What are Crystals?

What are Crystals? ... Now that is very much going to depend on whom you ask because to tell you the truth there are as many opinions out there as there are facets to a well polished gem.

So... lets ask... what are crystals?

What are Crystals?

Should you ask a geologist, for them, crystals are all about shapes, sizes and chemical compositions which reveal astounding atomic symmetry since they are solids that form by a regular repeated pattern of molecules connected together.

When you ask a jeweler, for him, crystals are all about adornment and decoration. For a jeweler the most desirable stones are the ones that are the most difficult to mine and or have a limited supply, they have just that much more monatory value... and lets not fool each other, money does make the world go round.

A diamond might well be a girls best friend and some might just wear it for it's beauty and pricetag ... however ... lets not forget ... a beautiful gem it is ... yes ... a healing gemstone ... double yes ... diamonds bond relationships and enhances love ... they give courage and hope ... they encourage self-confidence ... a diamond is a Master Healing Stone ... it is an is an energy amplifier and never requires charging ... it will bring strength and endurance to all energies and will enhance the power of other crystals ... it clears emotional and mental pain, reducing fear and bringing about new beginnings ... would you have thought it to be such a powerful healing crystal? ... WOW!

When you ask complementary health therapists ... What are crystals?

They would say crystals are healing tools with which individuals can direct, and amplify healing energy, to focus, store, transmit, transmute, hold and channel energy.

What are crystals the absolute definition.

The birth and growth of the Rock People of the Mineral Kingdom

What are crystals? ... as you've seen from the above, it depends on who you ask ... so where do they come from?

Just like you are conceived by joining more than one substance, the sperm and the egg, so crystals are also conceived by the joining of more than one substance hence their individual healing properties and uniqueness.

You grow in your mothers womb, crystals grow in Gaias womb ... however unlike us healing crystals have taken several hundreds of thousands to a few million years to form and grow, how amazing is that?

During this period of growth they have weathered the storms of Mother Earth's development, they've survived volcanic upheavals, the Ice Age as well as all the natural and man made disasters thrown at them.

These amazing "Rock People" of the Mineral Kingdom have come through all this; some clear and others colorful but all of them beautiful, reflecting PURE love and posessing unique healing properties.

The "Energy of Time" is stored within the magnificence of of each and every healing stone whether we look at a high quality gemstone, a tumbled stone, a rough stone or a crystal fashioned into a specific healing tool and this energy can now be harnessed to bring balance and healing to mankind and the ecology of the Earth.

Learning more about Crystals - the Rock Peple of the Mineral Kingdom

Crystal Healing Courses

Crystal healing is a passion of mine, I use it on myself, my family, friends and many clients who have consulted with me for more dis-eases than I care to remember, and if all of that is not enough I also have a passion to teach you all about healing with crystals (my "Rock Friends" and some of my favorite people in the whole world).

By combining all my passion, experience and knowledge I have created a 2 very interesting, professional and comprehensive Crystal Healing Courses, "Know & Heal Yourself" - The Foundation of Crystal Healing and Self-healing and "The Power of Quartz" - A Practitioner Level Course in Crystal Healing, these courses will teach anyone from any walk of life to develop their natural ability to heal and to work with healing crystals.

As with all my energy healing courses I stuck to my motto... easy... simple... affordable and of course the best available on the net. All you have to so is click a button, download and you're sorted to study at your own pace and in your own time.

What are crystals by absolute definition?

A collection of atoms that is referred to as the Unit Cell which is repeated in exactly the same arrangement over and over giving them their unique properties:

  • An orderly and symmetrical atomic structure with a definite chemical composition.
  • A definite external geometrical shape bounded by planes and faces.
  • Physical (and optical) properties that vary with direction (except for the isometric minerals).

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