UNCOVER your Body Wisdom...

Your physical body has its own conscious energy system, or body wisdom, which is always working for your greatest and highest good.

Your body wisdom will convey to you if something is going wrong, either with your thinking or in your life in general. Its messages take the form of symptoms, illness or dis-ease, so when you have a headache, catch a cold or flu, have toothache or become more seriously ill, it is trying to tell you something.

Listen, your body is trying to get you to understand the signal and do something about it. In my course "The Human Energy Body" I teach my students this and much more, you can learn too.

Body Wisdom - Front & Back Body Wisdom - Right & Left
Body Wisdom - Top & Bottom Body Wisdom - Limb & Torso
Body Wisdom - Chakras Body Wisdom - Body Parts
Emotional Release Points - Front Emotional Release Points - Back

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Front and Back Body Division

Body Wisdom - Front & Back

Front of the Body:

  • Your social mask.
  • Contains the emotional issues of daily life such as love, desire, sadness, joy, concern and so on, "heart ache" is stored in the chest, between the ribs and the insides of the shoulders.
  • Much emotion is stored in the belly.

Back of the Body:

  • Stores many of our unconscious thoughts and emotions.
  • Where we hide issues that we are not prepared to handle.
  • Our emotional disposal area for all the things we don't want to acknowledge.
  • A lot of fear and anger is stored between the shoulder blades, and along the spinal muscle on either side of the spine.

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Right and Left Body Division

Body Wisdom - Left & Right

Right side of the Body: Masculine

  • Rational, logical.
  • Assertive.
  • Yang.
  • Male aspects of character.
  • Holds anger.

Left side of the Body: Feminine.

  • Intuitive.
  • Receptive.
  • Passive.
  • Yin.
  • Feminine aspects of character.
  • Holds sadness.

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Top and Bottom Body Division

Small Top and Large Bottom: (found most often in females)

Body Wisdom - Top & Bottom
  • Finds difficulty in socializing, outward expression, interpersonal communications, self-assertion and taking action.
  • Tendency towards privacy, stable, "homey" and well grounded.
  • Passive personality.

Large Top and Small Bottom: (found most often in males)

  • Overdeveloped in the ability to be assertive, social, expressive and extroverted.
  • Lack of strength and courage with respect to emotional stability and support.
  • Active personality.

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Body Wisdom - Limb & Torso

Limb and Torso Body Division


  • Are the vehicles for making contact with the outside world - they allow us to move in space.
  • Most active parts of the body in regard to the outside world.


  • Is the "core" of the body, the centre of the private self.
  • Very inactive regarding the outside world - tends to be more reflective, focused on the self.

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Chakras and Related Body Parts

Seven Chakra Centers

Crown: Endocrine System - Pineal Gland; Body - Cerebral cortex; Function - Connects us with our Spiritual self.

Third Eye: Endocrine System - Pituitary Gland; Body - Autonomic nervous system; Function - Intuitive centre of will and psychic abilities.

Throat: Endocrine System - Thyroid; Body - Respiratory system; Function - Communication and self-expression.

Heart Chakra: Endocrine System - Thymus; Body - Circulatory system; Function - Unconditional love and self-love.

Solar Plexus: Endocrine system - Pancreas; Body - Digestive system; Function - Power and wisdom centre.

Sacral: Endocrine System - Ovaries and testes; Body: Reproductive system; Function - Centre of sexual energy, feelings and emotions.

Root: Endocrine System - Adrenals; Body - Excretory System; Function - Survival issues, base instincts.

The Human Energy Body Course Enrol Today and Learn all about your Energy Body

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Body Wisdom - Front and Back Body Parts

  • Brow: Intuitive centre, emotional expression.
  • Forehead: Intellectual expression.
  • Eyes: Show how we see the world, nearsighted is more withdrawn, farsighted is less inner orientated, windows to the soul. What are you not prepared to see? Are you looking at things from an unhelpful perspective?
  • Nose: Related to the heart (coloration and bulbousness), sense and smell -sexual response, self recognition.
  • Mouth: Survival issues, how we take in nourishment - security, capacity to take in new ideas.
  • Jaw: Tension indicates blockage of emotional and verbal communication, fear or ease of expression.
  • Face: Expresses the various "masks" of our personality, shows how we face the world.
  • Ears: Our capacity to hear, have acupuncture points for the whole body. What is it you are unwilling to hear? Are you avoiding listening to your inner guidance?
  • Throat: Communication issues. Have you swallowed your anger and hurt? Are you expressing your feelings? Are you telling the truth?
  • Neck: Thought and emotions come together, stiffness is due to withheld statements.
  • Shoulders: Are you carrying too many burdens? Do you always put yourself last in your list of priorities? Is your life too stressful?
  • Chest: Relationship issues, heart and love emotions, respiration and circulation. Also self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness, suppressed emotions, and feeling smothered or controlled by others.
  • Diaphragm (solar plexus): Power issues, emotional control issues, power and wisdom centre.
  • Abdomen: Seat of emotions, contains our deepest feelings, centre of sexuality, digestive system.
  • Genitals: Related to root chakra containing Kundalini, survival issues, fear of life.
  • Shoulders: Where we carry the weight of the world, fear of responsibility, woman in particular store a lot here.
  • Arms and hands: Are extensions of the heart centre, express love and emotion. Arms: Express the heart centre love, enable us to move, connection to the external world. Who or what are you holding on to? Are you afraid to let go? Who or what would you like to embrace?
  • Upper Arm: Strength to act, fear of being discouraged. Elbow: Connects the strength of the upper arms to the action of the forearm.
  • Forearm: Means of attaining goals, fear of inferiority.
  • Hands: Associated with giving (right hand) and receiving (left hand, and the details of life. It represents holding onto reality, reaching goals, fear of action. What issues or situation can you not handle?
  • Back: Where we store all our unconscious emotions and excess tension. Associated with stored anger and resentment, feeling unsupported and trying to be perfect, as well as money issues and indefinable fears.
  • Upper back: (particularly between the shoulder blades) We carry stored anger.
  • Lower Back: Junction between lower and upper body movement, men in particular store a lot here due to the storing of emotions in the belly.
  • Pelvis: Seat of Kundalini energy, root of basic survival needs and actions.
  • Gluteus Muscles: Holding in emotions - not releasing and letting go, anal blockage.
  • Legs: Associated with progress through life, fear of change, fear of the future, and family or parental issues. Who/what is holding you back?
  • Abductors: (inner thigh) Contains sexually charged issues.
  • Hamstrings: Self control issues, letting go.
  • Thigh: Personal strength, trust in one's own abilities, fear of inadequate strength.
  • Knees: Fear of death, fear of death of old self or ego, fear of change. Linked with stubbornness, inflexibility and indecision. What decision are you afraid to make? Are you being obstinate over something?
  • Lower Leg: Enables movement toward goals, fear of action. Ankles: Create balance. Do you need to change direction? Is your life unbalanced?
  • Feet: Associated with security and survival, connected with reaching our goals or completing tasks, fear of taking the next step and being "grounded".

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Emotional Release Points

Front of Body

Emotional Release Points

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Back of Body

Emotional Release Points

Body Wisdom is to understand your body's language which is something that although we are not taught but can very easily be learned and with continual practice much like everything else will become second nature.

The Human Energy Body Course Enrol Today and Learn all about your Energy Body

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