"Learn To Dance with Crystals"

Learning to connect to or dance with crystals is an easy process and anyone can do it. There are so many different methods, just like the different dances in ballroom dancing, of connecting to the mineral kingdom; however the best way is to find the one that works for you. You will also find that as you practice you become a "better dancer" and quite soon connecting to or dancing with them becomes second nature.

You may even find you are able to make the connection from across a room or by simply looking at one; in fact you could be aware of a particular crystal the minute you walk into a room, without even seeing it.

With my students I firstly teach you how to choose, cleanse and care for your crystals, I then go on to discussing various ways of using crystal energy for your health, including teaching you various techniques and lay-outs.

"Making The Physical Connection"

  • Start slowly.
  • Choose one of your favorite crystals or one that really talks to you. I always suggest that you start by using single clear quartz terminations.
  • Hold it in your dominant hand and point the termination or point of the crystal into the palm of your other hand. Not touching, hold it about half an inch above the palm of your hand.
  • Slowly rotate the crystal in the area above your palm. Use both a clockwise as well as anti clockwise direction.
  • In time you will begin to feel a slight tickling sensation in your palm.
  • Remember practice makes perfect so as you practice this the sensations will become more intense and soon you will be able to move the gemstone around your hand or up your arm and you will feel the energy of the crystal clearly.

It is very important to note any physical sensations, feelings or thoughts you might have while working with the crystal as not all people experience connecting with gems the same way. Give yourself permission to experience them your way and you will be fascinated by how quickly you learn to interpret what you perceive.

"Making The Spiritual Connection"

  • To begin with use the same crystal that you used for the above exercise.
  • Find a comfortable position where you will not be disturbed for a while.
  • Sit quietly holding the stone in your left hand.
  • Close your eyes, take 3 slow deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, centring yourself.
  • Now imagine the crystal clearly in your mind. It is important to visualize it clearly. Notice each and every part of the crystal in your mind. Once you have a clear picture of the stone in your mind you are ready to move on.
  • While holding the picture in your mind, allow it to grow. Clearly see the gem stone in your mind, notice every part of it and see it growing bigger and bigger until it is as big as a mountain.
  • In your mind's eye, walk up to the mountain of quartz in front of you and touch it with your hand, noticing that there are no boundaries between you and the crystal. Ask that you be allowed you to enter and slowly step into the mountain of quartz.
  • You are now inside the mountain of quartz, look around and see the clarity of the quartz, the many different forms, veils and shapes inside the crystal. Take your time looking around and becoming familiar with the crystal.
  • Relax into the moment, enjoy being one with the stone and see a bright light coming towards you. As this light comes closer, it starts taking shape, trust what you see, perhaps a human, an animal, a tree, or even a being of light. This is the Essence of the Crystal, allow this Essence to become clearer, feel the presence and experience the moment completely.
  • You can now communicate freely with the Essence of the crystal. The fact that you were able to enter the crystal means you have the highest permission to be there. At this point you can ask anything you wish, program the crystal or communicate on any and all levels.
  • When you are finished, simply disconnect by thanking the Essence and withdrawing from the crystal.

For me this particular process is one that leaves a lasting impression. Since you are able to connect to the very Essence and Awareness of the crystal any information or questions you may have is freely shared. Exactly like tuning into a radio station, once you are able to connect to the frequency of the Essence of one you are able to connect to the Essence of any crystal or mineral.

Continued with "Dancing the Tango with your Crystals - An Advanced Connection with Crystals"

This article was lovingly penned by Elmarie Swartz, an accomplished Reiki Master and Crystal Healing practitioner who can be contacted via her website "Healing-Journeys-Energy.COM" a place where you will find a lot more information on healing as well as a unique opportunity for you.

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