"Uses For Crystals From Healing To Decorating"

Have you ever wondered what the different uses for crystals and their healing powers, properties and abilities can be in your life?

Thousands of people all over the world have uses for crystals and healing gemstones in many areas of their lives.

You can introduce these beautiful crystal gifts from "Gaia" into your life whether to enhance your general well-being, getting relief from various mental, emotional, and physical troubles or just enhancing your living space.

There are as many uses for crystals and gemstones as your imagination can conjure.

The "Rock People of the Mineral Kingdom" are as individual as you and me; each with it's own personality (healing properties) and can truly help you improve your life.

What is a Gem Elixir?
Creating a Gem Elixir
Gem Elixir Recipes
What is a Crystal Grid?
Creating a Crystal Grid
Crystals for Protection
Space Clearing with Crystals
Clearing Negative space with Crystals
Crystals and Decoration
Free Crystal Grid & Layout eBook

In this FREE Crystal Grid and Crystal Layout Book you will find ideas for crystal grids and healing layouts that are must haves for adding to your Healing Toolbox.

  • Improve your health.
  • Increase your energy.
  • Power up your Reiki.
  • Manifest abundance.
  • Motivate change.

The benefits to your wealth, health and well-being are endless.

Following are some more uses for crystals, I urge you to keep in mind that your imagination is your only limit as far as using crystals are concerned.

Crystal Jewelry

Wear crystals as jewelry for maximum benefit - contact with your skin offers supercharged effects. Even though rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds are the most coveted jewel stones; other healing gemstones are becoming more and more popular in jewelry design.

Powerful Spiritual Crystal Jewelry - Highly Recommended Designer

You will love Ka Gold Jewelry as much as I do.

David Weitzman is the artist of these irresistible pieces, all created with specific intention and meaning with a strong spiritual influence. Many pieces feature Sacred Geometry. Other categories include:

Healing and Self Balance Jewelry, Success and Self Fulfillment Jewelry, Happiness and Joy Jewelry, Eco Jewelry and Tree of Life Jewelry to mention but a few.

I absolutely adore my jewelry and have some stunning pieces that pack a powerful punch of healing energy. These are some of my favorites:

Key of Health and Longevity Gold
Ka Bracelet with Moonstone
Merkaba with Prana Sphere Silver
Ka Gold Jewelry - Key of Health and Longevity
Ka Bracelet with Moonstone
Ka Gold Jewelry - Merkaba with Prana Sphere
Also available in Silver
Also available in Gold
Also available in Gold

Crystals Layouts

This is one of the major ways to use crystals for healing. Crystal layouts also known as the laying on of stones, involves placing healing gemstones on or around a person in order to remove "negative" energy, which is being considered as source of diseases.

Crystals in Technology

As I said before the uses of crystals are as varied as they are significant as crystals are also an important means of transmitting radio waves.

Today, our own civilization has just begun to discover the value of crystals as resonators and oscillators, transmitting and controlling frequencies for radio and telecommunications.

It is said that radio was one of the secrets of ancient mystical societies, used as a form of communications between remote sanctuaries and lodges, even as late in history as the medieval Rosicrucian's.

Personal uses for Crystals

  • Carry Healing Gemstones in your pocket, purse or wallet for prosperity, protection or healing.
  • Place them under your pillow to help you sleep.
  • One of my favorite uses for crystals are to use them in the bath or shower for total body rejuvenation.
  • Meditate with your crystals for a wonderful experience.

In ancient times healers knew that we are beyond what the eye can see and respected the "holistic" principle of the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

Healing was an agreement between the healer and the person being healed therefore healing was an active choice and the patients were treated with respect and caring, holistically.

The skills of the ancient healers are available, powerful and very much alive right now. By learning these ancient skills of healing and and using the healing tools, many diseases of the body, emotions, mind, and spirit are preventable or transformable before they become matters for allopathic medicine.

Reclaim your right to heal. Anyone can heal and Everyone has a right to their well-being.

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>Uses for Crystals from Healing to Decorating

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