Crystal Self Healing Dissertation - Know & Heal Yourself

by Jeannine Misch

My dissertation is going to be on my experience with attuning to the crystals and how I was able to feel with each crystal that I currently have. I had to order online a few crystals because I am so new to this that I wasn't even able to find a shop around me to purchase my own. I was able to e-mail back and forth to the women who sold them to me and she was able to give me a lot of advice. To start off with I ordered two amethyst. One was a dark purple color that was the shape of a heart. The other is a light color, kind of oval in shape. I wanted the heart one for myself and the other for my daughter. When I received them, I was immediately drawn to the oval crystal and felt nothing for the other one. I cleansed them with the dead sea salt overnight. I had purchased several other crystals too and they were all covered. When I started to uncover them the next morning, the very first one was the oval amethyst.

This is the one I decided to work with first. I took it to my room and started my meditating.
Relaxing every muscle and trying to keep my mind blank although I am very anxious and excited about experiencing all the sensations that I have been reading about.

When I felt ready, I started by asking permission to work with my crystal. The next step I did was to dedicate it in love and light. Always to be used for good. That it will channel the purest and best energies, according to God's will. By doing this it will ensure that your crystal will be protected and used for good.

I was able to visualize light pouring down from my Heavenly Father into my crystal. I have every belief that he is the one that is leading me on this path to healing for all my migraine headaches.
Also a great love for my crystal came over me as I thought of all the family and friends that I will be able to help.

Now I am ready to begin to try to feel something from my crystal that I am hoping will be strong enough that I won't think it is my imagination. I started rubbing my hand very quickly, I would say about thirty seconds. I could feel the palms of my hands heating up very warm. I took the point of the crystal in my right hand and immediately I could feel the vibrations. They were very strong and slowly spread to my left hand and shot out down my left leg and out through my toes. I would say it lasted about four to five minutes. In that time it slowly wore off, I was left with an overwhelming desire to cry with happiness and joy. Almost bubbling out of me. As all of these emotions calmed down, I felt very warm in my chest, almost like a hot flash but not uncomfortable at all and that only lasted a few seconds. The feeling of happiness lasted all day.

For the next few days I tried the same thing with the other crystals that I purchased but some I felt nothing and a few it was mild. I had purchased a rose quartz pet charm and I wanted to program it for my dog Sadie, who had knee surgery and was very anxious. I felt very strong vibrations for this crystal also but not exactly the same. With this one I was left with a feeling of being loved and cared for and wanted. I felt like if you have a very loving orgasm with someone you love very much but not the sex part, just the emotional part. I know that after hanging the crystal on her collar, she is not upset when I need to leave the room.

Thank you, Jeannine Misch

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Nov 04, 2015
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That it will channel the purest and best energies, according to God's will.

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Crystal Self Healing Dissertation - Know & Heal Yourself NEW
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