"Space Clearing With Loose Gemstones"

Most experts agree that using loose gemstones for space clearing (a technique that cleanses and uplifts energy) will improve the quality of your life.

Cleansing your personal, living or working environment of the negative energies that are responsible for many of the difficulties you experience from day to day is highly beneficial.

You benefit by changing everything from negative to positve to create the life you want.

Clearing your sacred space, personal or environmental, of any negative energy with crystals can be easily achieved, so why allow uncleared space to affect your health?

For your life to work well, it is vital to have a good flow of clear, vibrant energy in your home, your workplace and energy body.

When there is a lot of negativity present in your energy body or your personal and environmental space feeling good and healthy is close to impossible because energy affects you whether it's negative or positive.

I spend a lot of time teaching my students to make sure their energy bodies as well as their personal space is cleared before attempting any healing or manifestation work.

You can easily learn why using crystals is such a powerful and excellent way to clear your aura, your chakras as well as your home, office, car or any other space in need of positive transformation.

"Crystals Alter Your Health, Emotions, Moods & Space"

The healing energies of crystals and loose gemstones can play a vital role in directing energy for healing, manifestation and clearing space.

Take a moment to think of how an environment can affect your health, influence your emotions and alter your mood!

Sometimes a house or apartment that you are moving into has everything you want, but just doesn't "feel" right.

It could very well be that the previous tenants have left the space you chose for your home charged with some type of negative emotional energy.

To clear the space of this negative energy, I suggest that before you move in and while the space is still empty:

  • you put a bowl of rock salt in the centre of the largest or most central room,
  • you put loose gemstones or a healing crystal on top of the rock salt,
  • you put loose gemstones or a healing crystal in each corner of the room.

The crystal in the bowl can be different from the crystals in the four corners of the room, but the four corner crystals should always be of the same type.

You can also put a statement of intention and blessing for your home, in written form, at the bottom of the bowl, under the rock salt. If you have already moved in, it might just take a tad longer for the energies to dissipate.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most effective loose gemstones you can use for space clearing.

Not only does rose quartz clear space but it also invites in love and peace.

It is a good all-purpose stones for the home, and especially good in the bedroom because of its association with love.

Always trust your intuition and pick pieces that look or feel "right" to you.

They don't have to be large, or perfectly formed to work.

During your space clearing ritual you should leave the rock salt and crystals in place for at least 24 hours. After that, you can pick up the rock salt and discard it, make sure to completely remove it from your home.


Keep in mind that every so often the corner crystals should be placed in direct sunlight for at least 4 hours to cleanse and re-activate them.

You must cleanse the crystal that was in the centre, on top of the rock salt, thoroughly before using it again.

You can leave the corner crystals in place to "anchor" the positive energy.

If the negative energy does not seem to dissipate sufficiently after 24 hours, you can try other crystals and loose gemstones.

"Alternative Crystals For You To Use"

  • Amethyst ~ effective if the previous tenant had anxiety or depression.
Smoky Quartz
  • Smokey quartz ~ provides strong cleansing and grounding qualities.

Do you have some negative energy in your life that's keeping you from being focused and getting things done? Try carrying or wearing a piece of smoky quartz.

The following crystals are also especially effective for space clearing if there were arguments in the room.

  • Herkimer diamonds ~ another form of quartz, best if the previous tenants had a lot of unspoken tension.
  • Peridot ~ effective when someone in the household was critical of other people.

It is of utmost importance that you not use any calcite stones for space clearing.

Calcite stones are energy amplifiers and they will therefore amplify, instead of dissipate, the negative energy you are trying to get rid of in your home.


If the home you are moving into seems very, very dark, almost to the point of feeling "evil", I would recommend loose gemstones in particular Zeolite crystals, for inviting in spiritual light to drive out spiritual darkness.

You can combine them with other crystals, such as Rose Quartz to bring in love, use both at the same time.

Home or office crystal grids are also most effective. REMEMBER as always to trust your intuition.

By using and maintaining these easy space clearing techniques with loose gemstones, the energy in your environment will improve which in turn will affect your mood and outlook on life enabling all things in your life to flow better.

Crystals and loose gemstones will absorb negativity transmuting it into positive energy and will assist you to have a positive new way of doing and being.

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