"Have Fun Decorating With Crystals & Benefit"

Fun Time!

Interior Decorating with crystals is fun and with a little imaginative abandon you will enhance the beauty of the sacred space that is your home or office.

Think about this when you use crystals to decorate...

You are using something that is astonishingly beautiful ... and ... that at the same time will also have the most amazing benefits for you as far as your health, your physical and emotional well-being and your growth as a person is concerned.


This excites me so much I even released a book about it.

"Surround Yourself With Powerful Energy"

Jade Dragon

I am prepared to bet that you enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things especially in your home which is what makes decorating with crystals so perfect?

Your home is...

  • sacred space,
  • where your heart is,
  • your sanctuary, where you take refuge after a long hard day,
  • your personal space,
  • the safe haven where you can nurture yourself and your family.

We decorate our homes with lots of different thing like art and flowers, plants and all sorts of bits and pieces that are important to us.

Why not add to the experience and have some fun with crystals when planning your decorating?

Lets Have Fun!

When it comes to interior decorating, and this is my opinion, nothing beats decorating with the Healing Energies of Crystals.

Black Obsidian Crystal

~ Black Obsidian is a pure glossy black color, which can appear as very dark brown when strong light is shined on its thin edges ~

Black Obsidian Ball

This is a very strong protection stone that I call it my "atmospheric vacuum cleaner", it cleanses the atmosphere of disharmony, negative energies and thoughts, anger, greed, fear and resentment while at the same time protecting the space from being invaded again.

When decorating with crystals, please consider using objects made from Black Obsidian for your TV room or study?

Heres why...

You might not exactly be a "coach potato" or "computer addict" but I bet that you spend at least some time watching "telly" or "surfing" the net...

Televisions & computers equal electromagnetic fallout... bad news!

Do not despair.. your rock friend the Black Obsidian will help you here by absorbing the electromagnetic emissions from both these appliances and repelling any negativity turning bad news into good news.

You can also place a black obsidian at your front door ... it will stop all negative energies from entering your home and it is quite exquisite as a home decoration piece.

Rose Quartz- "Interior Decorating with PINK"

~ Rose Quartz is pale pink and can vary from clear to opaque stones ~

This is a very gentle, loving and friendly stone. It gives joy and happiness in friendship and love.

You might therefore consider placing a piece next to the obsidian at your front door to "greet" you and your guests on arrival ... we can all do with more joy and happiness in friendship and love!

Rock Salt

~ Rock Salt (kosher salt), is crystalline in nature. It is used by a lot of people to cleanse their crystals, I however prefer not to use it for cleansing my crystals as it can be very harsh on some of the softer varieties ~

Rock Salt is however absolutely fabulous for your kitchen ... not necessarily for cooking only... I like to keep some in my kitchen as a symbol of prosperity and hospitality.

On top of its prosperity and hospitality qualities, rock salt is also excellent for clearing away negative energies in your environment.

As you well know the way to most people's hearts are through their stomachs therefore you would also want to place abundance stones and stones that promote family harmony in the kitchen area like:

  • Amethyst Crystal

~Amethyst imparts peace and tranquillity and "softens" any negative feelings~

  • Citrine Crystal

~ Citrine helps develop prosperity, generosity and creativity ~

  • Malachite Crystals

~ Malachite the "Stone of Loyalty" is reputed to bring prosperity in all areas of life as well as in business and trade, it also helps to "turn things round" when all is not well ~

So when decorating with crystals the above stones along with Rose Quartz are all good considerations for your kitchen area.

"Excited Yet? ... Make Your Bathroom Tranquil, Serene And Relaxing"

Amethyst for Decorating the Bathroom

In home decoration; your bathroom that space where you cleanse your physical body is where you want the experience of tranquility, serenity and stress free energy.

Here I recommend that you place some Rose Quartz and Amethyst, both excellent stone for this area.

Decorating with crystals are real easy and all you need is a bit of imagination... Think about doing a pretty decorative display in the windowsill or on the side of your bath.

Did you know you could also put the amethyst and rose quartz in the bath water with you?

You will feel the stresses melt away and feel completely relaxed.

"And Now For Your Bedroom ... Rest? Sex? Love? ... You Choose"

When you decide doing a bit interior decorating with crystals in your bedroom I would suggest you play around with a few ideas to find out what works for you.

What is it you want from the crystals?

  • Better rest?
  • More and better sex?
  • More intimacy or love?

Once you've decided what you want, trust yourself in how you feel when choosing your bedroom stones as certain people are very sensitive to the healing energies of crystals.

A classic crystal placement for the bedroom is to take three singly terminated quartz crystals and place them under the mattress, between the mattress and box springs or base.

One is placed point in at the top centre of the bed the other two are placed point in at each corner of the foot of the bed.

The above crystal layout will put you in a nest of very relaxing and protective energy and enhance any intentions you might have when retiring for bed.

Rose Quartz for Decoration

In addition to the above, you could also place a rough, un-tumbled fairly large Rose Quartz crystal in every corner of your room.

Rose Quartz the "Stone for Universal Love" emits a calming energy, removes negativity, opens the heart and teaches tenderness boosting all forms of love in the process.

When doing interior decorating with crystals, I would also suggest using Rose Quartz together with a piece of Amethyst for your children's bedrooms. This helps with sleep (insomnia) and nightmares by soothing and calming the childs mind.

AND... It looks beautiful too!

"And You Get An Extra Bonus From Decorating With Crystals"

Not only are crystals great for interior decorating but they have the added advantage of working when space clearing of your environment is required.

All in all you can have a lot of fun in your home decorating with crystals and as an extra bonus, have the added benefits of all the crystals healing energies.

It is my hope that you will begin your own personal "dance" with crystal energy and that you will experience the amazing world of crystals and be inspired to bring crystalline frequency to your life.

Take Note when Decorating With Crystals

TAKE NOTE: As crystals tend to absorb the energies in their surroundings it is always advisable to cleanse them every now and again to ensure that their energies are in harmony with you and your space.

By now you must be very excited to learn all about incorporating the powerful healing energies of crystals into your life, you can do it, it is so simple and easy!

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