Food and Color

Just as we are affected by the colors we wear or surround ourselves with, so too are we affected by the energy of the food we eat.

Foods color vibration not only appears to relate to various parts of the body but to the chakras as well.

In other words, when we ingest the appropriate color vibrations of food, it serves to maintain health, to activate and heal, and to balance the chakras.

Eating - A Colorful and Sensuous Experience

The physical colour of food is a natural guide to the nutrients that it contains.

You can identify most foods by the color of their skin. However, there are some foods that have two or three color vibrations due to their reaction to cooking or preparation.

You are the Color You Eat

For example, plums have a red and yellow vibration but when dried into prunes they gain a purple vibration.

Therefore prunes can be used to balance the third eye chakra and crown chakra and it can have a positive effect on the solar plexus area of the body, which relates to the elimination of body wastes.

A fig has both a yellow and purple vibration.

The humble potato has a white and blue vibration. The white and brown vibration of mushrooms are good for balancing and grounding one's energy.

More often than not, the more colorful the ingredients of a meal, the greater the nutritional value.

Therefore it would be beneficial to you if you developed "Rainbow" eating which is very simple when you follow a few simple rules.

When you prepare a meal, note the ingredients and if necessary add more colors.

Red meat can be included in the red color range of food and fish in general in the white and blue range, salmon in the red and blue range if you are not a vegetarian.

What the Scientists have to Say

According to Dr Bernard Jenson, an internationally acclaimed nutritionist, author and lecturer, whereas a vegetarian diet is healthy, it doesn't usually work for people in demanding, stressful jobs, that could include every busy housewife and mother as well as those who commute to work in hectic cities.

You can also have this knowledge as a part of your day to day living, just imagine how you can affect yourself and those around you by simply making the right color choices.

The Red Ray

The Red Ray

A natural bright red color in foods is a good indicator that the anti-oxidants beta-carotene and lycopene which play an important role in neutralising free radicals and protect you against cancer is present, as well as vitamin C.

Red meats and liver is a source of iron and other trace minerals such as magnesium and copper as well as the vitamins E and K.

Red foods help you to shed weight and are active in drawing toxins from the cells. If you are subject to frequent colds and flu or you feel tired and depleted, they will boost your resilience.

Red Meats: Beef, lamb, liver, etc.

Red Vegetables: Beetroot tops and roots; radishes; red peppers; red chillies; kidney beans; red cabbage; red onion; tomatoes.

Red Fruits: Strawberries; raspberries; cherries; rhubarb; blackberries; blackcurrants; red skinned apples.

Red Spices: Cayenne pepper; ginger; cinnamon - recipes.

Orange Ray

The Orange Ray

The vitality of the orange ray is reflected in the vitamin C rich oranges. All orange fruit and vegetables are rich in beta-carotene and other anti-oxidants. Egg yolk is a rich source of minerals and vitamin D. These foods help to keep the body fluid and dynamic.

Orange Vegetables: Carrots; orange peppers; squash; sweet potatoes; pumpkin.

Orange Fruits: Oranges; satsumas (a citrus fruit); peaches; cantaloupe; melons; mangoes; guavas; apricots.

Orange Spices: Ginger; turmeric; cumin - recipes.

The Yellow Ray

The Yellow Ray

Yellow foods play a vital role in the energy system of the body. All yellow fruits and vegetables are rich in vitalising, anti-oxidising sun energy. Yellow citrus fruits are high in vitamin C. Both grapefruit and lemon juice support the liver in ridding itself of toxins or an overload of hormones. They are also both very useful for morning sickness.

The yellow category includes nuts and seeds which are rich in vitamins B and E as well as iron, magnesium and zinc. Butter provides vitamin D and E. Many beads, pastas and rice coloured with saffron can be included here.

Yellow Vegetables: Yellow peppers; yellow courgettes; yellow tomatoes; sweet corn; golden corn; parsnips; swedes; turnips; yams; marrow.

Yellow Fruits: Grapefruit; lemons; honeydew melons; bananas; pineapples; apples; pears; star fruits - recipes.

Yellow Spice: Saffron.

The Green Ray

The Green Ray

Green foods are the most vital of all we eat. These foods are supportive and cleansing. They help to reverse the activity of cells in chaos.

Green leaves withdraw toxins from the cells and help to purify the blood. These leafy green vegetables are particularly rich in vitamins B, C and K as well as iron. The darker the leaf, the greater the nutritional value.

Green Vegetables: Cabbage; broccoli; courgettes; beans; peas; green peppers; asparagus; artichokes; green lentils; olives; avocado; cucumber; lettuce; the fresher the better.

Green Fruits: Kiwis; green skinned apples; pears; limes; green grapes.

Green Herbs: Parsley; basil; tarragon; oregano; mint; coriander (fresh green) - recipes.

The Blue Ray

The Blue Ray

The blue foods that nature provide are limited as it has stronger associations with the mind rather than the body.

Green food blend well with blue food making a peaceful and appetising meal. Blue foods should be consumed in the evenings as a light meal.

Blue Vegetables: Most seaweed contain blue energy and is rich in minerals, asparagus.

Blue Fruits: Plums; blueberries; bilberries, boysenberries.

Blue Herbs: Blue sage, marjoram, valerian - recipes.

The Violet Ray

The Violet Ray

As a colour violet relates to the crown chakra and the pineal gland. It can play a significant part in healing any mental disorders and imbalances in the nervous system.

Violet Vegetables: Aubergines (egg plant); purple broccoli; beetroot tops; purple cabbage; red onions; purple sprouting; globe artichokes.

Violet Fruits: Purple grapes; blackberries; plums.

Violet Herbs: Lavender; sage; thyme - recipes.

Green, brown, and red are the most popular food colors.

Red is often used in restaurant decorating schemes because it is an appetite stimulant. Even though blue is one of the most popular colors it is one of the least appetizing colors. Blue food is rare in nature.

Researchers say that when humans searched for food, they learned to avoid poisonous or spoiled substances, which were often blue, black, or purple. Researchers also did an experiment where food was dyed blue and served to study subjects, they lost their appetite.

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