"Crystal Gem Elixirs ... Drink Yourself Healthy"

You can drink yourself healthy by consuming Crystal Gem Elixirs which is made by imparting the vibration and healing properties of crystals into water.

  • Water by its very nature can mutate taking on and holding the energy signature of a crystal.
  • Water holds the energy patterns of a crystal for a long time.

You need no special equipment other than focused attention, intention and sunlight to create a powerful healing gem elixir.

"Crystal Gem Elixirs Will Work For You"

Blocked, stagnant and unbalanced energy in your causal body, is transmitted to your energy matrix and manifests as dis-ease and illness in your physical body.

A crystal gem elixir is created by imbueing the crystals' vibration into the water, water has the ability to copy, memorize and retain information and each gem elixir then transmits and downloads this information (frequencies that are encoded in a crystalline geometric language) into your vibratory field.

The unique vibration of the crystal gem elixirs resonate with your unique divine blueprint, that's stored in your causal body, aiding and abetting the unblocking, balancing and free flow of your energy preventing the manifestation of dis-ease.

It works in a similar manner to homeopathic remedies.

The greater the dilution of natural remedies, the greater the effectiveness.

In other words instead of the effect of the matter being used to get rid of the cause of dis-ease, the information copied to the water is being used to cancel out the information of the cause of the dis-ease.

When crystal gem elixirs are masterfully prepared, they clear your subtle energy channels so that your divine blueprint of consciousness is free to express the intelligence of your soul.

"Your Energy Body Can Absorb The Energy Easily And Heal"

Crystal Gem Elixirs

You take this energized water, gem elixir, internally and:

  • It's Quick
  • It's Effective and
  • Absorbed easily

What an incredible way for you to enjoy crystal healing.

For you to get a better understanding of why gem elixirs work so well I would like to introduce some vital information that Dr. Masaru Emoto wrote about in his book called " The Hidden Messages in Water".

The first and foremost factor to know is the importance of water to your well-being.

Water which is carried by your blood and bodily fluids, is the means by which nourishment is circulated throughout your body.

"You Need To Know This"

In his book he explains the following:

At the beginning of human life, you start out as a fetus which consists of about 99 percent water, when you are born you this reduces to about 90 percent water, when you reach adulthood you it further reduces to approximately 70 percent water and as you grow older and should you die of old age, it would further reduce until you are about 50 percent water when you die.

In other words throughout your life you exist mostly as water and if you lose 50 percent of water in your body, you can no longer maintain life.

The flow of water enables you to live, water serves as the transporter of energy (life force) throughout your body.

When you take an active role in creating your own health, drinking gem elixirs support your bodies' subtle energy system enabling your whole energy system to very easily balance itself to the healing frequency of the crystal from which the elixir was made.

Once you start setting up this healing process, you are in a much better position to stop illness and dis-ease in its track before it can manifest in your physical body.

Because Crystal Gem Elixirs, are based in water, and all lifeforms are based in water:

  • They are effective for humans
  • For animals
  • And plants which all respond well to this kind of vibrational healing.

I created an excellent downloadable ebook that will teach you all you need to know about, and how to create Gem Elixirs however should you want to learn everything about crystal healing take a look at the following excellent Crystal Healing Courses, Know & Heal Yourself - Foundation Crystal Healing Course and The Power of Quartz - Crystal Healing Course.

  • Crystal Gem Elixirs can be applied in a number of ways. A specifically prepared gem elixir can be taken orally or may be rubbed into the skin on pulse points, chakras and, if appropriate, the area of pain.
  • During a healing session a few drops may be placed on the chakras or key points of the body. A few drops may be placed on the hands of the therapist who then brushes the aura. Sometimes the elixirs are in small remedy bottles that are placed around the body in exactly the same way as crystals.
  • Drops of elixir can be placed in the bath, added to aromatherapy oils or sprayed into a room - all with very good effect.
  • Gem Elixirs can be taken orally.

When using them for animals add a few drops to their food or rub into their coats and for plants add a few drops to their water or spray their foliage with the elixir.

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