Healing = Wealth, Prosperity = Living In Bliss

Study energy healing and like each HJE graduate has done before you achieve life changing goals. Having learned the secrets and discovered the magic they have all gone forward to find and enjoy their health, their true selves and the priceless pleasures of living life in harmony.

Healing = Wealth, Prosperity = Living In Bliss
A Personal Message From Elmarie, Healer, Trainer & Author @ HJE

Elmarie SwartzDespite us here at HJE having the best training courses available in our field, we, you and I, share a problem. Want to know what it is...? A lot of people confuse fiction for fact!!

Many are fooled into believing that courses bought over the internet are inferior - FICTION.

We are all different, like me you are your own master and how you take time to absorb knowledge is part of who you are and there is no easier way to do this than using today's technology - FACT.

I'm sure you'll agree with me that technology is absolutely amazing and that by having one of my downloaded courses on hand, it's available to you all the time at any time whether it's via your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone, enabling you to master the steps in your own time and place easily and effectively. AND... of course I am available via e-mail at any time to answer any queries you may have. How easy is that?

There are also those that would believe that the cost of the course is directly proportional to the quality - FICTION. So I could put my prices up to match others that are available, which means more than doubling the prices they are now and have been for the past 3 years, but then would I not be denying some people from accessing them? Would making them more expensive make them any better when they are already the best - FACT - in their field?

And then there are folks who may believe that energy healing is a "hoax" - FICTION. Energy healing having been around before medical healing is enjoying a revival because it is now accepted that all dis-ease starts in that part of us we cannot see or touch, the energy body, aura, chakras, Soul, etheric body, call it what you wish, and that prevention is better than cure - FACT.

As you are in control of yourself, your body, you have the power to ensure your continued health and some would say it is your responsibility.

As a result I have broken things down for you.

OPTION 1 - For those of you taking your first step.

There are two courses I have presented many times over the years and they are the ideal way to introduce yourself to energy healing, your body & energy body and how you can heal and help yourself to a better, healthier and fuller life.

Enroll NowEnroll Today!

In the "Energy Body Course" you will learn all about your energy body all its various parts, how they affect you on a moment by moment basis and how you can manage them for your benefit, to manifest your own good health.

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The "Know & Heal Yourself" Course will introduce you to your energy body and the world of crystal healing, on completion you will have knowledge of how to work on your energy body using the healing power of crystals creating the happy, healthy life you deserve.

The above two courses are both certificated.

OPTION 2 - Going Deeper - Knowing More

These courses are for those of you who wish to get further into energy healing and in some cases even go so far as to practice as healer for others.

Healing Power... In Your Hands

The HJE - School of Energy Healing is a culmination of more than 20 years of study, practice and education combined to offer you the opportunity to benefit from the best.

I have taken everything I have learned and experienced and brought all that knowledge together with the intent of sharing it with you while training you to a most excellent standard.

I know that your participation in any of my courses will result in the following:

  • You having a greater awareness of your "energy body".
  • You being able to prevent dis-ease before it manifests.
  • You being able to help yourself with curing dis-ease that you are currently being treated for by addressing and treating the source of the problem and not just masking the symptoms.
  • You being able to remove blockages on all level of your being and improve your success with manifesting.
  • You having the choice to help others with their healing.
  • You having a better, fuller, healthier and happier life.

Enroll Now Enroll Today!

Each course is complete with exercises and study material as well as space for you to save and record your personal notes while studying.

On completion of the course and return of your summation to HJE you will be CERTIFICATED.

An Investment... with a Life Time Guarantee!

In all honesty we are talking about you, your life, your health.

How much do you believe you should invest in yourself on something that has a lifetime guarantee and that will help you get out of life everything that you should? ... $100; $200; $300; $500... more?

What's expected from you to complete one of these courses and earn your lifetime guarantee? Not much more than a little study time!

You may be inclined to think I am joking with you, I am not! As you begin with a course so you will learn and understand more and more about yourself, you will also learn many ways to change what is happening and from that moment... the guarantee kicks in ... and you will go on taking in more information, practicing your new skills, improving your life and going from strength to strength.

Before you know it you will have completed the course, feel much healthier and happier, returned the required summation and be certificated.

But that's the least of it... you will have initiated your lifetime guarantee!

You will have guaranteed yourself a better, healthier and happier future for the rest of your lifetime.

Your Investment ... not even $100

Enroll NowEnroll Today!

YES! ... You read that right.

Not one of our courses will cost you that much, in fact right now you can start for less than $40.

You read that right too ... from a $40 investment for a Lifetime Guarantee - "Priceless"!

The Bottom Line

In truth its your life, you know what's best for you, I am extending my hand to help you achieve the life you have always dreamed of. It is inside you waiting to get out end be experienced.

Only you can get in your own way, take the step now and begin to live.

Enroll Today

I look forward to welcoming you.

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