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Master Practitioners Diploma

HJE's School of Energy Healing offers you the "Master Practitioners Diploma" in vibrational energy healing, a comprehensive learning opportunity to expand your skills in natural energy healing enabling you to start or expand your current energy healing practice or to enhance your personal development and inner transformation. See the Master Practitioners Diploma Curriculum here.

Our integrated approach to natural and energy healing employs a unique multidisciplinary approach to wellness that blends the wisdom of the ancients and gifts from the earth with modern approaches to vibrational energy healing.

Because body, mind and spirit are intertwined; in other words what affects one level affects the other levels it would go without saying that a philosophy that focuses on only one aspect is therefore an incomplete approach.

The “Masters Practitioners Diploma” is a complete study package allowing you to become a Master Practitioner in Vibrational Energy Healing.

It provides you, with a comprehensive toolkit to promote homeostasis; meaning the absence of dis-ease as well as optimal health and a state of vitality by treating individuals holistically on all levels - body, mind and spirit.

HJE's School offers excellence in self improvement training and education in the holistic healing arts by uniting the principles of body, heart, mind and spirit in our curriculum.

At HJE's School of Healing my Mission is to provide you with:

  • Informative, insightful, inspirational Healing Courses
  • Empowerment, Personal Development and Metaphysical eBooks & Courses

HOME STUDY Curriculum:

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  • Study at home at your own convenience
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Learn in your own time
  • All the energy healing courses available for the Diploma are self-paced, identified by topic, easy to follow, certificated and include 100% Backup and Support for Life.
  • All course modules and manuals are clearly explained, highly professional, downloadable in PDF format and fully illustrated in color.
  • You do not have to be online to do the course modules, after download you can stay offline and complete each energy healing course in your own time.
  • A tutor will be available via email to answer any questions you may have.
  • You will receive your individual certificates in "High Quality Print PDF format" on completion of each course (no time limit) with a beautiful full color Diploma (in High Quality Print PDF format), suitable for framing on completion of the whole curriculum.
  • On completion you will also receive online support and assistance when required.

All courses included in the "Master Practitioners Diploma" can also be purchased and done individually.

You however save more than 50% when doing the Diploma

A personal message from Elmarie

Elmarie Swartz

I so look forward to having you join me as I personally guide you on your journey.

"First Class Education Especially for You!"

HJE School has produced 1st class downloadable Energy Healing Home Study Courses of the highest standard, online, uniting the principles of body, heart, mind and spirit in our curriculum making it quick and easy for YOU to LEARN HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF and OTHERS ... simply, affordably and effectively!!

The courses are created to enable you, whether you are a beginner or an experienced energy healer to have access to training that would ensure your most excellent standard.

You have a magnificent self-healing body - you have it all. Your body knows how to heal itself - it is trying to do so now. Give your body the proper care it needs - allow your body to completely heal itself, and it will. ~David Klein, Ph.D.~


I look forward to your success so that on your graduation of this Masters Practitioners Diploma I will be able to hand over your diploma from HJE School of Energy Healing.

Energy Healing with Elmarie

What others had to say...

I am enjoying the Master Practitioner Diploma very much. David Sidgwick, from Hugs Across the Cosmos recommended your diploma to me and I am grateful he did. Please find attached the assignment for the Self Healing Crystal Course. Thank you, Blessings to you - Sharyn Paul, Australia

The Diploma Includes the Following Courses:

1. Own your Health

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As you go through the "Own Your Life" Course you will learn and understand:

  • The importance of energy;
  • What healing entails;
  • The Mind and Body connection;
  • How to do simple meditation and visualization;
  • The importance of grounding in healing;
  • How to heal with the Power of Intent;
  • How to clear your healing space of negative enegy;
  • The effects of negative energy on your body and how to heal it;
  • The effects of negative emotions on your health;
  • How your thoughts influence your health, how to heal and what to do about it;
  • The influence and power of the spoken word.

2. Energy Body Course

As you go through the "Energy Body" Course you will learn about:

  • Energy and the importance of energy for your health;
  • Understanding the Aura;
  • Your Nadi's including the Sushumna, Ida and Pingala Nadi;
  • The Meridian Cycle;
  • The 12 Major Meridians;
  • The Endocrine System;
  • Body Wisdom.

3. Human Aura Course

As you go through the "Aura Course" you will learn and understand how:

  • your clothes,
  • your eating habits,
  • your environment,
  • and the people around you

... influence your health and well-being.

After completing this excellent home study course you will know that you CAN:

  • heal dis-ease at the it's cause,
  • influence your moods,
  • influence your emotions,
  • influence you general health and well-being
  • and protect yourself against outside influences

... by using a few simple and effective techniques.

4. Chakra Course

As you go through the "Chakra Course" you will learn and understand more about:

  • The body's relationship with the Universal Life Force;
  • Understanding and experiencing the reality of chakras rather than just reading or hearing about them;
  • The importance of your chakras to your physical and spiritual wellbeing;
  • How to locate and how to un-block your chakras;
  • The importance of your chakras being in balance;
  • How to recognise when a chakra is out of balance;
  • How to recognise an underactive chakra;
  • How to recognise an overactive chakra;
  • The relationship between chakras and colour.
  • How to increase the flow of life-force through your chakras;
  • How to use visualization, affirmation, color and sound, music and breathing to help you attune more deeply into your chakras;
  • How to affect the movements of life-force in order to clear and purify your chakras.

5. In Balance - Chakra Balancing Course

As you go through this excellent "Chakra Balancing & Healing Course" you will learn:

  • All about the Chakra Demons and their effects;
  • How to know when a specific Chakra needs balancing;
  • How color affects your chakras
  • Which energies adversely affect your chakras;
  • How crystals influence your chakras;
  • Using a pendulum for chakra balancing and healing;
  • Using Crystal Wands for chakra balancing and healing;
  • Using Crystal Grids for chakra balancing and healing and much more.

6. Colour Course

In this "Color Energy Healing Course" you will learn about :

  • The Chemistry of Color
    • Primary
    • Secondary
    • Tertiary and Complementary Colors
  • The effects of color in Physiology
  • The effects of color on our Psychology
  • Understanding yourself with color
  • Color and your Aura, Chakras and Senses
  • Various Energy Healing strategis with color and much much more...

7. Know and Heal Yourself - Crystal Self-Healing Course

This home study "Crystal Energy Healing Course" has been carefully refined over time to ensure that when you complete this course you will achieve your goals and become the master of the following skills:

  • To Choose, cleanse, dedicate, activate and program your Crystals for self-healing.
  • The Building of a "Basic Crystal Healing Kit" including the healing properties of these Crystals.
  • To Balance and harmonize the body.
  • To Balance and calm the body in times of stress.
  • To Balance the Chakras.
  • To Re-align the vibrational energy system.
  • To Re-energize the body.
  • To Channel pure energy into the vibrational energy system.
  • To Release impending blockages, refining the flow of energy.

8. Power of Quartz - A Course in Crystal Healing

This home study "Crystal Healing Course" will enhance your abilities to work with the crystals. You will be the master of the fine art of:

  • Advanced -
    • Crystal Care;
    • Dedication;
    • Activation;
    • And programming.
  • Vibrational healing and the healing / curing dichotomy.
  • How to find your Power Hand and your Energy Dominant Hand.
  • Understanding the Language of the Body, including:
    • Body wisdom;
    • Aura;
    • Chakras;
    • Meridians;
    • Accupressure points and the nadis.
  • Advanced Crystal Healing Techniques, Layouts and Methods eg.
    • AO Circuit;
    • Thumb Technique;
    • Running Energy and many more.

9. Way of the Archangels

As we work through each of the Archangels, listed below:

  • Archangel Zadkiel – PURIFICATION & BENEVOLENCE )
  • Archangel Uriel - PEACE
  • Archangel Chamuel – LOVE
  • Archangel Michael – PROTECTION & TRUTH
  • Archangel Raphael – HEALING & HARMONY
  • Archangel Jophiel – WISDOM, ILLUMINATION & BEAUTY
  • List of Angel & Archangels
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With each Archangel, I will teach you how to:

  • Work with the Archangel
  • Heal with the Archangel
  • The ideal Invocations for the Archangel
  • A Letter to the Archangel
  • Archangel Invocations, Prayers & Meditation

PLUS Reiki...

10. Reiki Level 1 - see curriculum

11. Reiki Level 2 - see curriculum

12. Reiki Level 3 - see curriculum

You save more than 50% by doing the "Master Practitioners Diploma" as opposed to the individual courses and it is available as an immediate download.

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