Visualizing and Meditating with Color

Visualizing and meditating with color are powerful healing tools if used regularly, healing this way can be very potent because as we experience different color vibrations they in turn affect our energy bodies.

To explain this further... each color of the light spectrum has it's own unique vibration with specific healing characteristics and those vibrations interact with and affect our personal vibrations (color is light, light is vibration and we are made up of vibrations).

An imbalance in our personal vibration is the major culprit behind various disorders ranging from high blood pressure to skin disorders as well as psychological problems.

Color can therefore have a profound effect on your mood, vitality and well-being!

Time Well Spent

It takes a bit of time to get into visualizing and meditating with color but if you are willing to spend the time you will benefit greatly.

I suggest that you start with the colors displayed through flowers or minerals finding either or both in the color you need.

These colors are living and vibrant and have a great healing capacity. Yellow and reds are stimulating; blues and greens are calming. I also recommend that you choose the same time each day to practice visualizing or meditating with color because this creates a good habit that is easy to follow.

When you're visualizing and meditating, do not be concerned about doing things correctly. There is neither right nor wrong in visualizing and meditating with color: only what benefits you. Follow your feelings, if it feels good or seems right, go with it and if it makes you uncomfortable, then change.

Visualizing with Color

The following is an example of a color visualization when visualizing or meditating with color that you might like to work with.

Visualizing with Color
  • For this a red tulip or rose is needed.
  • Place this in a vase where you can see it comfortably.
  • Look at its shape and color and then, when you feel ready, close your eyes and visualize the head of the tulip or rose increasing in size until it is large enough for you to walk inside and sit or lie at its centre.
  • When you are comfortably positioned inside the tulip or rose, imagine the sun shining through its petals, creating shafts of soft red light which bathe you from head to foot.
  • Try to feel the effect that this has upon you physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • After approximately 15 minutes, walk out of the tulip or rose on to one of its green leaves.
  • Pause here for a moment to absorb this complementary color through your feet, before walking down the tulip's leaf or the roses stem back to where you are sitting.
  • Visualize the tulip or rose returning to its normal size before gently opening your eyes.

When visualizing and meditating, work with a different flower or mineral regularly.

Meditating with Color

When visualizing or meditating with color it is important to find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

The ideal time is early morning after a good night's sleep which will eliminate the temptation to fall asleep.

When visualizing and meditating, the sitting position adopted should be one that is comfortable and allows the spine to be straight. If you choose to sit on a chair, make sure that both feet are placed on the floor with your hands, palms downwards, on your knees.

Color Visualization with Crystals
  • When visualizing and meditating with color. Close your eyes and start your meditation with a few minutes of rhythmic breathing. This helps to quieten the mind and relax the body. When your mind has become quiet and your body relaxed, imagine that you are sitting in front of a giant quartz crystal.
  • Standing up, walk round the crystal to find the entrance to its inner chamber.
  • When you have located this door, open it and walk through into a room constructed from crystal.
  • On the floor lies a deep indigo thick-piled carpet upon which are scattered indigo and white cushions.
  • Hanging from the ceiling are spirals of indigo glass balls which fill the room with wide shafts light.
  • Walk around this room to see what else there is to discover before taking some of the cushions to place under your head and beneath your knees.
  • When you are lying comfortably with your cushions in position, take note of your body bathed in the indigo light flooding the room.
  • If you listen carefully you will hear gentle tones being sounded by the crystal.
  • Become aware of your physical body and experience how this color induces a wonderful state of peace and relaxation in your body and mind and how it creates space for you to be yourself.
  • When you feel refreshed and re-energized, stand up and walk out through the door of the crystal.
  • At the end of your meditation it is important to close down the major chakras. These are your doors to higher consciousness which open during meditation.
  • Close them down by visualizing each chakra as an open flower and starting with the crown chakra, visualize each flower closing back to a bud.
  • Start to become conscious of your physical body sitting on the chair.
  • Now open your eyes revitalized and energized for the day that lies before you.

Experiment with the above meditation using different colors in the crystal room.

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