Interview - ONE on ONE with Elmarie Swartz

Elmarie Swartz

The following interview was conducted by Jen Irushu from Spirit Whispers with Elmarie Swartz, facilitator, healer, teacher and fellow human being. Read on and discover more about the woman behind the website Healing Journeys Energy for yourself.

  • At what age did you realize you were different or searching for the "unknown"?

I cannot pinpoint a specific age but I have always had an enquiring mind. Somehow I just knew that some of the "life, religious or spiritual" beliefs that I was taught made no sense at all and I questioned and questioned these "wrong feeling" beliefs. Often times these questions landed me in hot water and made me believe and feel that there was something "wrong" with me.

  • How did you approach this?

In all innocence and wanting to feel "normal" I questioned some more... I wanted and needed answers... I was searching for a truth that resonated with me... a truth that I could hold on to... it made no sense to me that we as humans had no choice in life; that we had to just accept and follow the rules... I wanted to know who made those rules...

  • Were your family supportive or understanding of you?

This is always a very difficult question for me to answer especially because I now know that they (parents and family) did the best they could at the time and I as such were in a very different head space to them but I will try the best I can... My parents were very conservative in their outlook on life, they followed all the rules so to speak and they both worked fulltime. When my teachers, nanny or the priest told them about all my "outrageous" questions they just neatly rapped me on the knuckles and told me that these authority figures knew best and to stop questioning my elders... to listen and do what I was told... to "follow the rules"! During this part of my journey through life one specific statement really baffled my young mind: "Do as I say, don’t do as I do!"

  • Has your journey been a struggle to find your own identity?

In life sometimes we struggle and sometimes we don't. So I would say that yes certain parts of my journey has been a struggle until I realized that it is good to have an end to journey towards (my own identity); but it is the journey that matters in the end because the journey itself is as valuable as the destination.

  • What was the turning point for you that lead you to where you are today?

I had a "spiritual, emotional and mental healing crisis" very shortly after my second marriage. I went for counselling and therapy, during this time I read an article about REIKI which made my heart jump as I realized that I CAN HEAL MYSELF!

So really, it was as simple as changing my mind... I started looking within myself for answers and my journey (my life) became as valuable as my destination (my true self).

  • What do you feel your purpose is in this incarnation?

To teach my fellow travellers to re-member that LIFE is NOW and LIFE is AMAZING.

Grab onto LIFE with both hands and ride like the wind, create what you want because you can, be gentle with yourself... YOU are AMAZING and always remember that we all learn as fast as we can.

  • What are your dreams for your future?

To experience humanity igniting the fire LOVE!

  • What makes your heart sing?


  • Describe yourself... the real you.

Plain and simple... what you see is what you get...

I am that I am, I am I!

Elmarie Swartz practices as a holistic facilitator, life coach/counselor, BodyTalk Access Practitioner and Master/teacher in the Holistic Energy Healing Arts.


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