Reiki Self Healing

Reiki Self healing is such a gentle and loving way to support and enhance your body's self healing process.

Your body is such an amazing organism ... I so wish we were made aware of and taught the power of this self healing process as early in life as possible ... the result throughout our lives would be priceless.

Did you know that with the correct input and support your body's capability to heal itself is virtually limitless?

Think of something simple like cutting your finger ... should you give your body the correct input and support, the cut heals in no time ... should you not give your body the correct input and support, the cut will get infected and will cause you pain, discomfort and suffering ...

However should you then take responsibility, clean and dis-infect the cut and maybe even apply some ointment, again your body comes to the rescue, fights infection and heals.

Cuts and bruises happen, the body heals.

Every tub has to sit on its own bottom.

Self healing is all about responsibility ...

You need to be able to respond as far as your own health and well-being are concerned and understand this amazing capability your body has to heal itself.

In other words you need to respond to the messages that your body is giving you and learn from them in order to have a better understanding of what your body needs to heal as well as what you as a whole, need in your life.

Taking responsibility for your health and well-being can be a very hard thing to do, as this is an alien thought to most of us.

From young we are taught that something outside of ourselves are responsible to heal us ... the doctor, the pills, the medication, etc. ...

We are not taught that those things can only assist, support and work in harmony with nature's laws ... we are not taught that the self healing process is a natural mind body process.

Prevention is better than cure...

We abuse our bodies on a daily basis, on a daily basis your body tries to heal itself and unless the damage you do to yourself is extensive and you keep on repeating the same mistakes, it can manifest into a severe illness or dis-ease.

Preventing illness or dis-ease is a much better option open to you and it is a decision that only you can take for yourself.

Reiki First Degree is all about self healing and using a supportive healing technique like Reiki self healing ... is a fantastic start on your journey to wellness.

In the beginning when you start doing Reiki self healing, you will see and feel a considerable improvement in your health because Reiki is wonderful and can potentially do the most miraculous and amazing things.


If you continue your harmful habits, they will keep on taking a toll on your physical, emotional and mental well-being and carry on harming you.

Remember Reiki is not an impenetrable shield and it does not make you invincible.

It is therefor very important to remember that you are involved in your own healing and have to take responsibility for your own wholeness and health.

Make you decision today, enroll in Reiki Level 1 and learn how to use the following Reiki Self Healing hand positions...

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