Body Language - Time to Understand

Your body's language.

Your Body language is unique.

To understand your body's language you have to understand that your consciousness is divided into three parts:

  • the conscious,
  • unconscious,
  • and supra-conscious mind

and they are all reflected in the body.

You know what is in your conscious mind, because most of the time you know what you are thinking.

Your unconscious mind is often shrouded in secrecy.

Here is where you bury your fears and failures; here you are judge and jury to your actions; here you learn to have self-doubts and low self-esteem.

It is often this forgotten morass of emotions that creates the life you are living now, uncover your Body Wisdom Today.

Supra Conscious Your Spiritual Self is Part of Your Body Language

Your supra-conscious mind is often referred to as your spiritual self.

Your body takes direction from the mind.

Unfortunately your body does not know if the mind is telling the truth or not, see your Body Wisdom here.

What the Mind Says to Create, You Do

All too often the order is coming from the unconscious mind, and you create that which you fear the most and since all of this is occurring below your level of consciousness, you really do not know how you get sick.

Energy Healing Course - Energy Body

Looking at your body language, your body sends you messages every day: to highlight that something is not right in your life; to nudge you into noticing that you are going in the wrong direction; or to bring to your attention to the fact that there are lessons to be learned which you are ignoring.

The trouble is you and your body do not speak the same language, especially if you think every "accident" is accidental, every pain is just something to be got rid of and every illness is just an inconvenience and something to be suffered until it is over.

The causative issues linked with certain body parts shows just a few of the possible relationships between parts of the body or specific illnesses and facets of your inner self and is a very rough guide.

This list is only a brief example of a complex issue and is not intended to be regarded as the absolute "truth" in every case but you must see if they "feel" right to you.

Learning to know and understand what your body is saying to you is not that difficult and the knowledge is available, once gained you will have all the tools to listen to your body and actively invoke the measures required for healing.

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