Crystal Healing Tips

by Karen Ryan,

Crystals for Exams and Studying

* There are many types of crystals that are useful for students. Having a Clear Quartz cluster or Amethyst cluster on your desk will help with your focus and concentration while studying. Place a double terminated quartz crystal in your pocket during an exam and when you need your mind to be clear, gaze into it. Try Lapis Lazuli to expand your ability to memorize. Tape a piece onto your Third Eye to reduce fogginess while you study. (Also see the Crystal Headband mentioned below).

Crystals for Sore Feet

* Hot burning feet ? Pain underneath your feet ? Tape crystals to the bottom of your feet before going to bed or tuck then inside socks before sleeping. Try Hematite for pain, Rose Quartz, Jade or Aventurine to soothe tired feet or Garnets for more energy. Be careful when you wake up, to remove the crystals before putting your feet on the ground !

Crystal Dreams

* To enhance your dreams, slip a crystal into your pillow case. Try using crystals that open the Crown Chakra: Selenite, Apopholite, Amethyst, Celestite, Diamond etc... When you wake up in the morning, try not to move. Let the dream recall on its own.

Crystal Bath

* Add a crystal to your bath water to soak up the benefits of crystal energy. Be sure it is a crystal that will not dissolve in water! Try Rose Quartz for loving and relaxing, Sodalite to ease your mind, Lepidolite for stress relief, Chrysocolla for emotional mood swings, Smokey Quartz for dissolving anger, Tiger's Eye for mental clarity. If you have lots of tiny crystals, put them in a cloth bag or cheesecloth, tie securely under the tap while the water is running to infuse the water with energy.

Crystal Headband

* Glue or tape a crystal such as Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Celestite or Herkimer Diamond onto a headband and wear it at your Third Eye at the center of your forehead slightly above the eyebrows to increase your intuition and to open higher chakra centers.

Crystals for PC's, Appliances & Cars

* One of the scientific properties of crystals is energy regulation. Energy is regulated when passed through a crystal. One of the best known industrial uses of crystals was the manufacture of crystal radio sets during WWII. The crystal acted as an oscillator and regulated the radio signal. In the same way, placing a crystal on or near electormagnetic equipment such as PC's, large appliances and even car engines will help regulate subtle energy fields. Use of crystals for appliances should promote as longer, healthier life. Now, can you imagine what a crystal can do for you too ??

Using Crystals in the Garden

* To help an ailing plant, place crystals (Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Sodalite, or other gemstones) in a circle around the plant. To give the roots and the rest of the plant a helping hand, stick part of the crystal into the soil about 2 inches away from the main stalk. If there is a specific tree limb or branch that needs more healing, wrap the crystal directly to the branch with soft copper wire. Leave the crystals in place until health is restored, maybe two weeks or longer depending on the condition.
* Use broken pieces of quartz crystal and dark stones such as Onyx or obsidian underneath tomato plants. The quartz energy is very grounding for the plants, and the darker crystals keep garden pests away. Eating crystal-energized fruits and vegetables is especially nice!
* Place crystals inside potted plants sticking them into the soil or place in glass water containers with bamboo sprouts or tulips for a pretty display. Remember when digging up the soil to watch for broken crystal pieces.
* Enhance your special flowering plants, such as Orchids and make them more attractive by placing gem-quality crystals into their containers. For complimentary aesthetics, glue the crystal onto a long bamboo stick to raise the crystal up to a viewing height near the flower.

Crystal Room Spray

* Make Crystal Water (see below for instructions) and pour into a plastic spray container.
* Use the crystal water as a spray for your plants and give yourself a good dose too to perk up your aura.
* Add essential oils such as geranium, mandarin orange or peppermint to clear the air of stale energy and to create a special environment.

Crystal Water

* Place a few crystals such as clear quartz, rose quartz and/or amethyst in a clear jar and fill with spring water. Place the jar in the sun for about 4 -7 hours or longer to create a gem essence. The water will contain the properties of the crystals. Remove the crystals and transfer the crystallized water to an atomizer and spray your entire house to refresh stale energies. Use the water up within a few hours as the potency decreases over time. Pour any remainder into your flower pots to juice up your plants.

Using Different Types of Salt for Cleansing Crystals

* I wanted to feel what the effects where of different types of salt on cleansing crystals. I set up several bowls of salt water. using about 1 1/2 tsp. salt in about 1 cup of water for each type of salt. You can get the salts from health food stores, or get them while traveling. I placed a crystal about 1 1/2' length by 1 " wide in each bowl and soaked them over night with each different type of salt. After smudging myself and washing off each crystal , I held each crystal one at a time and tuned in to feel the energy signature from the residual salts. I tried ordinary table salt, Celtic sea salt, Sea Salt from the Dead Sea, Sea Salt from California... What fun !


* Place your crystals in the moonlight, preferably outside for 2 days before a full moon, during the evening of the full moon and 1 day after the full moon. The crystal will absorb the feminine or yang energies. Then, place the crystal on your belly to draw the healing energies into your body. Breath and relax and enjoy the soothing, calming glow of the moon.

UV Rays/Sunlight for Recharging:

* Keep your crystals by the window for constant recharging in the strong UV (ultra-violet) rays. Some glass refracts the UV rays and so it is best that your crystals get direct sunlight without interference. Tape them to your window sill to prevent them from being blow away by a strong gust of wind or put them all in a basket for easy transportation in/out of the sunlight.

Distance Healing

* Place crystals around a portrait or on a map to send healing to a person or an area. This works best with 6 clear quartz crystals which are programmed with your message of health, healing and peace for the person or place.

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