"Creating And Building A Crystal Grid"

An important aspect of building a crystal grid is to have fun with it and be creative. You can't really make a mistake. You can build your grid on a tray or movable surface, or place it on a spot where you know it will not be disturbed.

Building a gemstone grid can help to support any goal, intention or desire you may have, the combinations are endless, depending only on your purpose for the grid, so your first step is deciding,

What the Grid is for?

Since it will amplify your feelings, thoughts, and intentions, its crucial you have a very clear focus or intention. If you have any fears, doubts, guilt, or other emotions that could potentially disrupt your desired outcome, just call upon Archangel Jophiel to help you attain a positive outlook.

Crystal grids their construction, dedication and uses is an integral part of my training and is especially powerful when used with the quartz family of crystals.


  1. Your Intention

Your first step would be to decide what you want the Crystal grid to empower.

Next you will need a representation of that goal, person or situation that you want to direct the energy towards. If it's a goal or situation, then write it down, in the present tense and positively, on a piece of paper. If it's for a person, a picture works well with a positive affirmation written in the present moment on the back of the picture.

I would also suggest that you add to your written affirmation or goal the following or a similar statement ~ for the highest and greatest good of all ~

  1. Your Requirements

To create your Crystal grid you will need:

  1. Eight crystals.

I find that using Clear Quartz crystal points (single or double) works exceptionally well in most situations. If you feel the need to choose different crystals, make sure that you choose seven of the same kind and of even sizes and one Clear Quartz point.

Choose your crystals with care and sensitivity keeping their intended purpose in mind, allow your intuition to guide you.

Cleanse your crystals before use them on your Crystal grid.

  1. Attune your crystals to the creative energies of the earth, sun and moon.

This can be done by placing them part way in the earth, the tips pointing up if using Clear Quartz points, during the three days of the full moon.

Make sure that the light of the sun and moon will shine on them. Set your intention that the creative forces of the earth, sun and moon will assist you in your highest spiritual purpose.

  1. Choose a space for your Crystal Grid.

I recommend that you use a space that you will have easy access to but where the crystal grid will not be moved or disturbed. You could use an altar or a sacred place in your home on a desk top or shelf. Cleanse and clear the space using the principals of space clearing.

  1. Select your master charging crystal for your Crystal Grid.

If you have chosen Clear Quartz points, select the Clear Quartz point that feel to have the strongest energy.

On the other hand if you have chosen different crystals a Clear Quartz point should be your master charging crystal (Centre of the Grid).

  1. Program the crystals.

Crystals can receive and hold thought forms and projecting these thought forms into the crystal consciously, is called programming.

The term "programming" is used since this process is similar to computer programming because the information or commands are stored in the molecular structure of the quartz crystal as magnetic charged data. Thought forms are pictures and/or other sensory data that is powered or intensified by emotion.

Programming - Method 1

  • Think of the end result you will have if the program worked.
  • Sit quietly in a relaxed and alert state.
  • Watch your breath flow slowly in and out, lose your eyes and allow your body to relax even more.
  • Feel peace flow in with each breath and negativity leave you with the out breath.
  • Peace becomes part of your very being as your mind becomes quiet.
  • Hold the crystal in your dominant hand and place your other hand over the crystal asking that the crystal may only be used in a good and positive way.
  • Touch the crystal to your heart and visualize a pink mist surrounding your crystal, emanating from your heart.
  • Feel this love coming from deep within, as it pours into your crystal.
  • Remain in a relaxed state and hold your crystal in your dominant hand with your other hand covering the crystal.
  • Visualize an energy connection between you and your crystal, (i.e. a white chord of light).
  • Then speak to the crystal aloud or silently.
  • It is always best to use your own words, I would say something like;

"I intend for this crystal to be effective for __________ in light and love for the highest and greatest good of all."

  • Picture in your mind the end result, that which you most want to happen, happening inside your crystal, make the picture as clear as possible using as many of your senses as you can , see it, smell it, touch it, hear it, taste it.
  • Slowly open your eyes.

Programming - Method 2

  • Think of the end result you would have if the program worked.
  • Now place the crystal against your brow. (the direction the crystal is pointing makes no difference)
  • Relax; sit quietly in an alert state. Close your eyes and go inside your crystal.
  • Picture in your mind the end result, that which you most want to happen, happening inside your crystal, make the picture as clear as possible using as many of your senses as you can, see it, smell it, touch it, hear it, taste it.
  • When it feels real, come out of your crystal and open your eyes.

"Laying Out The Grid"

  1. Place the representation of the goal on the surface where the grid will be built, trust your intuition, place this representation wherever it feels right to you.
  2. Refer to the Diagram 1 and place seven of the crystals as follows:

When using Clear Quartz single terminated points, points face to the middle. See diagram below.

1st crystal on the red X top left.
2nd crystal on the green X top right.
3rd crystal on the blue X middle right.
4th crystal on the orange X bottom right.
5th crystal on the pink X bottom left.
6th crystal on the brown X middle left.
7th crystal on the black X in the middle with point facing the first placed crystal on the red X.

After the crystals are in position, do not move them as this will weaken their energy connection.

Diagram 1 (go here to print out this diagram)

Crystal Grid
  1. Charge your master crystal. Place your Clear Quartz point in the midday sunlight amongst greenery for about 2 hours. (This can be done wile you make all the above preparations)

All crystals are now in position, your representation of what you want to energize and empower is in place and you have you master crystal charged.

N.B. - Keeping your intention for your Crystal Grid in mind, ask your highest guides as well as the angels and archangels to work with you in charging your Crystal Grid.

  1. Place your master crystal in your right hand and with the crystal point facing down, above the grid, imagine energy pouring from the master crystal and charging your Crystal grid.
  2. Refer to Diagram 2 below and charge your Crystal Grid as follows:

Starting at nr.1 in the Centre

From nr. 1 Centre go to Top Left to nr 2 Red
From nr. 2 Straight across Right to nr 3 Blue
From nr. 3 Down to the Centre to nr 4 Red
From nr. 4 Up to the Top Right to nr 5 Blue
From nr. 5 Down to Middle Right to nr.6 Red
From nr. 6 Left to the Centre to nr.7 Blue
From nr.7 Centre Right to Middle to nr.8 Red
From nr. 8 Down to Bottom Right to nr.9 Blue
From nr. 9 Up to the Centre to nr.10 Red
From nr. 10 Down to Bottom Right to nr.11 Blue
From nr. 11 Straight across Left to nr.12 Red
From nr. 12 Up to the Centre to nr.13 Blue
From nr. 13 Down Left to nr.14 Red
From nr. 14 Up to the Middle Left to nr.15 Blue
From nr. 15 Right to the Centre to nr.16 Red
From nr. 16 Left to Middle to nr.17 Blue
From nr. 17 Go Up to nr.18 Red

As you do this, repeat an affirmation/mantra of power, such as:

"I empower this grid with light, with light, with light, to heal, to heal, to heal.

I empower this grid with love, with love, with love and wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, to heal, to heal, to heal.

I call on my highest spiritual guides now to attune this grid of light, light, light, to heal, to heal, to heal, with love, with love, with love."

Again feel free to use your creative intuition to create empowering affirmations or mantras that feel right for you.

Diagram 2 (go here to print this diagram)

Crystal Grid


Cleansing your crystal before you use them for your crystal grid is very importanr

  • When you have completed one full circle (1-18), repeat 2 more times around the grid.
  • Tap the centre crystal and spiral up into the air with your master crystal and then spiral back down to the crystals (not touching them) while having the intent of the Crystal grid in your mind especially during the spirals.

You are now done; this Crystal grid will run continuously until interrupted or until its purpose is fulfilled.

If you need to move the grid for any reason you will have to start at the beginning again.

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