Guardian Angel Synchronicity

by Timothy Hemingway

Before I begin my story the reader needs to be aware of my state of mind and how I perceive the world. I have a scientific enquiring mind; my logic has constantly dogged my psychic development.

It was 14 November 2008; I had previously been told in June I had prostate cancer and was to begin radiotherapy in January 2009.

I was reading “The Mind of God” by Paul Davies. I had reached the page where Paul had written that the astronomer, Fred Hoyle discovered that from a supernova explosion chemical properties are manufactured by a very tricky process, which is crucial to the existence of terrestrial life and he said that it looks as though somebody has been monkeying with the law of physics because this could not be put down to pure coincidence. The instance I read this, my feelings of negativity disappeared and was replaced by euphoria. I felt I had found God but in the physical and logical manner. At last I had the proof of a creative designer. Even though all my deceased relatives had communicated with me and I knew the mind survived physical death I still needed physical evidence to dispel any lingering doubts. Just because I was getting messages from them it did not mean to say there is a creator. In quantum mechanics it is known there are other dimensions relating to time and space.

This euphoria unbeknown to me was the beginning of a spiritual awakening or Kundalini as taught in Hindu philosophy. This heightened consciousness was to present me with new challenges. I now know what increased awareness produces. In my personal experience it meant more than intuition; it meant a knowing of what the future held. For example, I had an appointment with a nurse at 9.30am on 4 February 2009. The days leading up to the appointment I knew I had to arrive early. I arrived at the surgery at 9.15am and as I entered the waiting room my name appeared on the screen - I never even had time to sit down. The nurse explained that the previous patient had not turned up. (The average time a patient spends with a nurse is 15 minutes and I was with her for 45 minutes.)

During January 2009 when I was having radiotherapy at Mount Vernon Hospital the euphoria was increasing and I was feeling overwhelming compassion, especially for the cancer patients who were terminally ill in the hospital. I asked the staff if I could go ahead and comfort them but I was refused. By 19 January 2009 the euphoria had increased in intensity to rapture. I was now hardly sleeping, hardly eating and drinking copious amounts of tea. I had tremendous energy and desperately needed to exercise but due to the side effects of the radiotherapy treatment I had no control over my bowels and I could not leave the house. Fortunately, I had a treadmill which I used for hours, morning, noon and night.

All through January and February 2009, I had a constant compulsion to play my mother’s favourite song “I Believe in Angels” by ABBA. On the evening of 10 February 2009, I noticed a scatter cushion was sitting on top of the back of the settee, which neither my wife nor I had put there. Later that evening at both 8pm and 9pm, we had two brief power cuts where the TV and lights flickered off and on.

When I retired to bed, as I lay awake in the early hours of the following morning (11 February 2009), I felt my mother’s presence around me and heard her voice in my head telling me, in fact insisting, that I forgive my father. (I should explain that both my parents were in spirit at that time: my father passed over in April 1990 and later my mother on 11 February 1994.) Suffice to say, I had a very difficult time with my father and I became increasingly angry with my mother as she kept repeating that I had to forgive my father. I replied telepathically that I was not prepared to forgive him and I could not bring myself to do so. (This event happened 15 years to the day of the anniversary of my mother’s passing.)

On the morning of 13 February 2009, as I was walking past the shops in Staines High Street, I felt drowsy obviously due to lack of sleep. I felt myself leave my body through the top of my head and was looking down, which I found amusing when watching the tips of my shoes moving alternately as my body went forward. I moved down the right side of my head and then round to the rear and re-entered my body through the back of my head.

The reason I went to visit Staines was to buy new spectacles and had no intention of visiting Boots Opticians but felt a compulsion to do so. After looking at the frames on display I went to enquire at the counter and was surprised to see the BBC’s Pudsey bears on sale as they are usually sold in November, not February! The significance to me of seeing the Pudsey bears was that my mother always wore a Pudsey brooch on her coat lapel and when we used to go out shopping this always prompted a conversation with complete strangers.

Later that evening after visiting my daughter who lives in Hayes the thought struck me that it was Valentine’s Day the following day. I do not usually buy cards for my wife as I am not a romantic and find the words too sentimental. However, whilst leaving her home I walked past the local newsagents nearby and again had the compulsion to go inside the shop and look at their cards. There in front of me on display was a card with a bear on it and when I opened it the words were exactly what I wanted.

On Saturday, 14 February 2009, I won £60 on the lottery. That evening my mother communicated with me again and told me not to be mean and to give the winnings to the Macmillan Centre, which I duly did the following week.

During my many visits to the hospital, one of the staff suggested that I have Reiki healing. My immediate thought was “Why not as it is free and could benefit me”. On Monday, 16 February 2009, I had my first session. As the therapist was completing the treatment she gently stroked my calves towards my feet and that was when I actually felt a physical sensation leaving my body and I spent the rest of the day wonderfully relaxed.

That evening just after midnight I had an urge to write a letter to the Reiki therapist. As I was writing about the day’s events I was being ‘commanded’ to write the words: ‘Anger’ ‘Danger’ ‘Cancer’ in columns across the page. I signed the letter and posted it an hour later.

I managed a little sleep and then wrote a second letter still under the influence of Spirit explaining the contents of my first letter, which is that when anybody harbours anger to a deep-seated degree it becomes part of your being; therefore when your heart beats it is pulsating with your feelings. I posted the second letter at 6am.

I was still hardly sleeping; the rapture and intense energy were showing no signs of abating. I then started to experience an intolerable pressure in my head. It was as though my head was clamped in a vice and someone was cranking it up a notch every day. On 27 February 2009 I could not endure the torture any more and consumed a whole bottle of whisky and several beers. I told my wife that if I woke up in the morning with this condition still there I would take a knife and plunge it into my heart.

On the morning of 28 February 2009, a day I will never forget, I regained consciousness, thankfully the rapture had gone and I was left nursing a king-sized hangover, which was wonderful, absolutely wonderful! (I later discovered in Harpers Encyclopaedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience under the heading of Spiritual Emergence, Stanislav Grof had written that this experience usually lasts 40 days. When I checked my diary, 19 January to 27 February is 40 days, which is when I realised I had endured a spiritual awakening.)

In April 2009 I happened to meet a medium and I described my experience to her. She told me to read ‘Divine Intervention’ by Hazel Courteney. Upon reading her book, it gave me great comfort and I knew I was not insane at the time. In Hazel’s second book, ‘The Evidence for the Sixth Sense’, she met Harry Oldfield who informed her that the heart is the largest generator of electromagnetic signals in the body and with every heartbeat the electrical signals it produces travel to every cell in the body.

After sending my letters to the Reiki therapist at the hospital I was feeling doubtful and a bit stupid – where did this knowledge come from? I never studied medicine or obtained a degree: I was a bus driver, your normal average kind of guy but when I read Harry Oldfield’s words a feeling of immense relief swept over me.

In Hazel’s third book, ‘Countdown to Coherence’, she mentioned Bruce Lipton’s book, ‘The Biology of Belief’. He is a well respected authority on epigenetics explaining how the mind affects the cellular activity in the body.

It was the morning of 3 August 2009 and I was walking my daughter’s Labrador dog in a 144 acre country park, which was a regular practice I had done for years. (At this point, I have to reiterate that I am not religious, that I am not prone to whims or suggestions and I have always scoffed at the idea that white feathers are the calling cards of angels.) As I was walking along the path in the park I noticed a trail of white feathers stretching for well over a hundred yards either side of the path. I thought it was odd as I crossed over the river into a large clearing where there was an elderly man picking up litter. Again, the thought occurred to me that this was an odd thing to be doing ... continued page 2 ...

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