Crystal Healing Course - Thank You!!

by Kiayanna Pennebaker

Thank you very much for your wonderful course - The Power of Quartz - A course in Crystal Healing , although I am a crystal expert, I did learn a lot from your course and am so happy I took it!!!!

It seems the farther I travel on my spiritual journey, I am meeting other lightworkers and wonderful white souls! (including yourself!) We are all of the same family and Source. To me, its been so wonderful to share our rock friends with others in healings, making gem waters, crystal grids, and everything they have shown and taught me.

I feel I am a student of the crystals as well and they know who I am and call to me. I'll share this story with you since I think you would appreciate it!

I found a very special tantric twin clear quartz (about 7") that I had (or I was in charge of keeping) in Atlantis! My very psychic friend in our advanced intuition class said he knew he had a past life in Atlantis after I told him I knew about my past life there.

So he asked to see the crystal which he was able to tap into & go back there - he is really really amazing in his gifts and we are soul family - we shared many lives including Atlantis together! Funny how you find them in your current life, anyhow he confirmed it was mine, that I was a priestess who helped in the healing temples with 2 kids, a tattoo on my right shoulder and a single hoop earring in my right ear.

He said at the end I ended up with a Lemurian (which my teacher is & we are also soul family)! :) I already knew the crystal was mine the way it even came to me was odd and destiny. I knew this guy on ebay and I would occasionally bid on his crystals. He was on the east coast and got the crystals ethically, they were mined with an Amish community & they gave back and replaced the soil or whatever they depleated by getting the crystals out of the mine (a win win!) I've bought all my Herkimers from him I have 5 including a golden healer that I LOVE even a 10" huge bad boy!

Anyhow he emailed me out of the blue saying once in a while he'll have some deals if I want him to email them to me BEFORE he posts them on ebay (to give me a shot to buy them before they go for bidding wars) and I said yes please. He sent me a reply with THIS crystal and said: "I don't know why but I think you want to buy this, I just feel its something you need" (I could tell he isn't psychic but working with rock friends that long you develop a energy feel for them, I think).

I saw the pics and IMMEDIATLY was drawn to it - it called to me and I heard MINE MINE MINE in my head over and over when I saw it, it was obsessing me to buy it saying its meant for me. So I got it for way cheap like 25 (bidding would have been probably 40+) so a good deal & meant to be. When I got it, I meditated with it & went to the healing temple I worked in in Atlantis!

I saw this priest guy, just us and my angel (she's always with me) and she left so I could talk to him alone - I was in awe looking at the marble and quartz walls and floors it was amazing! He walks up to me sees my crystal & says, "Hi my child - aww let me see it" ... asking for crystal. I was really new on my path then (almost a year ago) and I learned not to trust everyone you see in meditation but I knew my angel wouldn't bring me here if I was in danger so I gave him the crystal (like I did my friend D).

He did the same thing, went back and said this is YOURS, I remember her and how you used her for healings. He confirmed it was mine as soon as I got it and my intuition told me it was mine - my friend who lived with me then told me it was mine also - it was meant to come home to mama :)

I've gotten some really awesome record keepers hoping I programmed them in Atlantis so I can get that info back for healings (people & earth in this life). So far I've seen some lemurian caves and people and only one is for Atlantis that I was able to access, so far I saw a unicorn and I was like a kid in a candy store... I felt HOME for once!! So amazing!

I feel VERY honored to work with the angels, especially Archangels Raphael and Michael. Recently I've met Metatron and I know he loves to help Lightworkers so I think that's why I've seen him a few times (...and Uriel! ...he is amazing with communication and always so happy to help!)

I had to go through a lot of hard lives (and a really bad childhood in this one) to get my wings to earn my Angel Intuitive title that I am so proud to say.

I hope my business flourishes & that I can help many people with the Angels and rock friends! I have a collection of probably around 2000 crystals or more. They fill up an entire floor to ceiling bookshelf, another 2 shelves, my altar and the rest are scattered in my house all over!

I have some amazing milky and blue quartz we (hubby & I) hand dug up in Kings Canyon Park 5 years ago - it's SO magical as no other human but us have touched it and it's in a special display case (some of them are POUNDS bigger than my hand!)

I never knew why I loved rocks/crystals so much and why they call to me and how I knew where to find them and dig them up or near riverbeds (like by my house I've found POUNDS of crystals too!) They just want to come home with me :)

I will look at your other courses as well as I am always willing to learn more, especially if Archangel Raphael wants me to take them, then I must! :)

Angel hugs!

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