Supercharge Your Daily Affirmations

Supercharge your Daily Affirmations

Supercharge your daily affirmations by using different techniques to enhance their effectiveness which puts a wonderful and powerful tool in your hands to ensure the effectiveness of your affirmations.

The key, is that you really need to know how to use them. It is also important to first understand what affirmations are really all about.

In a nutshell, affirmations are everything you think, say, believe and feel. So if you've ever recited affirmations that just didn't happen in your life, it's because there is some conflict between what you are saying and who you are.

So let's look at some ways to supercharge your affirmations.

Firstly, the higher your emotional state as you say them, the more effective they are so this brings us to "feelization".

Feelization - say what?

Have you ever tried being depressed when you feel like a million bucks?

Have you ever tried having negative thoughts when you are feeling good?

FACT! I know that when I feel good, I can move mountains and everything is possible. It's impossible to feel both good and bad at the same time therefore the affirmation must trigger "feel good" feelings. I call this "feelization".

Feelings and emotions is what your unconscious mind understands best, it does not speak in words, your only way of communication is therefore through "feelization".

You can activate "feelization" in one of two ways:

  • The first technique is to use words that involve feelings.
Use words like: "fun, pleasure, enjoyable, comfortable, easy, relaxed, delightful, amusing, wonderful, deserving, and good enough". They work well.
  • The second technique is to image, use your imagination.
Remember what it feels like, not to be able to stop laughing?
Remember what it feels like to have a grin on your face that cannot be wiped off, no matter what?

Allow your self to drift back when you were a small child and for whatever reason you felt good, bursting with joy. Create this "feeling good" state and you can use absolutely anything to create this state of feeling good.

Think of a great accomplishment, a fun time, a terrific vacation or winning the lottery.

Now I want your unconscious mind to listen very carefully... visualize the situation stated in your affirmation has already come true, perceive yourself in that situation and feel the feelings of being successful & wealthy and living the life of your dreams.

Affirmations form an integral part to your healing yourself and knowing, understanding, how to raise your energy levels, to take control of your life will prove the key to using affirmations successfully.

Favorite topics for affirmations:

  • Prosperity and abundance
  • New relationships
  • Manifestation of physical things
  • Forgiveness
  • Attracting business
  • New employment
  • Bringing positive people into your life

Some word examples for affirmations:

  • Abundant; Accept
  • Beautiful; Bright
  • Calm; Capable; Caring; Creative
  • Enjoyable
  • Giving; Grateful
  • Handsome; Happy; Healthy; Hopeful
  • Ideal; Intelligent
  • Love; Loving
  • Peaceful; Pretty; Problem Solver; Prosperous
  • Quick; Quiet
  • Relaxed; Responsible
  • Smart; Strong; Successful
  • Wealth; Wonderful

Daily Affirmation phrase examples:

Work smart Have the means
Be a winner Let go
Be calm Let it be
Believe in me Let them be
Dare to be different Trust in me
Do it Step back
Do it now Seize the opportunity
Enjoy good health Take a risk
Get in control Take action
Relax and enjoy Take it easy
Getting better every day Take the lead
Give them space Take the time
I can Think deserving
I am Think happy
Have a lot Think wisely
Have fun I choose

What are Daily Affirmations?


Daily Affirmations List Daily Affirmations that Work!

Always state your daily affirmations especially your personal growth affirmations in the comparative.

"I am becoming more and more confident" or "I choose to feel more and more confident" will be much more effective than "I am confident".

Because by doing this you are not limiting yourself as to how much more confident you can become otherwise your mind may think you are already confident enough, and it will not need to do any more work.

"Treat people, including yourself, as if you all were what you ought to be and you will help them and yourself to become what you're capable of becoming."

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