Healing Properties of Red

Following some of the Healing Properties of Red - Red is a stimulating and highly energizing color (vibrant, sometimes aggressive masculine energy), therefore it can energize you when you are feeling tired and sluggish or are dreading something that you have to do, it is a great pick-me-up if you are feeling depressed or lethargic - you can be sure that this color choice will overcome it.

It will bring out your potential and tell you it's time to go for it!

Red - The Stimulator

Red Lips

Red is nature's sexual signal, it increases sexual desire and activity. We flush when we are sexually aroused, and our lips go redder, which is why women wear lipstick - we are subconsciously imitating this primal state.

Healing Properties - Red may help when:

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  • you need courage and self-confidence
  • are anaemic
  • feel tired or indisposed
  • have poor blood circulation
  • you are cold
  • need renewed energy

Should you be under pressure and suffer from stress be careful as red can also stimulate anger, temper and aggression. It also aggravates irritability.

More of the healing properties of red are that it brings warmth, energy and stimulation, therefore it is good for energy, fatigue, colds and passive people. Red energizes heart and blood circulation and builds up the blood. It energizes all organs as well as the senses of hearing, smell, taste, vision and touch. Red also stimulates ovulation and menstruation.

Red links with and stimulates the Root Chakra. It governs the base of the spine, the spinal column, adrenals, kidneys, bladder, colon, legs and blood. This energy is used in relation to the physical, self-preservation and survival mode. It should be used for grounding, security and for courage.

Use this color as a sensory stimulant, creating instinctual behaviour, getting in touch with primal instincts, family matters, as well as, creating spontaneous and active behaviour.

NOTE: Never treat cancer with red, because this color will stimulate cell growth!

Healing Properties of Red


Leader, tenacious, dynamic perseverance


Lustful, intolerant, cruel, the bully, warmonger


Anger Love

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