Base Or Root Chakra - Gateway Of The Earth (First Chakra)

Root or Base Chakra

Your Root Chakra is the foundation of your whole energy system... is the first building block upon which all your other chakras must rest.

Other names for this chakra are...

Base, First, Red, Coccygeal, Coccyx Chakra or in Sanskrit the "Muladhara".

How you connect with your physical body and how you feel about your presence here on earth is hugely affected by the health of your base chakra as it relates to the earth element, to all solid earthly things:

  • your body,
  • your health,
  • your survival,
  • your material and monetary existence,
  • and your ability to focus your needs.

To aptly describe the function of this chakra... it's a very powerful anchor that links you with all living things.

Do You Feel Safe, Secure And Stable?

Safety, security and stability are important keywords for a healthy base chakra as without these you do not have the feeling of belonging in your physical reality and tend to live in a world of illusions and poor feelings.

It is therefor of immense importance that you connect to and balance your root to allow your energy to flow freely both down to and up from the earth which forms a strong and healthy energy foundation grounding you to and in the physical plane.

ReminderBecause your chakras are so vital to your health and well-being, isn't it about time that you take control of your life and learn everything you need to know about your chakras?

Your Anchor To Survival...

As I said before your Root or Base Chakra is primarily associated with the earth element, it is your base or root in the physical world, your survival and instincts on this plane, in other words it represents your will and ability to survive.

Think of it this way...

Without a drive for survival you will have no will power to battle against adverse circumstances.

Without instincts you will be unable to foresee and adapt to new situations and conditions.

Take the step to heal and balance your first chakra today by enrolling in... will set the stage for you to achieve the life of your dreams.

The Root Chakra (click to see video) embodies the primal power of the earth, your survival, your ancestors and the mysteries of creation.

Location Perineum, between the anus and the genitals, opening downwards. - Chakra Charts available here.
Sanskrit Name Muladhara, "mula" meaning root and "adhara" meaning base or support.
Function Safety, survival, stability, security, trust, grounding, physical body, money, abundance, home, job, sense of belonging, nature, biology earth.

I am safe, I have and the trust to be here.
Angels/Archangels Archangel Sandalphon and the angels of the earth.
Endocrine System Adrenals.
Physical Organs Kidneys, bladder, large intestine.
Body Parts Legs, feet, hips, skeleton, skin, blood, pelvis, elimination system.
Malfunction Obesity, haemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica, osteoarthritis.
Sense Smell.
Color Red, brown, black - uncover the full spectrum of Healing with Color.
New Color Sky Blue - The Sky is the Limit.
Gemstones Garnet, Onyx, Red Jasper, Obsidian, Bloodstone, Hematite, Smoky Quartz - to learn more about Crystal Healing see "The Power of Quartz - A Course in Healing with Crystals.

Root Chakra Things To Do:

  • Dancing is very good for grounding.
  • Go barefoot as much as possible.
  • House cleaning is not only grounding but clears clutter and makes space for the new.
  • Cooking a meal is also grounding.
  • Hugging a tree and taking care of your plants also had a grounding effect.
  • Click here for Root Chakra Affirmation to be repeated 15 times once or twice a day.
  • Learn everything about your chakras.

Root Chakra Video


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