Esoteric Healing (Energy Healing)

...So What Is Energy?

During my years in the esoteric healing (energy healing) field as an energy worker, teacher and healer I have often been asked this question.

When we start our energy healing training, it is more often than not the one thing we battle to wrap our heads around... what is energy?

Everything on our planet is energy, well actually... to be more accurate... energy is in everything - the entire universe.

It heals us, helps us do things, gives us light, warms our bodies and our homes. It makes us grow and move and think.


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Energy is the operating system of your body and just like a computer, this energy system which includes your chakras, aura, and meridians has different levels of power, speed and abilities.

Just imagine if your body was a perfect energy-efficient machine not only would your body be healthy but it would change all the energy you put in into useful energy enabling you to function at optimal levels of well-being in body, mind and spirit and if this ideal would be possible, esoteric healing (energy healing) would not be necessary.

However your body is less than 5% efficient most of the time.

When you do esoteric healing (energy healing) you change energy from "imbalanced to balanced" or allow the energy that is availble to us to be "absorbed and used" more efficiently so to speak.

Energy is the power to change things, it is the ability to do work. It is neither created nor destroyed and when we use energy, it doesn't disappear. We only change it from one form of energy into another as it has always existed in one form or another.

Energy or chi makes everything happen and can be divided into two types:

  • Stored energy is called potential energy.
  • Moving energy is called kinetic energy.

The following example will enable you to better understand the two types of energy.

  • Motor vehicles run on fuel be it gas (petrol), diesel, electricity and so on which can be viewed as the potential energy (stored).
  • You get behind the wheel of the motor vehicle and drive which means the car is moving and this can be viewed as the kinetic energy (motion of material body).

Our bodies work pretty much the same way - fed the correct potential energy for example food, Reiki, Crystal Healing Energy, etc. your body will be able to use that potential energy as kinetic energy to heal better, move better, cope with stress and emotions better and generally be much more healthy.

I would like you to consider the following...

Light is energy, producing gazillions of vibrations per second in the form of light waves.

Now the Source of Light is within you and light waves, energy, are eternally emanating from your consciousness, radiating as lines of force. These lines of force radiate from either a "high" or a "low" vibration, depending on your frequency of consciousness.

You are therefore either healing or harming - there is no in-between.

Ponder this for a moment...

Destroying means "to do away with, cause the destruction or undoing of something", consequently if your health has faded, your finances diminished, or your relationships are in shambles, it is of your own creation.

To go further, these lines of force govern electrons elementary particles with a negative charge whirling around the nucleus of atoms and cause atoms, the smallest component of an element having the chemical properties of the element to cluster in an energy field (yours) as a thought form. This energy pattern is then "stepped down" through the dimensions to become visible on the third dimension or physical plane.

Therefore, since everything seen or unseen is energy in motion, it would be logical to assume that all well-being ultimately involves energy and we know that this energy of everything is controlled by thought.

Just think about it, your consciousness is not only the transmitter of energy but also has the power to direct enough force to destroy or create form and thereby create either "dis-ease" or health. Find out here how to tune into the healing magic of energy.

Through The Power of Your Thoughts and Emotions The Ability To Affect Change Is Yours

Let me share this with you, in the world as we know it, there is much negative or heavy energy controlling the lines of force that I mentioned earlier, thus creating disruption of the natural order of things in the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms. You can make a difference by learning all you can about esoteric healing!

By making the decision to lift your consciousness to a "higher" frequency through esoteric healing (energy healing) you become a deliberate creator of the joyous, abundant, healthy and loving life you desire.

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