"Dancing the Tango with Crystals"

"An Advanced Connection With Crystals"

My previous article - Learning to "Dance with Crystals - Connecting to Crystals" dealt with the, introductory, physical and spiritual connection to or dancing with gems. Here we will explore an advanced process, the deep passionate tango that allows you to connect to the healing frequency of crystals. It is a profound experience and one that leaves you feeling empowered and energized.

We are all uniquely individual and therefore we do not experience things the same way. It is imperative that you trust your own experience and that you allow yourself to flow with your own feelings and perceptions. Always remember the only two rules as far as gemstones / crystals are concerned:

  1. There are no rules.
  2. If in doubt and for all other rules refer to rule nr. 1.

You do not need a specific crystal for this process as you will be connecting to the Crystal Consciousness, the big boss of the Mineral Kingdom.


  • Find a comfortable position where you will not be disturbed for a while.
  • Close your eyes, take 3 slow deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, centring yourself and go into a state of deep relaxation or meditation.
  • In your mind's eye and in any way that makes sense and works for you, see yourself entering a cave that takes you deep under the surface of the planet.
  • As you move along should you feel uncomfortable or doubt yourself in any way, return to this time and open your eyes and rather try again later or perhaps another day since you don't want to spoil this experience but you want it to be profound and lasting.
  • Permit yourself to move freely, deep into the cave. Experience the cave completely, using all your senses, listen to the sounds of the earth, hear water dripping, hear the wind in distant chambers, the sounds of silence.
  • Listen to your steps echo as you walk along.
  • Smell the earth, the rock and stone, the dampness. Smell the cool air and allow your sense of smell to expand.
  • Become aware of changes in the temperature, feel the coolness of your surroundings, feel texture of the earth beneath your feet.
  • As you breathe in and out taste the earth on you tongue.
  • Stand still and allow your senses to develop and expand, move between sight and sound, between feel, smell, and taste experiencing the cave totally and completely.
  • In your stillness stretch your senses to their fullest, hear the inner silence, feel the inner spaces and just be still in this moment.
  • As this process depends largely on your ability to connect to the cave, the surroundings and the experience of being within the earth, take your time.
  • In the vast stillness of the cave and your own being, you become aware of a presence. As this presence slowly takes shape, you feel entirely comfortable, safe and secure.
  • Allow this being to materialize completely in shape and in Essence; this is The Keeper Crystals, The Keeper of the Mineral Kingdom and The Keeper of this Consciousness.
  • Your inner wisdom will guide you as you experience this Presence hearing the sound of the Mineral Kingdom.
  • A tone, the healing frequency of the Mineral Kingdom.
  • Feel the tone vibrate through and around you.
  • Know that once you leave this place you will carry the tone within your being.
  • When you are ready slowly disconnect from this space and place, by thanking the Keeper of Crystals, bringing your energy back and returning to the surroundings of your reality.

As you have experienced the tone of the Mineral Kingdom and you carry it around within your being, you can use it during your healing sessions or for your own healing process. You can channel the frequency of the tone through your hands, by hearing it with your inner ear and transferring that energy through your hands.

This healing tone encompasses all the minerals, known and unknown and is the universal sound of the Mineral Kingdom. You are able to use this tone by thinking about it or hearing it within your minds as it is now part of you.

This article was lovingly penned by Elmarie Swartz, an accomplished Reiki Master and Crystal Healing practitioner who can be contacted via her website "Healing-Journeys-Energy.COM" a place where you will find a lot more information on healing as well as a unique opportunity for you.

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