Fun with Color

Let's have a little bit of fun and see how we can use color and tone to deceive the eye.

Moving Wheels Illusion

In the picture below, to see the wheels move:

  1. Look at the ball in the middle of the wheels.
  2. Rock back and forth keeping your eyes on the ball in the middle and you will see the wheels moving.
Moving Wheels Illusion

Color Contrast Illusion

When a color is placed on a darker background, it does seem to appear brighter because the black area provides a greater contrast. See the pictures below.

Your Personality and Color

Each color has a positive and negative elements.

Our resonance with particular colors can give us some interesting insights into our personalities.

Choose the color that you like best and look in the table provided and you may or may not recognize some of your own personality traits whether they be positive or negative.

Color Positive Negative
RED Courageous
Strong Willed
Leadership Qualities
Self Confident
YELLOW Logical
Good Humored
Over Analytical
Looks for Flattery
Feelings of Inferiority
GREEN Practical
Lacking Judgement
BLUE Loyalty
Highly Intuitive
Devotion to Duty
Scattered Mind
VIOLET Self Sacrifice
Pure Idealism
Spiritual Awareness
Reverence for all Life
Feelings of Superiority
Lack of contact with Reality
Morbid Interest in Black Magic / Mysticism

Intriguing Facts About Color

* According to various international studies, the world’s most popular color is blue. Based on the survey conducted by several global marketing firms, they’ve concluded that people worldwide picked blue (40%) as their favorite color followed by purple (14%).

* Recent studies have shown that infants as young as 2 weeks of age can already distinguish the color red. Probably because red has the longest wavelength among colors making it the easiest color to process by the developing receptors and nerves in the baby’s eyes.

* She sees crimson, burgundy, and tomato red while he sees red. Reuters reports that researchers from Arizona State University in Tempe have determined there is a gene that allows us to see the color red, and that gene comes in a high number of variations. Because the gene sits on the X chromosome - and women have two X chromosomes and so two copies of this gene, compared with only one for men - the gene aids women’s ability to perceive the red-orange color spectrum.

* The safest car color was determined to be white.  Based on studies, it is the most visible color under all conditions except snow. Though surprisingly, lime-yellow is the most visible color on the road. But being an unpopular choice for a car color, white is a more practical choice.

* Chromophobia, also known as chromatophobia is a persistent, irrational fear of colors. A severe form of this phobia can hinder daily activities and can make life self-limiting. People with chromophobia may correlate a distressing past event with a color.

* Recent discovery shows that colors affect the way we taste foods. For instance, an orange or creme-colored cup definitely makes chocolate taste better than in any other cup with a different color.

* The color yellow can cause nausea, so it is avoided in airplanes. Also, pure bright yellow is believed to be the most irritating color due to its excessive stimulation to the eye.

* Colors don’t exist! They’re all in your head. Technically, colors are just results when our brains try to make sense of signals it receives from the outside. Can you imagine if our brains are not functioning that way? Chances are, our world would probably look like a scene from The Matrix. So hooray for brains!

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