigo)
    • Sahasrara / Crown - Spiritual Well-being (Violet)
  • 4 emergent (new) chakras,
  • 21 minor,
    • (for instance in the palm of your hands, behind your knees and under the soles of your feet)
  • as well as several smaller energy points in your energy body. I have put together a comprehensive collection of 11 Chakra Charts, depicting the above and much more.

Chakra balancing affirmations are an excellent way to start working on your whole energy system.

Your chakras:

  • Are located within your physical and etheric or subtle body.
  • Are vertically aligned in the centre of your body close to your spine, in a line running down the centre of your body from just above the top of your head to the base of your spine.
  • Are the power points working like energy transducers receiving, processing, converting, transmitting and circulating universal life force energies also known as "prana, ki or chi" throughout your body.
  • Maintain your energy.

"Remember Without Your Chakras You Would Not Be Here"

Did you know?

All your problems - spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical - are caused by the inability to radiate energy freely due to blockages in your energy system.

The energy that radiates from these energy vortexes keep your heart beating, they cause you to take life giving breaths as well as setting your thoughts and emotions in motion.

Your chakras also fluctuate from day to day in response to what you experience and to your ability to deal with these experiences.


It is important to note that your ability to deal with a situation does depend upon the initial condition of each of these energy vortexes.

"The Balancing Act"

If your chakras are in balance, meaning that they are open and flowing, you are capable of dealing effectively with whatever comes your way.

But alas, when they are blocked or out of balance, this ability to deal is impaired because your perspective is restricted by the condition of the energy centre.

Learning how to work with your chakras CAN and WILL balance and energize your body, mind and spirit enabling you to totally transform your life.

You will find courage where you knew only fear, confidence will replace low self-worth and you will rest in the joy of self-love.

"Each And Every One Of Your Energy Centres ..."

... Is A Key For You To Unfold Many Of Your Lifes Secrets ... they reflect what is happening in your life at a ...

  • personal,
  • emotional,
  • mental and
  • spiritual level ... because your chakras react to both internal (your own mental and emotional landscape) as well as external stimuli (outside influences).

Spiritually your energy centres are very significant for they form a ladder from the limitations of the earth plane and the physical realms to the freedom and liberation that awaits you beyond.

"Functions and Attributes"

Lower and Higher Chakras

The actual functions and attributes of these energy vortexes with regard to your physical body is an involved topic, many complex claims are put forth in this regard. Generally though, there is an overlapping and sharing of functions amongst the energy centers.

The description of the functions of these energy centers is also not simply physiological, but psychological as well. Hence, when discussing their functions we are relating physiological functions with psychological behaviors.

Generally speaking however, the three lower energy centers (the root, sacral and solar plexus) associates with the basic primary needs, those of survival, procreation and will, and have a larger physiological component to their functioning.

The four higher energy centers (the heart, throat and third eye) are more related to our psychological makeup and are more advanced, more mature, defining love, communication and knowledge; the crown centre is purely spiritual, providing the connection to the Universe beyond or Source.

The physiological roles of your energy centers are roughly as follows:

  • The root and sacral chakras are associated with generative and sexual functions.
  • The solar plexus is associated with digestion.
  • The heart is associated with the heart and circulation.
  • The throat is associated with the lungs and the voice, including the ears, nose, and throat.
  • The third eye is associated with vision, the eyes, and the pituitary gland.
  • The crown is associated with the brain, and especially the pituitary and pineal glands.

The psychological roles of your energy centers are roughly as follows:

  • The root is associated with security, survival and also to basic human potentiality.
  • The sacral is associated with emotion, sexuality and creativity.
  • The solar plexus is associated with energy, assimilation and digestion.
  • The heart is associated with love, equilibrium, and well-being. It is here that you find the Golden Gate, if this median point is not clear, nor can your third eye be clear and insightful.
  • The throat is said to associated with communication and growth, growth being a form of expression.
  • The third eye is the energy centre of time and awareness and of light.
  • And the one on your crown is said to be the centre of consciousness.

Chakra Balancing, working with and healing your chakras will enable energy to flow more freely through your body.

When the energy flows more freely through your body many ailments can be released which causes healing on a physical level since you are addressing the cause of your ailment at its root, on an energetic level.

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