Self Empowerment
Easily Manifest your Hearts Desires

You will actually learn how to manifest, how to create "Baby Holograms The intermediate photograph (or photographic record)" that contains information for reproducing a three-dimensional image of your desires out of light and sound and as they are pure energy thus they are realities. Then you will learn how to send these Baby Holograms into the fertile soil of the Universe where they will mature and grow into full-size holograms that will manifest Reveal its presence or make an appearance in reality in your physical reality.

You do create your own reality, it is the universal Law of the Universe "Like Attracts Like" and therefore what you think will manifest into reality. If you have a clear mind and the correct image and intention that is what you will create.

How do I set the correct intention?

You learn how!

Sorry was that kinda harsh. Think about it you have learned everything else you know, either by direct training or by repetitive habit or just through instinct. Now you can learn something you want more than anything, and this book in a few easy steps will teach you how!

How to Manifest your desires!

    I Create Reality
  • Have Financial Abundance - Make Money or Save Money
  • Live Your Dream - Freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it.
  • Be Happy - Have peace of mind, joy.
  • Save Time - Have more real time for life.
  • Develop Talent or Skill - Feel competent in the many areas of your life.
  • Obtain Increased Health - Have more energy, less pain, more vitality.
  • Have Comfort and Leisure and Recreation - Avoid overwork and frenzied lifestyle.
  • Increase Sense of Purpose - Meaningful work, Connection to the Universe
  • Live in a Clean, Beautiful Environment - Have a neat, ordered living space.
  • e Honoured and Respected - Gain praise, popularity and admiration.
  • Gain Control Over Your Life - Be the captain of your ship, guide your life.
  • Feel Good About Yourself - Know who you really are, confident in abilities.
  • Develop Your Full Potential - Grow in knowledge and ability.
  • Enjoy Loving Relationships - Sexual satisfaction, close family and friends.
  • Create Beauty - Be involved in art, crafts, dance, hobbies, etc.
  • Have Hope in the Future - Have a full expectation of desirable things to come.

This book "I Create Reality" will teach you how in a very short time how to crystallize you thoughts, how to create the energy required to quickly bring into your reality your desires, to manifest the abundance that is your right.

You know what, we are so confident, the author is so confident and we want you to be just as confident that we are going to allow you 60 days in which, if after you have tried this simple technique, you are not satisfied then you can return it - no questions asked!

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When Life hands you Lemons - Make Lemonade! Live Your Dream

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