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This page features energy healing freebies in other words, free stuff, lots and lots of free stuff.

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So go on and explore this treasure trove of energy healing freebies available to you...

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We also have... a complete selection of Energy Healing Courses that is...

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  • Easy... Download your chosen course instantly onto your computer to use immediately. What could be easier than that?
  • Simple... That is exactly what I have done for you! I have simplified the learning process so that you will easily and quickly learn to become a healer.
  • Affordable... I have kept the price down so that you can save money as you learn and with every course you purchase you will save yourself a further 10% on your next course.

Other than all the fabulous energy healing freebies, I've made it easy and affordable for you, my future student, to purchase and download all home study courses via the Internet putting you in a position to start immediately, without leaving your chair... you don't have to wait days or weeks for delivery and you save loads on delivery charges as well as getting special, unique discounts on future studies.

This page is updated regularly and more and more freebies will be added as they become available.

When you get, give. When you learn, teach. ~ Maya Angelou ~

"NO Limit - NO Credit Card Required for These Energy Healing Freebies"

Basic Meditation Poster

Free Basic Meditation Chart

Basic Meditation Poster

Download this FREE Basic Meditation Poster and get a 10% discount voucher. ~ TWEET this offer: Basic Meditation Poster

Find out much more about meditation here.

Acupressure Points on Your Hand

Free Hand Accupressure Points Chart

Hand Accupressure Point Poster

Download this FREE Hand Acupressure Points Poster and get a 10% discount voucher. ~ TWEET this offer: Hand Accupressure Points Poster

Ten Rules of Being Human

Free 10 Rules of Being Human Chart

10 Rules of Being Human Poster

Download this FREE 10 Rules of Being Human Poster and get a 10% discount voucher. ~ TWEET this offer: 10 Human Rules

Appreciate Your Body Worksheet

Free 10 Rules of Being Human Chart

Appreciate Your Body Worksheet

Download this FREE Appreciate Your Body Worksheet and get a 10% discount voucher. ~ TWEET this offer: Appreciate Your Body Worksheet

Ayurvedic Massage Facial Energy Centers

Free Ayurvedic Massage Facial Energy Centers Chart

Ayurvedic Massage Facial Energy Centers

Download this FREE Ayurvedic Massage Facial Energy Centers Poster and get a 10% discount voucher. ~ TWEET this offer: Ayurvedic Massage Facial Energy Centers Poster

Conscious Unconscious Mind

Free Conscious Unconscious Mind Chart

Conscious Unconscious Mind

Download this FREE Conscious Unconscious Mind Poster and get a 10% discount voucher. ~ TWEET this offer: Conscious Unconscious Mind Poster

Hierarchy of Angels

Free Hierarchy of Angels Chart

Hierarchy of Angels

Download this FREE Conscious Hierarchy of Angels Poster and get a 10% discount voucher. ~ TWEET this offer: Hierarchy of Angels

Learn more about Archangels and their role in your life

Crystal Color Healing Chart

Free Crystal Color Healing Chart

Crystal Color Healing Chart

Download this FREE Crystal Color Healing Poster and get a 10% discount voucher. ~ TWEET this offer: Crystal Color Healing Chart

The healing power of crystals and color can improve your health a thousand fold.

Energy Focus Exercise Affirmation Chart

Free Energy Focus Exercise Affirmation Chart

Energy Focus Exercise Affirmation Chart

Download this FREE Energy Focus Exercise Affirmation Poster and get a 10% discount voucher. ~ TWEET this offer: Energy Focus Exercise Affirmation Chart

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