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I have created this series of Crystal Healing eBooks for those of you that are not ready to do the complete Crystal Courses or that only want to deal with one section at a time.

All HJE's Crystal Healing eBooks are highly professional, downloadable in PDF format and fully illustrated in color.

Purchase, download and start your book immediately, don't wait weeks for a book to be delivered.

Crystal Healing is an alternative or complementary energy healing medicine technique or modality that employs crystals as healing tools.

These healing stones supply and enhance energy, they have no ill or side effects and they give the cells the necessary energy, which is vital for repairing and maintaining health of an individual.

Crystal Care eBook

Crystal Care - In my eBook "Crystal Care" I deal with everything you need to know to care for your healing crystals.

Caring for your crystals is as important as caring for any living creature, they have an energy field, and by taking care of your healing crystals you can assure that the energy is and remains pure and unobstructed.

Crystal Care e Book

You will learn how to handle and take care of your healing crystals starting with clearing, cleansing, dedicating and attuning to the Life Force Energy of the crystals.

You will then move on to programming, activating and charging them.

Crystal Guide eBook

Crystal Guide - Explore the healing properties of the "A-Z" crystals in my ebook "Crystal Guide".

You will notice that the healing properties and powers of crystals attribute so many virtues to each stone that one might be inclined to think that any crystal can cure any disease.

Crystal Guide e Book

After deep study, comparisons and my own experience in crystal healing it would appear that in many cases of duplicated healing properties; either the color or the composition of the stone has indicated its appropriateness for a specific disease.

Using Crystals eBook

Using Crystals - The suggestions I have made in this ebook "Using Crystals" as far as Physical, Emotional or Spiritual Issues are concerned... are not in any way intended to imply that they can replace established medical treatment nor should they be used in such a manner...

...however crystals are one of the most beautiful, mystical and profound "energy medicine" tools available.

Using Crystals eBook

The magical mystery of the healing gemstones will reveal itself to you the more you use them.

Your intuition will guide you to select from the different energies within the different healing gemstones and make the correct choices, just as the correct stone will present itself to you at the correct moment.

Crystal Healing eBook

Crystal Healing - It is a fact that any disharmony collected from your auric fields will be trapped and retained in your etheric body or field.

This is the first layer of your aura and contains the energies that's released through and into your chakras.

Using Crystals eBook

In this ebook "Crystal Healing" you will however learn some unique crystal healing techniques, lay-outs and methods to re-align and balance your body's energy fields, to open your chakras to promote the overall feeling of well-being.

By using the gentle and soothing healing stones, you are able to treat your whole body holistically - body, mind, emotions and spirit - enabling you to live your best life.

Crystal Grid eBook

Crystal Grids - In the ebook "Crystal Grids" you will learn that a crystal grid can sometimes be more powerful than using a single crystal.

A Crystal Grid is a way to arrange and link crystals in a geometric pattern to create a field of energy.

In other words it is a formation of lay-lines creating a very strong vortex of Life Force Energy.

Crystal Grid eBook

This energy can then be applied for purposes such as protection, manifestation, to support the healing of a person or situation into the past, present or future.

Correctly done they will significantly boost the energies of the crystals making manifesting and healing just that much easier.

Crystal Gem Elixirs eBook

Crystal Gem Elixirs - Water by its very nature being fluid can mutate and will take on and hold the energy signature of a crystal.

In this ebook "Gem Elixirs" I show you how to create healing Gem Elixirs by either direct or indirect method depending on the toxicity of the gemstone.

Crystal Grid eBook

This energized water, crystal essence or gem elixir, is a very easy way to quickly absorb the healing energy of crystals.

Drinking this fluid enables the bodies' subtle energy system to very easily balance itself to the healing frequency of the crystal from which the crystal essence or gem elixir was made.

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