The 7 States of Well-being

The seven states of well-being are the physical, transitional, personal, emotional, creative, mental and spiritual conditions that affect our holistic well-being.

Physical Well-being: The feeling of being strong, balanced, nurtured, fit and vibrant. A physically well person celebrates her physical body and her connection to Earth, family and humanity. She feels grounded, content and comfortable on her path.

Transitional Well-being: The ability to cope with change and evolution, and to easily "go with the flow" of life. A person in a state of transitional wellness is comfortable with infinite abundance, her feminine divine, emotional and Universal flow, the sacred balance of yin and yang, and creative freedom through flexibility and adaptation.

Personal Well-being: The state of having clear boundaries and a solid understanding of Self. A robust personality is proud of her Self and her actions in all her aspects - light and shadow, public and private, loud and soft, young and old, and so on. She has a healthy sense of identity and upholds her values easily.

Emotional Well-being: An ability to be open to relationships based on mutual respect, truth, warmth and admiration. An emotionally well person fosters mutually fulfilling relationships at all levels - professional, personal, intimate, familial and social. She operates from a space of love at all levels - thinking, doing, being.

Creative Well-being: The state of being able to express oneself clearly and creatively, free from conditioning and fear. A creative person speaks her truth with diplomacy and shares her learnings with grace. When she speaks, she is heard. Just as easily, when others speak, she listens. She is a natural healer in her community, respected for her precise, astute, creative and relevant contributions.

Mental Well-being: The state of being free of toxicity and having trust in one's own wisdom and capability. A mentally astute person clearly knows what is right for her as well as her wider community, and acts in accordance with her innate wisdom and intuition.

Spiritual Well-being: The ability to find bliss in connection with the divine; with the essence that makes joy possible. A spiritually well person revels 
in her divine purpose/work with gratitude, dignity and joy. She sleeps easily, has happy dreams, and smiles often.

Common Themes for Affirmations

We all want to feel healthy, vibrant and fully alive. But when a pimple appears on our rosy picture, it makes us feel yucky. We want to fix it; to heal it; to get rid of it so we can return to our happy place. Affirmations are useful for seeing the rosy picture rather than the pimple, thereby altering a mindset that is keeping us in a state 
of non-productiveness.

In all my years of teaching, I have come across literally thousands of pimples that men and women want to "fix". No matter how different they all are though, they can all be condensed down to seven common themes. These themes are encapsulated by the seven states of well-being.

If you are feeling stagnant, or feeling lost, or wondering why you keep finding yourself in the same old hurtful situation, for example, focus on affirmations for mental well being - they will relate to clarity, trust and wisdom.

Or if you're feeling fat, frumpy and lethargic, you could focus on affirmations for physical well-being. Use words that make you feel strong, purposeful and energetic.

Another example: if you're being bullied at work, use affirmations for your personal well-being. Reclaim your boundaries and therefore your personal power.

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