The Color of Life

Color is a vital force, it is a manifestation of the Divine Mind, the original cosmic vibration.

We relate to color through sensation and translate what we can see by how we feel and react towards a specific color.

With every word, thought and action you enrich your life with colors.

Throughout life we use them as a cues for interpreting what we see, grey hair tells us of middle age; grey landscapes speak of cities; a red apple tells us of ripeness; a red traffic light brings us to a halt.

Speak In Color...

Green with Envy

Color is also strongly linked with emotions, the emotions add color to the words and often render the literal meaning useless while managing to get the message across clearly.

By describing people as "green with envy", "purple with rage", "yellow with cowardice", or "seeing red", we are using common color associations that may have more truth than we realize.

These associations are only a small part of our lifelong relationship with color.

How many of you have experienced the joy and wonder when looking at a magnificently glorious sunset maybe even felt depressed on a grey cloudy day or felt a sense of peace, calm and relaxation when gazing across the great expanse of a tranquil deep blue lake surrounded by the rich, vibrant green of mother nature?

These feelings are your reaction to the different vibrational energies of color. In our universe everything is defined by color, right down to our moods. (Ever been in a black mood?)

Color Is More Than Physical...

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Even though we tend to think of color as a purely physical phenomenon experienced by our sense of sight alone, as a form of energy, color is active on all levels of our being - mental, emotional, physical, spiritual - and because different colors vibrate at different frequencies it plays an important role in many energy healing modalities.

Due to the importance of color in our lives and in the Universe, color healing is part of most energy healing techniques.

  • Angel Healing - Archangels vibrate to different color rays.
  • Aromatherapy Healing - Each aromatherapy oil projects its own unique color vibrations.
  • Aura Healing - Your Aura colors not only reflect your emotions but also has significance on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
  • Healing with Candles - Colored candles have a great influence upon our health, thoughts, and actions.
  • Chakra Healing - Chakras act like doorways through which emotional, mental and spiritual force flow into your physical expressions and each chakra vibrates to a color.
  • Crystal Healing - Qualities like; the chemical make up, the structure, shape, hardness and luster focus the energies of crystals in certain ways, but color is one of the keys as to how a crystal heals, hence the flexibility of colored gemstones.
  • Color Healing - There are numerous ways to heal with color for example Colored Lightening, Colored Silks, Colour of Clothing, Colored Sheets, Solarized Water, Colour Breathing, Colored Scents, Aura Soma, Colored Foods, Colored Candles, Crystals and Colour, Healing Colour Touch and Visualization and Meditation with Color.
  • Reiki Healing - A safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands-on healing technique for use on yourself or with others, which uses spiritual energy (universal life force energy, white or violet light) to treat physical ailments without using pressure, manipulation or massage.

We Live By The Rhythm Of Color...

We live by the rhythm and tempo of color changes indicating the passage of time and the cycle of the seasons.

For instance as the day passes, the daylight colors change, the deep blue of the sky before dawn gives way to the paler blue light that permeates mornings, this is followed by the more yellow hue of the afternoon and then the red light of the evening when the sun sets.

These changes can be so gradual and steady that they are barely noticeable, but nonetheless they color our awareness of the passing day.

However, many of us live in houses that offer light at any time of the day or night, and heat or coolness throughout the year, and so to some extent we lose contact with the natural rhythms of the daily and yearly cycle.

Each day you are touched by the color of humanity and nature.

The air you breathe, the ground under your feet, the Sun, the Moon and the stars - all are vibrating their own particular color essence that both sets them apart and unites them with you as one, in the essence of life itself.

Being able to use colors consciously and harmoniously can help you create spectacular results on all levels.

Even seasons highlight very different colors, with the fresh, brand new greens of spring darkening as summer progresses, and then providing an inferno of orange, yellow and gold as autumn settles in only a few months later.

Winter launches into an austere note, with few remaining vibrant colors, and sometimes a smattering of snow that eradicates the lingering green, reducing the outlook to a simple contrast between darkness and light.

Colour is the celebration of life!

If you travel to any part of the world you can see this celebration in action.

People from all walks of life are creating a colorful existence in all manner of ways: painting their faces, performing rituals, telling stories, creating statues and monuments, designing costumes and fashion clothes, staging theatre and musical productions, inventing objects, enhancing their environment and so on.

History too tells colorful tales through archaeological sites, architecture, art and literature.

Today we marvel at the cleverness of people who created the Pyramids and the Parthenon thousands of years ago.

Light and its constituent, color have a strong effect on physical, mental, and emotional levels whether we realize it or not and color can be used to help heal many aspects of your life.

Celebrate Life! Celebrate Color!


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