Solar Plexus Chakra - Gateway Of The Sun (Third Chakra)

Solar Plexus Chakra

Your Solar Plexus Chakra embodies balance, power, and illumination.

This is where your personality that develops during puberty, also referred to as the "EGO", is housed.

Since this chakra of yours relates to your "personal power" to the outside or external world; should you have trouble finding, maintaining or sustaining this power the chances are that you are experiencing a block or some sort of dysfunction in this chakra.

Your third chakra balances your seven chakra power points and is located in your solar plexus region and directly affects your ability to project your will into manifestation.

Always Trust Your "Gut"...

The "gut reaction" or "gut instinct" you sometimes get is a highly intuitive response that is generated from impressions you receive through your solar plexus. The very sensitive nature of your third chakra draws impressions on an energy level. These impressions inevitably prove to be more... in actual fact much more accurate than your physical impressions.

Your chakra located at your Solar Plexus also often deals with raw emotions, like anger and frustration.

To explain the solar plexus in action look at the following example...

When two people quarrel the solar plexus centre turns dark, the way the two chakras mix is characterized by negativity. The heavier the feeling of negativity the more all-consuming the feeling between the two.

A blockage may arise in this centre of either one or both people if this energy centre is left to be saturated with nothing other than this all consuming negativity.

ReminderBecause your Solar Plexus Chakra it is the balancing point of all seven chakras, it is absolutely vital that you learn how to balance this chakra for overall health and well-being.

Your Life Force Energy...

Your digestive system is contained in your abdomen where your solar plexus chakra is located. Just as your physical digestive system transmutes and extracts energy from food, so too does your solar plexus chakra extract and store Chi, Prana, Ki or Life Force Energy.

This is the energy that permeates all life; where there is Chi or Prana there is life.

Eventhough each one of your chakras is a centre for this life force energy, chi is generated and distributed by your solar plexus chakra or "Manipura".

As you well know the levels of life force energy or Chi in your body have an impact on your inherent healing ability... can you imagine what it would be like if you could sufficiently replenish and enhance your own life force energy to heal?

WILL And Manifestation...

I am sure that you just like me have had difficulties with manifesting your desires... learn to understand your Solar Plexus Chakra and you will be able to use your willpower to successfully manifest the life of your dreams.

Location Located about 5cm (2inches) above the navel.
Sanskrit Name Manipura meaning "lustrous gem" or "city of jewels".
Function Will, personal power, purpose, autonomy, control, self-determination, self-empowerment, energy, self-esteem, intellect, destiny.

I can and to act.
Angels/Archangels Archangel Uriel, angels of peace, Archangel Michael and Archangel Jophiel.
Endocrine System Pancreas.
Physical Organs Liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach.
Body Parts Digestive system, small intestine, muscles, middle back.
Malfunction Need to control, over sensitive to criticism, low self esteem, stomach problems, food allergies.
Sense Sight.
Color Yellow - uncover the full spectrum of Healing with Color.
  Ultra Violet - Kinship of Self.
Gemstones Citrine, Yellow Sapphire, Amber, Rutilated Quartz, Gold Tiger's Eye - to learn more about Crystal Healing see "The Power of Quartz - A Course in Healing with Crystals.

Solar Plexus Chakra Things To Do...

  • Rub your belly.
  • Visualize sunshine radiating out from your solar plexus.
  • Breathe using your diaphragm.
  • Click here for Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmation to be repeated 15 times once or twice a day.

Your third chakra is a space to honor dance, yoga, martial arts, and how to walk through the world with grace and ease.

Dance and celebration, vigor and empowerment can all be discovered here.

Solar Plexus Chakra Video


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