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One of the most significant differences between complimentary and conventional medicine lies in their approach to the definition and treatment of dis-ease and whereas complimentary medicine has a holistic approach and treats the whole person on all levels of their being, body, mind and spirit, conventional medicine is still very much diagnosis led and driven, mostly treating symptoms and not cause.

Practitioners of Complimentary Medicine see illness or dis-ease as an imbalance and disturbance in the physical as well as the mental/emotional well-being of the client and holistic treatment is given to stimulate the body's natural self-healing abilities. The holistic approach can be explained as follows - treatments are planned around the person as a whole, so in addition to physical symptoms, a practitioner will also take the emotional, mental and spiritual health of a person into account.

Even though in theory any complimentary therapy can help with any problem, it is very important to choose a therapy that resonates with you and which you feel comfortable with as your openness and full participation is required since Complimentary Medicine endeavours to trigger your body's natural self-healing abilities. Because of this (Complimentary Medicine endeavours to trigger your body's natural self-healing abilities) you also have the option to study Energy Healing to heal yourself. See Complimentary Healing Directory.

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