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by Timothy Hemingway

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As I approached him I called out to gain his attention but he instantly walked away from me. I followed him and called out again but he changed direction. I called out a third time and this time he stopped. I commended him on what he was doing and we engaged in conversation. I told him about how I was trying to help people at the hospital with cancer. He then said he had just the very book for me and fished out a soggy paperback from one of his carrier bags. He added that he had just picked it up where he found it lying in the woods, pointing eastwards. I took the book and shook his hand, and as we parted he told me that everything is interconnected.

When I got home I put the book on my bedside table to dry out and placed it next to the book I had just finished reading the previous day entitled ‘The Tao of Physics’ by Fritjof Capra. I then noticed the book that the stranger whose name was Christopher had given me was entitled ‘Uncommon Wisdom’ by the same author, Fritjof Capra. I thought to myself how odd it was and what a coincidence. A couple of days later when the book had dried out I began reading it and noticed the word ‘interconnected’ kept appearing, a term Fritjof Capra mentioned a lot in ‘The Tao of Physics’, which is a familiar expression used in quantum theory.

Fritjof Capra wrote about meeting RD Laing and the possible causes of schizophrenia: Laing said that patients invent strategies to survive unliveable conditions. He also met Stanislav Grof, who as I have already mentioned, is an authority on spiritual awakenings and Carl Simonton, an oncologist trained in radiation therapy. He also mentioned the work of Wilhelm Reich and the bodywork techniques very akin to Reiki.

It suddenly dawned on me that this was no chance meeting with Christopher: there were too many coincidences and there were more to come. When I looked back to where Christopher had led me it was the exact same spot where a few weeks earlier I had found in that vast park buried in the grass embedded in the soil a one dime USA coin with the inscription ‘In God We Trust’. I also remembered walking back from the park the same day and seeing a sticker in a rear car window which read ‘One man can change the world, Jesus did’ and I thought amusingly “Is someone trying to tell me something?”

Returning to the book ‘Uncommon Wisdom’, the above three topics Fritjof Capra wrote about concerned me and the other topic on schizophrenia concerned my mother who was diagnosed with this condition and sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

My mother and I were very close. I had married in 1970 but because of my father’s hostility towards me I stopped any communication completely with both my parents. As mentioned, my father passed over in April 1990 and in early 1991 I decided to visit my mother to let her see my daughter and grandson. On that first visit a voice in my head told me that I could not help my mother physically but I could spiritually. My mother had been for the previous 18 years heavily sedated and very much overweight. It saddened me greatly and I began to visit her every day and she started to be her old self again. Within weeks and against her doctor’s advice, she stopped taking her medication – magic, I had my dear mother back!

As mentioned earlier, my mother passed over on 11 February 1994 and I kept one keepsake, which was a water colour especially painted for her by her sister-in-law. The painting was copied from ‘The Light of the World’ by Holman Hunt that I hung over my bed. It reminded me of my mother as she often talked about Jesus.

On the afternoon of 3 August 1994, I had just entered my bedroom and as I looked at the picture it started glowing radiantly. I stood there for a second or two mesmerised by what I can only describe as a miniature firework display. I took a step forward to get a closer look but the picture went back to normal.

I believe that meeting Christopher on 3 August 2009, exactly 15 years later to the day of looking at the picture, means only one thing to me that he is my Guardian Angel.

On 31 August 2010, near to where I met Christopher, I found left on a park bench a book published that same year entitled ‘Nightfall’ by the author Stephen Leather. Both ‘Uncommon Wisdom’ and ‘Nightfall’ have been written in and the handwriting is identical. ‘Nightfall’ contained even more synchronicities. (The theme of this book, which is a supernatural fiction, is about a man who sells his soul to the devil and the author writes about demonic forces, which is something I had never taken seriously.)

I researched St Christopher and found out there is a feast to commemorate him on 25 July – my wedding took place on 25 July. He is the patron saint of travellers and bookbinders – I was a bus driver and belong to the Ramblers society, and my wife was a bookbinder.

I made further enquiries about Christopher with another dog walker and when I described the book he gave me the woman said she had picked up the very same book the other side of the park a few hundred yards away and thrown it in the park bin.

Another woman who told me she had been feeding the birds in the same area for over forty years said she did not recognise the man I described to her. Christopher is an enigma!

I have physical evidence to prove my story as I have kept every object mentioned: copies of the letters, the books, coin etc. The purpose of this account in my life is to bring to the attention of the reader the two case scenarios, i.e. my cancer and my mother’s mental condition, that are without doubt psychosomatic in origin.

Western medicine unfortunately treats mankind as mechanical beings. I believe we are all spirits having a physical experience.

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Feb 21, 2013
Thank You!
by: Elmarie

Blessings to you Timothy... thank you so much for sharing...

Feb 21, 2013
by: Timothy

Dear Leslie and Elmarie,

Since writing this article I have received further coins etc. one of which involved a witness.

The handwriting in both books is similar to my late Grandmother's and I met the angel again in February 2012.

Yours Sincerely

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