Color and Clothes

Color & Clothes

For most of us, our awareness of colour begins and ends with our clothes (and for some of us, our make-up).

However color contributes a lot to the healing process and often what you choose to wear depicts how you feel.

When you feel down there is a tendency to wear dull and dowdy colour's. It is at times like these that you can introduce colors that will lift your spirits and make you feel better; it will also help to change the situation you find yourself in.

Do not wear purple or violet if you feel depressed for it will make you more depressed. You would need green or pink to lift you and help you to feel better.

Feelings Inspired by the Color of Your Clothing

When choosing clothes try not to follow fashion just because it is the "in" color, rather for your own health and well being find the colors that suit you (the ones you feel happiest in are those that you already have in your aura) and make you feel good and wear them. See Defining your Coloring.

If you are drawn to yellow, you more than likely feel good about yourself, for yellow is to do with identity and ego.

Quite a lot of successful businessmen and women are drawn to this color - they have strong personalities and make their presence felt. It is important to choose the correct color for the correct occasion.

Those of you who are drawn to and wear a lot of blue, please do wear other colors as well.

Wearing Warm Colors will Earth and Ground You

There might also be certain colors that you do not like, however these are more than likely the ones you need most for your well being and it will, over a period of time, change your attitudes and feelings. It is important to choose the correct color for the correct occasion.

You might not like green but take into account that green has many different shades and tints, and it is one of the few rays where the darker shades can give you more energy in the way of strength.

However, when your mind is overactive, I suggest that you get yourself a scarf with apple green in it, use silk or cotton for it must be natural fibre to be most effective. Place this scarf on the back of your chair and then put your head back; you will find it soothing and calming.

In all cases it is advisable to wear natural fibres because they allow the body to breathe. This not only refers to the exchange of air, but also to the exchange of the finer color energies in and out of the body.

As far as your make-up or lack thereof is concerned, certain cosmetic psychologists claim that a woman can feel better about herself by adding particular colors to her face, and so begin a cycle of well being.

Using cosmetic colors can appear to alter the dimensions of your face by changing the color of your hair, skin, lips and eye make-up.

Real confidence, of course, springs from within and a naturally glowing face is the result of good health and diet, as well as happiness and wellbeing - the inner harmony on which color practitioners work.

Defining your Colouring


Definining your Coloring
  • Green eyes, copper-bronze complexion and brown hair with red or golden highlights.
  • Teal-blue eyes, peach complexion and dark auburn hair.
  • Topaz-colored eyes, copper complexion and auburn hair.
  • Amber-colored eyes, freckled complexion and carrot-red hair.

Your complementary colors are the warm earth tones of terra-cotta, amber, russet, bronze, olive and forest-green, and softened with cream and ivory.


Pale Blondes

  • Green-blue eyes, pale skin, flaxen blonde hair.
  • Teal-blue eyes, pinky complexion, darkening blonde hair.
  • Light blue eyes, ruddy complexion and brown-blonde hair.

Your complementary colors are soft and subtle like mushroom, pink, camel, sand, apricot, mauve and blue as well as dark colour's such as burgundy, imperial purple and junior navy blue.

Golden Blondes

  • Blue-green eyes, peach complexion and strawberry-blonde hair.
  • Turquoise-blue eyes, creamy complexion and golden hair.
  • Hazel eyes, golden complexion and dark blonde hair.

Your complementary colors are soft but rich like coral-pink, peach, beige, mid-purples, blues, yellows and chocolate-brown.


Blue Eyes

Light-Skinned Brunettes

  • Blue eyes, pink complexion and brown-black hair.
  • Hazel eyes, whitish complexion and jet-black hair.
  • Grey-blue eyes, beige complexion and silver-grey hair.
  • Brown eyes, light olive complexion and medium-brown hair.

Your complementary colors are rich and vibrant like bright red, orange, pink, purple, green and silver. White looks crisp and fresh on you.

Dark-Skinned Brunettes

  • Dark brown eyes, brown complexion and black hair.
  • Brown eyes, golden-brown complexion and brownish-black hair.
  • Grey eyes, light brown complexion and dark brown hair.
  • Dark hazel eyes, mahogany complexion and brown hair.

Your complementary colour's are the rich and vibrant shades of cobalt-blue, red, pink and lavender as well as the soft, subtle shades of lemon-yellow and pale blue.

Learning to make color choices a part of your life is a valuable skill, the right choices can affect you and those around you helping you achieve for your highest good.

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