Dedicating Healing Crystals - Dedicate & Attune to the Powerful Healing Energy of your Crystals

Dedicating healing crystals and attuning to their healing energies are highly recommended practices in crystal healing.

Crystals are powerful healing tools at your disposal and using them for the greatest good when healing is imperrative.

  • Dedicating your healing gemstones ensures that your stones are used for the highest and greatest good of all.
  • Attuning to your healing gemstones ensures your connection with the life force energy of your stone.

Therefore after you have thoroughly cleansed and cleared your newly acquired stones dedicating healing crystals is your next step followed by attuning to the life force energy of your stones.

Dedicating Healing Crystals


Remember that cleansing is important before dedicating, attuning and programming your healing crystals.

The dedication ritual is fully discussed in the "Know & Heal Yourself - Crystal Healing Course".

It acts as a safeguard that protects everyone, including your client and yourself, when working with these powerful healing tools.

Your Love is the Key

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Love is the most powerful force in the universe and transcends all barriers, even the core of rock-like crystal.

It is with love that you will dedicate your healing gemstones.

Dedicating healing crystals can be done several ways.

I have used the method below with great success, however should your intuition point you in another direction, follow it and use the method and ritual that suits you best, trust yourself.

Using your own words for dedicating healing crystals is also always best but here are two dedications that you can use with the dedication visualization.

  1. From this point on may this crystal only be used in the name of love and light. Always for good and high purpose. May only the purest, highest and finest energies be channeled through this crystal and may it work always in accordance with Divine Will. So be it!
  2. I dedicate this crystal with love to the benefit of Mother Earth and the brotherhood of all creation. The crystals' energy will only be utilized in the practice of non-injury in thought, word and deed. So be it!


  • Hold your healing crystals in your left hand over your heart chakra.
  • Visualize white or violet light streaming from "Source" through your crystals and into your heart.
  • At the same time ask that your crystal may only be used with love in a good and positive way for the greatest good of all.

This will ensure that your healing crystals are lovingly used for light-filled purposes only.

Attuning to the Life Force Energy of your Healing Gemstones

After the dedication of your healing gemstones, the next step to follow is to attune to the life force energy of the crystal.

  • You will need to focus and be still to feel the life force energy emanating from the crystal. Relax your body, starting at your feet and moving up to your crown; call your energy back to you, from all parts of the Universe, by using intention. Centre yourself by grounding to Mother Earth in any way that works for you.
  • Rub your hands together fast for about 30 seconds or so to generate a lot of heat.
  • Sensify your hands by opening them and lightly blowing on them to create a tingling sensation.
  • In the beginning start by using a single terminated clear Quartz point. Hold your crystal in your dominant hand; lightly touch the crystal (point) to the centre of your other hand's palm.
  • Move the crystal around your palm and draw it up your arm and move it back to your palm and around in circular motion until you can feel the energy; it will be like a tingling, coolness or moving air.
  • Moving it away see how far away you can pull your crystal and still feel the vibration on your palm.
  • You can now experiment by running the crystal over your whole body at a distance of about six inches (15 centimeters).
  • To increase your sensitivity to life force energy you can also rub your palms together using sea (rock / kosher) salt. Always be in a calm state of mind or you risk feeling nothing. When you have the crystal in your hand, communicate with your crystal by asking for permission to work with it and sending it your love and welcome.

Love your healing stones and see them respond to you and your
vibration in a very positive manner.

You can learn much more in the 2 certificated Crystal Healing home study courses available here at HJE Energy Healing School that will educate you in everything you need to know not only in dedicating healing crystals but also how to use them for healing.

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