How Positive Affirmations Work & How to Use Them

How positive affirmations work can now be investigated more thoroughly since you now have come to an understanding of what Positive Affirmations are.

The answer is not as mystical as you might think. There might not be enough room on this page to explain it all in detail, but you have to understand the following:

Positive Affirmations...

  • motivate
  • they keep the mind focused on a goal they influence the unconscious mind and activate its powers
  • as they are positive statements, they change the way you think and behave, they make you more positive, energetic and active enabling you to transform both your inner and outer worlds
  • they act as a direct link to the Universal Mind to help you achieve your goals as they act like spreading radio waves

Understand that your Positive Affirmations directly relate to your energy, your energy directly relates to the Universe and the Universe relates back to you.

So in other words, your affirmations work, based on, who you are.

Affirmations are a simple yet effective tool; a tool for influencing you. And you - by way of your energy (or vibrations) and your actions, influence the Universal flow as it relates to your life.

Say... I am Positive...

How Positive Affirmations Work As a Tool of Self-Manipulation

Because Positive Affirmations actually reprogram your thought patterns, they change the way you think and feel about things (in essence self-manipulation - it's a good thing), and because you have replaced dysfunctional beliefs with your own new positive beliefs, positive change comes easily and naturally.

This will then start to reflect in your external life, you will start to experience colossal changes for the better in many aspects of your life.

Do you know how and when to use Positive Affirmations?

  1. Devote some special times during the day for repeating them.
  2. Repeat them wherever you are, and whenever you want and have the time.

Affirmations important note

This is one of the reasons why people do not get results, and then lose their belief in this power.

Before you start, ask yourself whether you really want to get what you want to affirm for.

Keep in mind that should you have doubts and you are not really sure that you want what you are about to affirm, your doubts will stand in your way.

Affirm with love, faith, feeling and interest, and feel and believe that your desire has already been fulfilled.

This kind of thinking will accelerate its fulfillment.

It is natural for the mind to bring up doubts and negative thoughts, especially if your current environment and situation are very different from what you want to achieve. Persevere, and do not let your negative thoughts and doubts conquer you.

Using Positive Affirmations

The best way to use your affirmations is to read them 3 times a day;

  • once in the morning,
  • once in the afternoon and
  • once at night before you go to bed, a minimum, you should read them at least once a day and there are many ways you can do this.

Here are a few examples to help give you some ideas of where to put your affirmations.

How Positive Affirmations Work Using the Mirror Method

Place a copy of your affirmation on your mirror. Each time you look in the mirror, read the affirmation.

Mirror Affirmations

How Positive Affirmations Work Using Visual Cards

Place multiple copies of your affirmation in various rooms or places you spend your time at during the day. At home on the fridge, on your mirror, in your office at work, next to your bed, or even in your car.

How Positive Affirmations Work Using Your PC

One of the most creative methods I've heard of, is using your PC's screen saver to pop up a graphical image of your affirmation. I've seen people use from a simple text scroll for their affirmation, to a little more creative graphical image that has the affirmation with a supporting picture next to the words. Each time the screen saver pops up, the affirmation is read.

Affirmations and your Laptop

If you decide to make use of affirmations in your life, be prepared for change.

List of Affirmations

  • Just for today I will respect my own and other's boundaries.
  • Just for today I will be vulnerable with someone I trust.
  • Just for today I will take one compliment and hold it in my heart for more than just a fleeting moment.
  • I will let it nurture me.
  • Just for today I will act in a way that I would admire in someone else.
  • I am a child of God.
  • I am a precious person.
  • I am a worthwhile person.
  • I am beautiful inside and outside.
  • I love myself unconditionally.
  • I (can and will) have ample leisure time without feeling guilty.
  • I deserve to beloved, by myself and others.
  • I am loved because I deserve love.
  • I deserve love, peace, prosperity, and serenity.
  • I forgive myself for hurting myself and others.
  • I forgive myself for accepting sex when I wanted love.
  • I am willing to accept love.
  • I am not alone, I am one with God and the Universe.
  • I am whole and good.
  • I am capable of changing.
  • The pain that I might feel by remembering can't be any worse than the pain I feel by knowing and not remembering.

Remember what they say, be careful what you ask for you may just get it!

With Positive Affirmations manifestation happens quickly, I suggest you learn how best to use affirmations for yourself.

Remember this is how positive affirmations work...

From this in quantum time!!

How Affirmations Work

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