A Well Being Exercise with Color

Your well being will be enhanced when you try the following color healing exercise. It will provide you with the opportunity to discover for yourself, the impact that the vibrations of color healing can have on your health on a physical as well as a psychological level.

Your well being and need for a specific color's vibration would seem to differ on a daily or even hourly basis. Sometimes you will find yourself drawn to one color more than others. When absorbing the vibration of a particular color it travels, via the nervous system, to the part of the body that needs it.

Each and every body has its own optimum state of health and well being and is constantly seeking ways to maintain or restore balance.

Utilizing color as a healing tool, is one way you can regain a harmonious state of well being.

Below the exercise you will see the seven colors of the rainbow. Glance at the colors and see which one of the colors your are drawn to most. The energy vibration of this color is what you need, at this moment, to restore balance, well being and harmony to your emotional state.

Relax With Color

Click on the color which will take you to a bigger screen.

Allow yourself to relax and gaze at the color for as long as you feel comfortable. Saturate your whole being with the color, it may take a few minutes.

Once you are satisfied you have absorbed enough of the color's vibrations -

  • Scroll down on that page for more information of the color, or
  • Use your browser's "back" button to return to the Color Exercise page.

Should another color appeal to you, repeat the above process.

Choose your Color below:

Healing Red
Healing Orange
Healing Yellow
Healing Green
Healing Blue
Healing Indigo
Healing Violet

Color Sensitivity Exercise

This is an exercise to develop greater color sensitivity. One of the easiest ways to start is with color flashcards.

To make yourself a set start with cards of +-20 cm (8 inches) by 15cm (6 inches).

  • On the one side of the card, list the various attributes of a specific color and on the other side use markers or crayons to colour it appropriately. Have a card for every color, let Mr. ROY G. BIV be your guide - the colors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, add white and black.
  • These are the natural colors, which are highly beneficial to the maintenance of health and for healing diseases.
  • Relax your mind by doing a progressive relaxation or do some rhythmic breathing.
  • Take a moment or two to study the cards one at a time. First focus on the color, and then read the characteristics to yourself.
  • We are going to use our hands to become sensitive to how the colors feel - our sense of touch.
  • With eyes closed, shuffle the cards, making sure the colored surface of the card is facing up.
  • Pull one card from the set, stay relaxed and hold your hand over the card. Allow your hand to do the sensing.
  • Begin by trying to determine if it has a warm feel or a cool feel. This will let you know whether it is in the red (warm) spectrum or the blue (cool) spectrum.
  • What else do you feel or sense as you hold your hand over the color? Is there a kind of tingling? Do you notice anything in any particular part of your body? Pay attention to every impression - no matter how odd it may seem. (These little details will eventually help you in becoming more knowledgeable about the color and its possible effects and applications.)
  • Do you think you know what color it is? With practice, you will develop the ability to identify the color by its feel.

Your levels if intuition will improve as you become more aware as you listen and trust your own inner voice.


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