The Angels that have come to me.

by Shawn
(Jacksonville, FL)

I have been a spiritual person my entire life. I am a practicing Catholic but I am very open to other religions and denominations. I don't pretend to have the answers about God and Heaven, but I do know that we are not alone.

I have been visited by Angels on numerous occasions that started when I was a child. I lost contact and was not visited from around the age of 25-35. I believe that they were still there, but I was not open to seeing them. I was making some poor decisions and not sharing love with others in the way that I had earlier in my life.

Lately, I have been seeing them regularly again. They usually appear to me when I am relaxed. In appearance, they are beautiful. There is no specific form. They move in a flowing manner. The easiest way for me to describe it is like gas fumes (vapors) that lightly glow on the edges and have defined shapes that are changing. It is very peaceful and comforting to me. I usually receive some kind of message when this happens. It is not a verbal or visual message, but an extremely strong feeling that is very clear. It is a mental message. My intuition has been very strong throughout my life and it is very similar to that.

These experiences are very personal to me. I have only shared them with very close family members. I am telling about my experience now in hopes to hear about others' experiences or to validate anyone's experiences.

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Mar 13, 2012
by: lee

Your are a special soul and I 100 percent believe you as I have had a similar experience, if you feel comfortable to talk about this I can surly validate your story. Angels are with us and some of us are open to their presence. My email is feel free to email me and we can share our stories.
Kind Regards

Jan 16, 2012
Thank You!
by: Elmarie Swartz

Than you so much for sharing your beautiful experiences with us... if this could validate but one person in their experience it will be enough...

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